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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 23 April 2012

Another mysterious death under David Cameron's watch & no questions asked?

The mysterious death of Dr Richard Holmes is similar to that of Dr David Kelly in 2003. And, another coincidence is the death of Dr Holmes comes just when there is mounting pressure to prove that Iran is making WMDs, just as in the case of Dr Kelly when Iraq was accused of the same phoney lie.  

"No suspicious circumstances?" This has become a catchphrase with UK police. Let's consider how many deaths there have been since David Cameron was "unelected". In the phone hacking scandal, instigated by Cameron's former Director of Communications, Andy Coulson, everyone else connected with the scandal is being brought before public inquiries, while Mr Coulson quietly disappears from the media spotlight after stating upon his release that "there is a lot more he could say". So, where is Coulson? Then, journalist, Sean Hoare who expressed his fear of Andy Coulson, suddenly commits suicide. During the riots of last August, sparked by the police killing of 29-year old, Mark Duggan, the media focused entirely on the damage riots caused, while Mr Duggan was almost entirely written out of the equation and forgotten about. Shortly afterwards, David Cameron announces plans to "spy" on social media sites. Then, we have David Cameron's aide, Christopher Shale found dead at the Glastonbury music festival. At first, it was said that he committed suicide, then changed it to a heart attack. It was also revealed that David Cameron had phoned him that morning to warn him about a newspaper article he had written, criticizing and expressing his disillusionment of the Conservative Party. Then, there was the death of a British hostage in Somalia during an apparent rescue operation. However, when another British couple had previously been kidnapped, they were highly critical of David Cameron's cruel heartlessness for abandoning them and refusing to help secure their release.

Now this. Is Mr Cameron trying to break a record? The only reason why there is no mass public outcry is because the "media control the questions".

Sunday, 22 April 2012

David Cameron MUST be stopped...

Has David Cameron finally lost the plot?

Government Plans To See Dogs Fitted With Microchips. Are we next?

How much more abominably evil does David Cameron have to get?

In 1987 while studying politics at college and actively supporting CND, I made the mistake of opening my mouth once too often, saying that in the future we would be paying for water and if we allowed it to happen, paying for the very air we breathe would only be short step away. Being pretty outspoken and rebellious back then could be a certainty for getting into trouble, and the only way for young people to express their anger at the time was through music. Knowing the world was screwed and feeling helpless to prevent it could be pretty frustrating when nobody wants to listen, especially when accustomed to constantly being accused of being an angry young man. If John Lennon, James Dean, Mario Savio or any youth culture guru couldn't do it then what chance does a nobody have? Slamming a guitar into an amp wouldn't help either.

The point is that this is about all of us, and if we insist on not recognizing our incremental conditioning, then social Darwinism will turn us all into robots tomorrow. It is already happening right in our faces, so much so that the globalists are confidently flaunting it in front of us because they have us so fucking subdued and dumbed down on fluoride and plugged into our cranial hard drive every evening at 6:00. David Cameron visiting India to brand Pakistan a "terrorist state", while its people were in utter despair with cataclysmic floods, and nobody notices anything? Not even the silence of the media raised a single eyebrow. Instead they chose to focus on a bunch of high-spirited trapped Chilean miners, then followed it up by adding insult to injury by focusing on a Pakistani cricketing scandal, while 20,0000 people were displaced. Cameron had succeeded in distracting aid to Pakistan by invoking apathy, causing untold suffering and death.

Then, nobody dares to utter "coincidence" when each Oil rich nations start to tumble like dominoes in what became known as the "Arab Spring". Yet, millions took to the streets in 2003, including myself to protest about Blair and Bush's war in Iraq, because we all knew that it was to steal Saddam Hussein's oil. Where were we when it happened all over again when Cameron entered Downing Street in 2010?

There was barely a muttering when Cameron "conveniently" visited Egypt following it's revolt, with a group of arms dealers in tow, to deliver more death and destruction to the starving Egyptian people.

Nobody raised the question as to why the Egyptian people took to the streets in protest again. Their military had no Oil or Gold left to feed them with. You can guess where it disappeared to.

Then, if it wasn't glaringly made obvious by now, nobody dared to utter "coincidence" when Cameron shows up in Libya immediately after Gadaffi's capture and execution.  

