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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 20 December 2010

Julian Assange is a NWO excuse for censorship. Hero or agent?

Senator Jay Rockefeller's pursuit  for an end to the internet on behalf of his family interests can now be seen as being gradually implemented. Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is one of the first victims. Assange, an active supporter of the Truth Movement exposes the NWO and is conveniently hit with trumped up charges of invented sexual assault. If they don't make you disappear in an accident or suicide, they'll character assassinate you. It should be pretty obvious to everyone by now that this is what is happening to Julian Assange. The NWO is attacking our free speech and Mr Assange is being used as an excuse for internet censorship. However, is Julian Assange a hero, a patsy or an agent for the NWO?

It is increasingly laughable how the US continuously portrays itself as a freedom loving democracy, when it should be abundantly obvious to everyone that this scrotum of Babylon has the most appalling record on human rights than any other country in the world, and any rogue state outside the US  that engages in such hidden abuses almost certainly has the stench of CIA encrusted all over. Upon the illegal imprisonment of Julian Assange, the immediate response from sitting and senior US politicians was to call for "the execution of Mr Assange!"  Execution? Hello! Didn't anybody else pick up on this? Hasn't `anyone' noticed the deliberate media downplay of this? For God sake, "WAKE UP!" These lunatics are openly calling for the execution of people for exercising their human rights for Free Speech and exposing their criminal activities and corruption. Which is more deplorable and frightening, advocating capital punishment for exercising civil liberties OR the grossly apathetic lack of outcry for such frightening statements?? It is another attempt to break the will of the people, and perhaps more worryingly we will succumb and submit to it by the means of denial, as always.

Since 9/11, global environmental devastation has  increasingly accelerated, notably killing millions in the most impoverished regions of the world, e.g. Hurricane Katrina, The Boxing Day Tsunami, Haiti and Pakistan etc. In addition, to cruelly and sadistically twist the knife in deeper, the World Bank invades these "crippled beyond repair" regions, while the suffering die, to pick out survivors for enslavement by eternal debt. All this while illegal wars are being engineered,  increasing the mountains of human bodies and unimaginable, and untold hidden suffering, thus further enslaving more in eternal debt, while the raids by the world bank for natural resources escalates, to steal and sell back to the distressed and despaired. Designed global recession to enslave nations, as they tumble like dominoes, continued increased false flag terror attacks, sexual assault at airports. Next, the embedded chip.

Isn't it only a matter of time that since 9/11 people would start asking questions? When they become so  dangerously empowered to the point where they can, they get assassinated in some form, just as Bobby Kennedy was.