The Human Assembly Line

The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

David Cameron's message to the nation

Once upon a time, if your Government said "F**k You" to the people, 
it would have been intolerable

Divide & Conquer
Today, when they can make you say it too, 
it is much more palatable.

Sadistic Personality Disorder
Get over it

Our Greatest battle today is for the defence the Human Spirit

The Legacy

Your human duty is not to religion.

It is not to your job.
It is not to your country. 
For all that governs the flesh is corruptible.
Your duty is to the will of the
human spirit and its overwhelming
capacity for selfless love and compassion
and to all mankind.
It is to seek and find those most in despair, distressed, traumatized and frightened and to comfort them or remember them in a prayer.
If we are unable to, then our genuine feeling
of thoughtful helplessness is enough, since Love is an energy, and if enough of us give some uncorrupted thought to the beggar on the street or the refugee and the vulnerable, then that energy needs a place to go. 
To be truly wealthy, it is by what you can take with you when you die
and leaving behind the priceless treasure of love you gave to
those you don't even know, for they will remember it and pass it on long after you have gone.
That is your legacy and it is why the soul is eternal and it is why we'll meet again some day.

- Glenn Gordon

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