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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Channel 4 News consistent record on dishonest News reporting, and overt support for David Cameron

Ch4 News again demonstrates its loss of journalistic integrity by its contempt for their viewers, thinking them too dumb to notice when they are being lied to.

Right wing British TV station, Channel 4 News is at it again in its overt support for David Cameron. As we all know by now Channel 4 News makes it abundantly clear where its loyalties are. It consistently lies to and deceives the British people in covering David Cameron's back. 

On Monday 22 August, Channel 4 News made a point in their opening headline by telling us that Cameron had "again" broken off his holiday for the latest crisis. They neglected to mention that it is his fifth holiday this year. Cameron is known for his extreme heartlessness and having absolutely no human compassion whatsoever. This article is NOT a matter of political allegiances, as Blair wasn't much different, except that Cameron exceeds in ruthlessness and ongoing demonstrations of outright cruelty, with no conscience at all and delights in the suffering of others, even to the point of commissioning projects to measure his inflicted misery on the people of Britain. This has already been exemplified that throughout this blog.

Channel 4 are openly antagonistic towards any opposition to  David Cameron and openly prevaricates on his behalf. They make no secret of that. On 22 August, they deliberately misled us about an area in Manchester, called "Little Tripoli". I lived in Manchester for some time, and to the best of my knowledge and everyone elses, who live there, no such place exists. Indeed, if there was a Libyan population in Manchester, none of us has ever encountered it. Their report was completely fabricated. The BBC does this on a regular basis, but Channel 4 News are so overt and brazen about it. They went on to interview a British Government Minister about the situation in Libya, where Krishnan Guru-Murthy outrageously lied to viewers, as he covered the Governments back yet again.  He consistently kept referring to "British Military Advisors" in Libya while he deliberately and outwardly fed the Government minister with opportunities to promote the Governments position. When both Murthy and the minister kept making repeated references to "British Military Advisors", they were of course talking about British mercenaries and MI5 operatives, relying on you the viewer be too stupid to know this. This is important, because it clearly demonstrates a deliberate blatant contempt for you. In other words, they were talking about state terrorists whom it has already been established, work with Al-Queda.

While Gadaffi may be a tyrant, he is telling the truth when referring to the rebels as Al-Queda, and like him or loath him, he was good to his people, despite the dishonest deceptions from the corporate mainstream media. It is now a well established fact that Al-Queda are CIA and MI5. The evidence to prove this is overwhelming.

Channel 4 News went on to a report from their journalist on the ground in Tripoli, Lindsey Hilsum. However, on this her follow up report, they deliberately cut out the fact that NATO were again murdering and bombing Tripoli civilians. This time she reported on an audio feed only. This may be due to technical difficulties, given the situation. However, it was pretty obvious that she was reading from a pre-prepared script and clearly sounded intoxicated.

If you want honest, reliable, truthful News, DO NOT listen to Channel 4 News, who clearly have no journalistic integrity whatsoever. Further examples of their overtly right wing Globalist corporate loyalties can be found by typing Channel 4 News into the search box of this blog.

Get the Truth from alternative Media Sources, not the kind of deliberately deceitful misleading nonsense you can expect from the likes of Channel 4 News or Bill O'Reilly Fox News in the US.

For further scrutiny of Channel 4 News and alternative media news coverage, keep an eye out for our upcoming radio talk show coming soon.