No utterances of "coincidence" when Cameron sacks Solar Energy workers, insisting that they go 2 weeks before Christmas 2011, while he had just previously included former boss of British Gas, Roger Carr on the queens New Years honours list. Then, as if that weren't overt enough, after sacking the solar workers, he followed it up by yet again rewarding and adding a long list of his wealthy friends in the city to the next New Years honours list of 2012.

No utterances of "coincidence", when Cameron visits troops in Afghanistan, then returns to start 2012 by announcing plans to cut their already low pay.

No utterances of "coincidence" or alarm when Cameron announces that he wants to make Britain an "army of volunteers" (aka, slaves). Not even a word when he announces that "people should not rely on the state", thus declaring the function of Government "void", not to mention, violating any so-called democratic constitution.

No utterances of "coincidence" or alarm when he announces plans to end compensation claims for injury at work and abolishes free legal aid and gives employers new powers to sack workers without explanation.

No utterances of "coincidence" when TV ads for loan sharks, such as start popping up  immediately upon his un-election. These loan sharks are formed by Cameron's wealthy friends and party doners?

No utterances of "coincidence" when Andy Coulson mysteriously vanishes from the media spotlight during the phone hacking scandal, when Coulson was the sole instigator. Yet, in two separate incidents, British teenagers, both who suffer from Asperger's syndrome, are to be extradited to the US for computer hacking and face lengthy prison sentences.

No utterances of "coincidence" when people connected to the hacking scandal, such as Sean Hoare and Christopher Shale die under mysterious circumstances, even when Cameron had phoned Shale on the morning of his death, warning him to keep his mouth shut about his disillusionment with the Conservative party.

No utterances of "coincidence" when Cameron spends millions to commission a survey on how happy the UK population are in 2010, dubbed the "Happiness Survey". Am I being too cynical to connect the dots almost 2 years later by suspecting that Cameron was so sadistically depraved that he was measuring people's tolerance to pain?

No utterances of "coincidence" when Cameron suddenly decides to fly out to New York on the 15 March to meet Banking Terrorists, Goldman Sachs, just a few days before he signs the death warrant of the NHS and gloats triumphantly at its demise in Parliament, just he had previously done when mocking pleas for mercy on Cancer sufferers.

No utterances of "coincidence" when police allegedly stood by while premises were being burned to the ground during the riots of last August and the cause of the riots, the police killing of 29-year old Mark Duggan vanished from the media spotlight. Many had never even heard of Mark Duggan, as there was almost a total media blackout for the motivation behind the riots. This was then followed by Cameron announcing plans to spy on people's social media activities. Despite the overt demonstration of Cameron invoking the Hegelian Dialectic, not a single discerning voice was heard.

Given the increasing assaults on Human Rights to date in the UK, including the recent purchase by the British Government of Nerve Gas to be used on protestors, why aren't people alarmed and panicking by now? The reason is simpler than we may think. It is because the media don't tell us about it. If it ain't on the news, it can't be true. The function of the media is to control the question.

How much more diabolic evil has to get right into our faces before we finally take notice of impending human carnage?

By now, a clear pattern should begin to emerge? A pattern of a predetermined agenda should start to form, at least to those of awake and aware enough to notice it.

Would it have come as much of a surprise, perhaps 4 years ago, to learn that there was a definite plan to bring into existence a "cashless society" and to have every single one of us cataloged and embedded with micro-chips? If so, how much less of a surprise would it be to hear it getting a step closer today?

Remember my story about water? Two years later I met one of the students from college. He remembered my comments about the future. Realizing a possible ambush for a piss take, I made light of the matter and joked about the human race being micro-chipped one day and that it would be marketed as a "fashion accessory". 

If we do not stop David Cameron now, every single person in the UK will be in debt slavery very soon. And, if you don't pay your debts on time or misbehave in any way, your embedded chip gets turned off. Already, drones, or as Barak Obama calls them, "Predator Drones" used in Afghanistan are being fitted with taser weapons for use on protestors in the UK and US.

And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: Revelation 13:16

We must be prepared to face the insults of being called nuts, looney, paranoid, pessimistic, fear monger or conspiracy theorist. But, it's a small price to pay if proved wrong and it's all BS. Sometimes, the messenger has to take the risk of being shot.

