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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 28 January 2011

After Tunisia, familiar CIA trademarks now seen in Egypt to implement the NWO

Update: If you want to know what's really going on in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and where is likely to be next, just research which regions in the world that don't have any Rothschild banks, and you'll soon smell the stench of CIA. Please, don't be so easily deceived by the corporate media and the likes of evil CFR member, Hilary Clinton. I will cover the Clinton's in a later post...

Here we go again. Looking at the latest scenes of civil unrest in Egypt, we need hardly be surprised, since the corporate, CFR run media, had already prepped us, following the events in Tunisia. If anyone had read my last post, you'll already know that this was coming. So, be prepared for more instability and chaos in the surrounding Arabic regions.
David Atlee Philips
The first step is to prime the mainstream media for the predictive programming of the viewing gullible masses. And, of course we've already seen this with the "scripted rhetoric" from the likes of the Fool, (aka, UK Channel 4 News, Jon Snow) and every other Rockefeller CFR (Counsel on Foreign Relations) run mainstream media outlet, following exactly the same script, proposing that following the (CIA staged) revolt in Tunisia, other surrounding Arab regions may follow, Que Egypt. Surely, it would take a fool not to predict this, as we can expect more. This is the same age old familiar signature of the CIA and a Rothschild favourite, as history documents. They've been using the same tactics since the early 1950s. They applied it to Iran in 1951, as the man who orchestrated the assassination of JFK proudly boasted (David Atlee Phillips, aka Maurice Bishop). Following their success in Iran, the agency, under the direction of brothers, John Foster & Alan Dulles, applied exactly the same tactics throughout regions in Latin American.  Such operations are a matter of recorded history and since, declassified.

The Ongoing Malevolence of David Cameron: Have your say....

How much more can Cameron be allowed to get away with? This is an invitation for you to add to the list of the ongoing crimes of David Cameron. Please just either contact me or add your own comments on what Cameron and his Nazi Government have done ever since he was unelected. To help you out and to discover more, just type `David Cameron' into the Google search box in this blog:

  • Just in the last two weeks alone, he has yet again demonstrated his contempt for the British people. Despite the worst backbench rebellion the Tories have ever had, Cameron has spitefully reneged and denied the people of the UK a referendum on the EU.