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The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Please see below films I have made with a view for more to follow:

The Georgia Guidestones


Part 1
  #DavidCameron: An Epitome of Evil (Episode1: Diabolical Iniquity In Your Name) 2nd edition

RENAMED FROM: David Cameron: The Rise of the Fourth Reich & The Silent Pogroms (Mar. 2012) 

This is part 1 of 3 episodes, revealing the true story of David Cameron and the current NeoCon Government. It is an exposé of what the mainstream corporate media will not tell you and a revelation of what is being kept from the public about the atrocities and the increasing human rights abuses by David Cameron on the citizens of the UK. New laws are being brought into effect that are not brought into the public domain. David Cameron has a private agenda to serve only the banking elite and to sacrifice anyone and everybody who gets in the way. Few ever question where Government gets its money from, since we have for some considerable time assumed that the Government issues and distributes its own `sovereign' currency to the people it is supposed to serve. Whoever holds the finances of each nation literally owns the nation, including all its assets, which are held in the European Central Bank, like a kitty that everyone had contributed to on the understanding that wealth would be distributed equally from. However, these assets were sold off for profits and interest rates for holding them radically increased, hence the global debt crisis. No nation can possibly ask for their assets to be returned and to leave the Euro, since its assets have been devalued, forcing countries like Greece to surrender every possible resource, including `Human Resources', hence slavery.

When David Cameron was chosen at a secret Bilderberg meeting, the elite banking families wanted a successor to their bench-warmer, Tony Blair. George Osborn was photographed illegally attending this meeting, along with Peter Mandelson, Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, David Rockefeller and representatives of the Rothschild family. When they chose Cameron, as likely recommended by Nathan Rothschild, they wanted someone without reluctance on humanitarian issues and somebody so ruthless and devoid of any conscience whatsoever, who had no moral or ethical dilemmas. They wanted someone who enjoyed cruelty and could sell it into society. David Cameron was perfect for the job. He was chosen and prepared many years ago, as was Blair.

Understandably, some may challenge this description. Yet, documented historical evidence, dating back to 1776 and as far back as the crusades provide a detailed diary of world events within an esoteric agenda. Tony Blair himself was a member of the 1591 Studholme Masonic Order. Every world leader today is a 32 or 33 degree Freemason. All the information contained is based on 30 years of my own extensive research.

Part 2
 David Cameron. An Epitome of Evil: Episode 2: The Nero Doctrine And The Silent Cull

David Cameron's diabolic eugenics agenda for incremental slavery through deceit and division.

(See David Cameron: An Epitome of Evil, Episodes 1, with Episode 3 on the Historical Facts of the Banking Elite currently in production)

This film is the Second part of the 3 part series of documentaries on David Cameron. The series has been Renamed from, Part 1, "David Cameron: The Rise of The Fourth Reich & The Silent Pogroms: Diabolic Iniquity In Your Name.

The whole series traces David Cameron's inhumane diabolic record to date. This Second Episode focuses more on Mr Cameron's ongoing #sadistic agenda at home. It is important to note that this in no longer a "political" issue, and that it is absolutely critical that it is viewed as a "Human" issue. To understand this better, I have explained the #HegelianDialectic in the film. Mr Cameron has adopted his PR background to divide this into political ideologies. #Divide&Conquer is an old strategy to distract the people from a hidden agenda. We must be prepared to apply a term that we are culturally taught to avoid in its application to politics, that term being, "Evil". Having researched and investigated the subject material that this film is only small part of for almost 30 years, I had to think cautiously before using the term, `Evil' and considered using the word `malevolent' as a more socially acceptable term. However, since the corporate controlled media dare not apply it, I had to take the risk in the definition of the subject. Evil is a master of deception, so we either don't notice it, or avoid acknowledging it. Denial seems to be an easy option. However, at some point when it is right in our faces, it may be too late to turn back. "Our Silence Is Consent".

More info. on my website: Apathy Kills.

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