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2012

350,000 'could lose school meals' - No Depths to David Cameron's Evil

350,000 'could lose school meals' - Yahoo! News UK

There really are no depths to the evil that David Cameron will not stoop. Most of us can remember, "Thatcher, the milk Snatcher". But Cameron takes evil to a whole new level of abomination. He recently sadistically gloated triumphantly at killing the NHS after his coincidental visit to Global Banking Terrorists, "Goldman Sachs" in New York. I am 100% convinced that he had just sold a deal that would enslave even more of us, including the NHS. He ruthlessly attacked pensioners, stealing their savings and blatantly handed it to his wealthy friends. This bastard makes no secret of his sadistic activities. He overtly flaunts it right in our faces. He took great joy in mocking impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer patients in Parliament. He visited troops in Afghanistan, only to return to announce plans to cut their pay. He deliberately timed this for Christmas. He also sacked Solar Energy workers who had good futures ahead of them. The reason he sacked them was because Solar Energy offered alternative reduced energy bills for customers which would deprive his greedy wealthy buddies from making profits, so he strangled the competition to ensure we were being ripped off. Guess when he decided to sack these workers? He insisted that they go 2 weeks before Christmas. Added to this, Cameron viciously rubbed salt into our wounds in the New Year by heaping New Years Honours & Awards on these greedy wealthy scum. He again then ruthlessly savaged the sick and disabled and announced more plans to attack children. He recently announced a further merciless onslaught on Charities. He banned people from helping the homeless in Westminster. The first thing he did once he was unelected into office was to visit India to brand Pakistan as a "Terrorist State", just while it's people were hit by catastrophic floods, displacing 20,0000. The result: a media blackout of the mass suffering and very little international charitable aid. Shortly afterward, he commissioned a national survey costing millions just to measure our tolerance to pain, dubbed "The Happiness Survey". The list of this evil, sadistic, psychopaths iniquities goes on. If we do not get our heads out of the sand soon, it will only intensify.

As laid out in my films, David Cameron has a clear, predetermined agenda. It is to force us all into eternal "debt slavery", with a cashless society and an embedded chipped population on the horizon. However, we are complicit in our own slavery, but there are simple steps we can all take to STOP the coming NWO in its tracks. If interested in finding out more, please reply yo this. Thank you for your valuable time in reading this. Much appreciated. Love & Compassion will prevail.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

UK Channel 4 News caught faking news from Syria, again

Tonight while watching Channel 4 News, my suspicions were raised by yet another staged News report from Syria. This time, it wasn't CNN's fake Syrian Activist, Danny Abdul-Dayem, otherwise known as Syria Danny, now exposed as a fraud pretending to report from inside Syria. 

This time the UK's Channel 4 News insulted our intelligence with this, another alleged Syrian activist, called Abu-Ram. The voice is obviously fake, using voice morphing software. I've even used similar software myself and it sounds very similar, or you could just check, Microsoft Sam, the speech program that comes with most new computers. Listen, and decide for yourself:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

David Cameron invokes the Hegelian Dialectic to enforce Snooping laws

Just when we hope the abominable evil of David Cameron couldn't get any worse, it does. Every single day he comes up with new ways of getting as many people into debt as possible to generate more wealth for his greedy banker friends through interest rates. How many more type schemes will we see popping up? He has just secured the sale of the NHS and much more we aren't aware of yet to Goldman Sachs during his "timely" visit to New York. It is no coincidence that this was the week before his hated bill was passed. He returned to Parliament to triumphantly gloat over inflicting more suffering on the sick and the prospect of making a profit from their pain. He visits troops in Afghanistan, only to return to the UK to cruelly announce that he is cutting their pay. He conveniently times this announcement at Christmas. Cameron has established a record for the timing of his sadistic heartlessness. On top of that, troops who leave the army as a result of mental illness are denied support and branded spongers by Cameron and Osborne. He sacks workers in the lucrative "money saving" Solar Energy business to stamp out any competition against his greedy pals who hike up our energy bills. He then heaps awards and honours on these bastards, such `Sir' Roger Carr (British Gas) for ripping us off. Take one guess when he decided to sack these workers who had promising new futures? Yep. Cameron insisted that the sackings take place two weeks before Christmas, despite pleas for mercy to at least hold off. But, let's not forget how Mr Cameron and George Osborne treat pleas for mercy. Remember their response to Ed Miliband's impassioned plea for mercy on Cancer patients and other recipients of sickness benefits? They both mocked and laughed in the House of Commons, just as they did last week at the prospect of making impoverished patients pay for their treatment following the sale of their lives to greedy bankers. They then followed this up by deriding over 30 Cancer Charities pleading for mercy on sick and dieing patients.

