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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

UPDATE: False Flags & The Now Predictable Patterns: Boston Marathon Bombings....

 Knowing the Illuminati tradition of "Predictive Programming"
always helps us to forecast exactly what they are planning. For example, need we forget The X-Files spin-off, The Lone Gunmen Pilot episode, prior to 9/11? 

In my previous articles, it has been demonstrated how global events have occurred over a familiar pattern, particularly becoming more overt since the mid 1800's, as the Illuminati have, as integral to their doctrinal agenda, been emerging from the dark into the light incrementally at various stages in through history, becoming increasingly more brazen. This is the very nature of the "Light Bearers" as they see themselves. Their intention is to reach a point where humanity accepts its own fate in damnation, through our conditioned indifference, resulting in the justification of our own carnage. They place their own self-deluded, egomaniac, sick twisted so-called `god' in the future position of announcing, "Mankind abandoned those who suffered, sacrificing them for their own selfish pursuits and vanity. The price you must now pay is your very soul".

YouTube Censors "Family Guy" Clip Which Predicted Boston Marathon Attack

While speculation is always dangerous, and the enemy of the Truth, it also gives credibility to the Coincidence Theorists who will be quick to denounce any Conspiracy in the Boston Bombings. However, the problem with such androids is that they always suffer from what I call FPD (Familiar Pattern Deficiency). They lack any will whatsoever to accept any evidence, no matter how much it gets right into their grill. This is why I cynically refer to them as Coincidence Theorists and the Familiar Patterns they refuse to acknowledge is a typical demonstration of  ".....they shall be known by their fruit". 

When we reach a point where we defy logic, it is only a short step to mass suicide by remote control.

Facebook Page Set Up For Boston Marathon Bombings Days Before Boston Marathon Bombings

More to come........