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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 27 July 2012


Heartlessly, Sadistic "Immoral" David Cameron with one of his many Tax dodging Friends



We cannot help but feel utterly shocked to hear the word, "Morals" eminate from this Government. Most of us would have fallen off our chairs or had to be sedated to hear such overwhelming hypocracy form what has to to be recorded in British history as the most callous and cruel Government the UK has ever had in modern times.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

As UK Economy Sinks Further, wheel out the Usual Sacrificial Scapegoats and Find Some More

The Hegelian Dialectic
Media deceptionEarlier this week we heard that unemployment figures had dropped slightly. Really? However, we should be accustomed by now to this familiar deceptive tactic by the Tories to fiddle the figures. As always, the BBC, Channel 4 News and ITV are entirely complicit in the spin and deception. Nothing new there. The typical strategy is to deny as many vulnerable people as possible eligibility to claim Government support, thereby reducing those claiming benefits, or simply by shifting them onto another proxy benefit so that they do not register as unemployed. And, last night, Chancellor, George Osborne was under pressure to quit, as new figures released, showed that the UK economy was a step closer to the disaster zone. Wait for what is coming next. This usually results in a frenzied attack on the poor and most vulnerable victims as the Tory prized sscapegoats. Right now, on the morning after the bleak news, David Cameron is urging his ministers to embark on an intense PR campaign to further scapegoat the hardest hit, and, as usual, the sheep will swallow it, since they rely so much on the media.

Channel 4 News featured an interview with evil George and his trustee puppet, Danny Alexander. Yet again Osborne never misses an opportunity to scapegoat the most vulnerable victims of a crisis. If you have watched my documentary films on David Cameron.... The Nero Doctrine and The Silent Cull and Diabolic Iniquity In Your Name, you can see how this familiar strategy has been applied throughout history, known as, "The Hegelian Dialectic". 

George Osborne slips in another cruel jibe at popular scapegoats     

However, what is more significantly worrying is the announcement by David Cameron that, "Austerity will continue until 2020". If we take this in the context of his cruel sadistic record to date, as demonstrated throughout my films, then the assertion that he has a predetermined agenda for slavery is one that ought to be taken very seriously indeed. It is a matter of trends forecasting. The renowned Oxford bully, Cameron aims to make an example of the impoverished and weakest in society. What kind of psychopath ruthlessly attacks the victims of a catastrophic disaster without mercy? However, there are those foolish enough to perceive this point as one of politically motivated. My whole campaign is focused on "Apathy", and using politics as a means of rationale is, quite frankly `submission by denial'. David Cameron is only setting the most vulnerable as a precedent. The overall plan is to enslave society. It is therefore NOT a political issue, but very much a "Humanitarian" issue, and we are incrementally witnessing the erosion of our human rights day by day, the most recent case of PC Simon Harwood escaping conviction for the murder of family man Ian Tomlinson, being just one of many examples. Does this not demonstrate that in a police state, the people are the enemy? The record for the number of police killings in the UK recently is staggering, especially since not a single police officer has been convicted. The Olympics is being exploited to condition us to get used to the idea of an enforced police state, with OTT security measures, especially since ciAl-Queda do not have an air force to warrant anti aircraft guns on residential areas of London. With such unnecessary security, the most worrying aspect are spy drones being deployed. Cameron has also recently purchased a huge supply of nerve gas for domestic control.
The point of this is that by 2020, David Cameron has a set agenda to implement "Debt Slavery" to every UK citizen, by which time the will of the people will be broken, hence Cameron's frightening announcement. 

By implementing a procedure in which people no longer have the ability to save money, such as robbing pensions, driving down wages while raising inflation, forcing people to borrow more from his banker buddies and schemes set up by his friends such as Adrian Beecroft's, to profit from our misery. It was also venture capitalist, Beecroft who advised Cameron to implement a policy to sack unfit workers without explanation. Cameron recently made a speech openly expressing a wish to cut benefits from people in the north. So, he doesn't shy away from blatant hateful racism. And, yet again, the media avoided dwelling on such explosive remarks, an acknowledgement that they are all to aware of their own power over controlling the public psyche. Despite all the evidence so far shoved right into the faces of the general public, it is extremely frustrating that there are those who still need convincing. It is all very well trying to be optimistic when you can anticipate the outcome at the end of a book or a Hollywood movie. However, optimism, like pessimism are emotions, and emotions are controlled.

Total controlCameron and Osborne are clearly intent on fully implementing their horrific eugenics program of Social Darwinism. They clearly have no interest in saving the economy, since it would defeat the purpose of a private agenda. They just need to keep the soundbites up and intensify them long enough to fend off a suspicious public. They want a return to the Victorian soup kitchens, doing away with the welfare state and killing off the sick, disabled, elderly and terminally ill by scrapping free medicine. A cashless society is undoubtedly the next step, and we must be prepared to pause and think about the consequences of such a system, especially when it is to be consolidated with increasing privacy violations, which, if we follow the pattern can only mean one thing. Eventually all our most intimate private data will be monitored via an embedded chip

Screw the people
Sell off all our assets and every Resource

The films mentioned earlier have demonstrated how everything David Cameron does is deliberately choreographed, since it is all conveniently timed. Every thought. Every announcement. Every visit. Everything he does, falls into clearly co-ordinated pattern. Coincidence was ruled out on the day he visited India to blast Pakistan as a terrorist state, just in time for catastrophic floods devastate the whole region, displacing 20,0000. Again, you can find a timetable of events by doing a search of this blog. Lest we forget, while people forced to the very edge of despair were committing suicide in Greece, Cameron was heartlessly taking his customary sideswipes at them, encouraging their eviction from the Euro zone. However, what can we honestly expect from someone who mocks impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer sufferers and viciously derides charities. 

Forecasting and predicting global and historical trends since researching your subject at an early age is certainly terrifying. You either dismiss your findings or keep trying to disprove them to alleviate the pain. Or, you can simply lock it away inside your subconscious and find comfort and assurance that it is all a conspiracy theory and that you'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be just fine. 

We must be honest with ourselves. Everyone around the globe smells something in the air, and it ain't coffee. This is about each one of us as individuals, and although dire and depressing as this unfortunately is, we only have ourselves to blame if we continue to allow ourselves to be devoured by the beast of apathy and compassion fatigue.

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