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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Simon Cowell and Britney Spears: The sadistic assault on the music industry continues


The sadistic assault on the music industry continues unabated, with these self-deluded, inept and unqualified frauds being wheeled out to feed Simon Cowell's huge ego. This fool quotes Cowell's mentor, Pete Waterman, describing Cowell as a "genius". Waterman, a product of the Thatcherite "Get rich quick" era, made his name savagely butchering the music industry throughout the 1980's and makes no apologies for it. He boasted that "there was nothing wrong with acts miming to fake", while "real" talent was hemorrhaging from youth culture, as musicians and songwriters were declared void. Up until that point Waterman's only interest was "Train Spotting" from Coventry to Leamington Spa and in general the Warwickshire area. Britney Spears is just more eye candy for Cowell to give teenage lads a hard-on for his scam shows. Spears "cannot" sing at all and is nothing more than a total fake and robotic fraud. Remember, this blond bimbo once declared her undying loyalty to George W. Bush.


This charade MUST stop. Millions of real talented kids are being defrauded by these incompetent idiots and criminals, who know absolutely "nothing" about music, making huge profits from fake while another generation grows up in an artificial and remote controlled world with no appreciation for any form of real art. It is another generation being dictated to by the corporate record labels, when music was traditionally a method of expression for the frustrated youth. They need to take back control of dictating the direction of music, not the music industry. Waterman's only connection to music prior to his get rich quick scheme was as a DJ in a seedy Coventry pub, where people used to mock and ridicule him for BSing that "he created the music industry". He had few friends in Coventry. Simon Cowell couldn't get a job, so his dad, who worked for a record label got him a job. Cowell later went on dress up in silly costumes, where it was realised by Sony that he could be manipulated to seduce young people into liking crap. In other words, Simon Cowell became the Gerald Ratner of the music industry. Read more....

WARNING: This video may make you feel nauseous: