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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 31 October 2011

This is what David Cameron did on your behalf: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

  • This is what the man who takes great joy in taking the `care' out of healthcare did on your behalf. Closing care homes so that they can be sold into the private sector for financial profit, sacking care workers and making patients who cannot afford private care suffer.
  • This is what the man who's first act as Prime Minister was to target the impoverished, sick, disabled and the elderly, branding them as "fakes and lazy spongers" did on your behalf.
  • This is what the man who mocked and laughed at an impassioned plea for mercy on Cancer patients in the House of Commons did on your behalf. 
The response to an impassioned plea for Cancer sufferers
    • This is what the man who sacked thousands of people from their jobs all over the UK and withdrew financial support to help them survive, then further degraded them by branding them as "fakes and lazy spongers" did on your behalf.
    • This is what the man who declared that he wants to create an army of volunteers, i.e. slaves, did on your behalf. He has cruelly redefined the term `volunteer' to bring back slavery, under the guise of Workfare (enforced labour for welfare and Victorian Food Centers).
    • This is what the man who used his own sick and dying child as a campaign and publicity stunt did on your behalf.
    • This is what the man who tries to justify his malevolence by blaming the `global' recession on the last Government did on your behalf. The truth is that Cameron's banker friends are solely responsible by demanding payback of hugely increased interest rates and Cameron vowed to protect them from prosecution. In a `not so public' inquiry, George Osborne was forced to admit that the UK was the one country with the least debt. NB. That's right. You perhaps thought the Government issued the `sovereign, national' currency to its people. The truth is, the Bank alone issues the national wealth. Whoever holds the purse strings, holds the power. So, you may ask who do you vote for?
    • This is what the man, who sadistically and ruthlessly brought more death and destruction to the Egyptian people did on your behalf. After funding Egypt's bloody revolution, Cameron was the first foreign leader to visit Egypt with an "arms and weapons sales team" in tow to bring more death to the Egyptian people. He now openly makes daily tours to all the middle east regions, selling death and takes sadistic pleasure in flaunting it to TV cameras.
    • This is the man who ordered concerned, conscientious military chiefs to "shut up" while he butchered civilians, including children in Sirte in his insane determination to capture Gaddafi.  He told his generals, "Shut up. You do the killing and I'll do the talking!"
    • This is what the man who callously had the cold hearted audacity to do exactly the same thing to the people of Libya did on your behalf. Cameron and French president, Nicholas Sarkozy arrived in Libya to take possession of the Gold and Oil they had just stolen from the Libyan people. THIS WAS WHILE HE WAS MURDERING AND MAIMING THEIR CHILDREN:


      Ignorance makes us all complicit.
      Denial is the first stage of submission.

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      1. Poor little children. I just hope to God that they had access to good pain killers, and good surgery. What an awful thing to do to little children, those wounds must have been absolutely unbearable, and no doubt they are very deeply life-changing and disabling long term. British PM David Cameron belongs in top security Rampton Mental Hospital for this.

        The first thing that the mercenaries of the Jews did in Libya, whilst posing as freedom fighters, with Al Qaeda fighting ALONGSIDE NATO troops, showing their true colours at last, was to create a Rothschild usurious bank in Libya (strange thing for 'freedom fighters' to do) and to create a military base for Israel on Libyan soil.

        The Lockerbie plane bombing was never done by Libya, but Gaddafi was forced to admit to it or face terrible consequences being unleashed upon all of Libya, and the 'witnesses' who 'proved' Gaddafi did the Lockerbie bombing were actually paid 4 million US dollars each to lie to the world.

        There was no justification for David Cameron ordering the attack on Libya, and the '100,000' death total was a complete lie, just as the '100,000' figure for the total of dead in Iraq was also a lie. In truth, 500,000 died in Libya out of 4 million population, so it was not really a liberation. Gaddafi gave out 1 million Kalashnikov machine guns to his people to defend Libya against the so-called freedom fighters (Rothschild mercenary scum and NATO), so he was hardly firing mortars and shells and missiles at his own people to force them to vote for him as was falsely alleged, and his system, anarcho-syndicalism, was in actual fact an extremely devoluted system of leadership, vastly more democratic than that of the UK, and certainly in no way at all any form of dictatorship (see 'Gagnauga - Yes, I'm saying that it's all lies').

        The UN figures for war dead In Iraq for instance are 4.4 million out of a population there of about 26 million at the time of the invasion of Iraq, so there again, that was no war for 'liberation' of the Iraqi people either, but a war of simple annihilation, a Biblical genocide of the Amalekites. 500,000 children under 5 were publicly acknowledged as having died due to sanctions imposed on Iraq, so the official British government propaganda 100,000 total figure goes right out of the window straightaway there. These mass murderers wage war on humanity only for the Jewish religion, whose Talmud states; "Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed". Similarly their Zohar, being the 'sacred' commentary on the Torah, states that when the Jewish messiah comes, all Gentiles upon the Earth will be exterminated, and their souls sent to hell under the Angel Duma. And people still vote Jews into power over them. That will be the death of us all, unless more people wise up and stop voting them into power.