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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 10 June 2013

BBC sets trap to ridicule Conspiracy Theorists

Today we commonly hear the typical virulent comments from people denouncing conspiracies and deriding them with the derogatory term, Conspiracy `theorists' or `loons' or any other term written into their ego program which triggers the "I am clever" stimulus. The one thing that stands out most about such people is an overwhelming inability to `think for themselves' as they have absolutely no concept of individuality or critical thinking whatsoever. What is most frightening about such people is that they actually prefer to believe the mainstream media, which, as I have demonstrated throughout this blog was seized by the Globalists in 1917 and stage managed by the CFR ever since. Many of these irrationalists have ever even heard of Edward Bernays. At this point, I would suggest that they dwell on how far they have got since 1917, but such a prospect is too hard to handle for an incoherent thought process. This is why I refer to such people as "Coincidence Theorists", since it is their nature to criticize almost instinctively, `only' due to being pre-programmed. The term `Conspiracy theorist' clearly did not originate from a logical thinker. It was entirely generated by the mainstream media to disarm opposition to mass social control. In other words, they `never' examine the evidence they are criticizing, and even if they did, they are totally incapable of rational analysis.  They instinctively defy logic and very often the laws of physics itself, which is typically demonstrated through the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11. Little wonder Albert Einstein must have been expressing frustration when he said, "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance". Most of us who propagate conspiracies are analysts/Investigators based on our own extensive research. Although some of us would relish any opportunity of a debate with conspiracy critics, such people just do not wish to be informed and to know the truth. Such a debate would be fruitless and rendered non-productive before it even began, and since being motivated by the prospect of learning something new to research further, we would emerge empty handed and feeling frustrated. Even if there was some slight foreknowledge that some participants had at least some awareness of Ivan Pavlov, BF Skinner and Classical, Operant and Instrumental Conditioning, it might provide some structure to the debate. The philosophy of the irrational Coincidence Theorist is, "Even if you are right, I still say you are wrong". Presenting the evidence right in front of their faces is not going to change their mind.

In the example of Alex Jones being ambushed by the BBC over the Bilderberg meeting in Watford, the internet in the UK was awash with harsh criticisms of Alex Jones. This was clearly the intention of the BBC, and Jones knew exactly what to expect. However, typically the insulting remarks were based solely on Alex Jones performance in front of an overtly smug, Andrew Neil who set the stage for humiliating Jones. Most of the remarks came from people who have never even heard of Alex Jones or infowars, and who won't even bother to research any of the information he referred to. David Aaronovitch's pathetic attempt to sound clever by ridiculing the prospect of Cancer causing drug showed a severe lack of willingness to learn or an opportunity of further research. And, this guy is a journalist. Even if a copy of Edward Haslam's "Dr Mary's Monkey" were shoved in his face or he was introduced to Judyth Vary Baker, this arrogant fool would still be in denial.

Unfortunately, if it can be described as a positive outcome, the result of Alex Jones's performance on the BBC only highlighted how incredibly malleable the Brits are, since they are guided by, "If it's not on the news, it can't be true". Such people are totally oblivious to the programmed routine they subject themselves to each evening. Frighteningly, our children's futures are in the hands of such droids. Although, most of their children probably walk around the whole day wearing earplugs, shutting them out from the world, unaware of their environment, and increasingly avoiding human interaction.