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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 10 October 2013

When David Cameron runs out of Victims, You're next

David Cameron, The Butcher of Britain
Heartless & Cruel
The list of victims on David Cameron's cruel and sadistic crusade just keeps extending every day. During the recent 2013 political party conference season, the Butcher of Britain set his sights on destroying an entire generation, targeting the under 25's, or more precisely, `families'. In his familiar  degenerate gloating manner, Mr Cameron gleefully announced to his beguiled rapacious, salivating  hoard that young people under the age of 25 should expect no mercy from his Government and should prepare for a life of slavery, while allowing him time to make such a prospect acceptable to the public. Frighteningly, most people don't really care, so long as it does not impact on their lives. However, most are oblivious to the will of the human spirit, since breaking the will of people is a paramount objective of the wider agenda, the symptoms of which are incrementally revealing themselves every day and as a result we are increasingly becoming much more submissive, unwittingly sacrificing the human spirit by apathy, effectively making us the "walking dead".

If you are one of those aligning yourselves with the diabolic Cameron ideology, then sadly, you are one of the increasing number of victims being harvested and fattened for a grander feast, since the erosion of your spirit has distracted and so severely prevented you from asking the most basic, fundamental and obvious of moral questions, "If there is a devastating virus, why would you kill off the most defenseless and vulnerable?" The obvious answer is, "To save your own skin". If you were on the sinking Titanic, you are more likely to be one of those willing to throw the women and children out of the lifeboat so that you could take their place. However, for the moment you need not worry. Your Government has provided you with a standby rationality to justify sacrificing such victims. The real horror waiting on the horizon is, "When the human carnage comes for you, nobody will hear your terrifying cries for help or mercy", since you originally endorsed it and your indifference has put much more meat on your bones.

An example of one of your oblivious distractions was during the aforementioned political party conferences, when alleged opposition leader, Ed Milliband announced his intentions to penalize the thieving Energy criminals, such as David Cameron's friend, `Sir' Roger Carr, former boss of Centrica, owners of British Gas. In response to the impending sanctions from Ed Milliband, the Energy companies played their trump blackmail card to hold all of us to ransom, with a familiar threatening retort, "Come after us, and we'll turn off the power and leave you to explain that to the people!" The media silence on the imposing threat from the Energy terrorists was deafening, which is hardly surprising since they hold the power to flick the switch on them too. Remember the banks playing the same card during the Blair years? When sanctions were first proposed against banks, the big main banks threatened to charge customers for each time they withdraw their own money and putting cashpoint machines in lock down. The inevitable result is that people blame any sitting Government at the time. This is just a small example of how the banks hold Governments to ransom, as previously explained in the much bigger picture and provides an insight into David Cameron's cozy relationship with banking terrorists, Goldman Sachs.

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