In his latest sick twisted atrocity, Cameron has invoked the age old Hegelian Dialectic. The Hegelian Dialectic is as old a strategy as `Divide and Conquer', exemplified by Nero, as he burned Rome so that Christians would be blamed, thus justifying their persecution. Since then it has been adopted, modified and mastered by Governments throughout history until Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1831) a German philosopher enriched it through engaging a series of thought processes, psychology and emotions to create a system for achieving the goals of the elite with three steps leading to a predetermined solution. The Hegelian Dialectic is best summed up as, Problem, Reaction, Solution. The Government Creates the problem, Engineers the Reaction, and presents the Solution:
  • In step one, an established rogue Government creates a problem that harms or kills its own citizens. 
  • In step two, the Government controls the reaction to the problem by typically blaming it on an enemy or a particular aspect of society from which it seeks more control. 
  • In step three, the Government offers a solution, which is usually a war or a system of regulations. These would not normally be accepted by the people, had the problem and reaction not been created in the first place.
Such events are otherwise known as `False Flag' operations. Declassified documents include many historical examples such as `Pearl Harbor' and the Nazis setting fire to the Reichstag parliament building, and blaming it on Communists, using a mentally ill Dutch teenager, Marinus Van Der Lubbe as a patsy to be presented at a Nazi show trial prior to his execution. It also provided Hitler with an excuse to arrest the leadership of the political opposition. Many other declassified documents reveal more recent examples and are prevalent today, (see list and additional information on my website)

For David Cameron to intensify the suffering of UK citizens, without provoking mass civil unrest, a staged False Flag incident would be required as a distraction and to increase his standing. The Falklands or a terrorist incident are possibilities.

In August 2011, another police killing of a civilian, Mark Duggan sparked widespread rioting throughout England. Many witnesses accused police of standing by while properties were attacked. However, Cameron's media barely mentioned this. David Cameron used the riots to overshadow the death of Mr Duggan in order to justify new regulations to further encroach on civil liberties by invading our privacy on the internet. Mark Duggan's name was largely omitted by the media throughout the unrest. In April 2012, Cameron announced plans to spend a colossal £2bn to spy on our private phone and internet activities. In addition to this, few have asked the fatal question, "Where is the money coming from?" Most likely from the stolen Gold and Oil from Libya and Egypt. The Hegelian Dialectic is the oldest trick in the book. Please don't fall for it.

How much more are we prepared to let David Cameron get away with? It is NOT a question of political ideologies and allegiances. It is a question of Human Rights. However, we already know how Cameron and Co detest Human Rights. Look at their record to date. Remember Teresa May announcing that she wants the Human Rights Act abolished?  Remember how Paul and Rachel Chandler were forced to beg for mercy in a video released by their Somali kidnappers and Cameron ignored them? The Chandler's described how they felt cruelly betrayed and abandoned by the British Government. Of course, let us not forget the more recent fate of three UK citizens being extradited to the US to face petty charges and are expected to receive lengthy prison sentences. Let us not forget granting new powers to employers to sack employees without explanation and the abolition of free legal aid for those who cannot afford to protect themselves against injustice.

Has a pattern started to form here yet? Perhaps a record of diabolic and unquestionable evil, which will only intensify if we remain apathetic. Remember, David Cameron sadistically commissioned an expensive survey to measure the happiness and misery of the British public, just so that he could test their tolerance to pain. David Cameron has proven track record of being twisted and sick, or if you are religious, `evil'. Doing nothing now seals the fate of all our futures and the next generation, making us complicit in our own human carnage. Of course, you could always deny and dismiss any of this. However, before you do, at least examine the evidence to date and do your own research.  

 "Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance"- Albert Einstein

 Child Killing War Criminal, David Cameron "MUST" be stopped Now!

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