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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 11 May 2013


Would you let serial killers Ted Bundy or Jack The Ripper be your Government?

Silly question, right! The most common form of unnatural death is Democide. It is responsible for over a staggering 290,0000 deaths. That is an equivalent to the population of the U.S. And, it gets much worse. When you watch your loved ones die from illness, the cause of their deteriorating health is not the illness itself, but the prevention of a cure. As well as the heart-wrenching TV ads and campaigns on the countless suffering and deaths throughout Third World regions, such as Africa, these deaths along with the loss of those you love are preventable, saving millions of lives. And, I'm afraid, it gets even worse. Most of these illnesses, viruses and diseases are manufactured in an increasingly manufactured world. However, there is no `profit' in a cure, but huge `profit' in suffering and death. 

I have expanded much more on this on my 2009 website, currently under repair. It refers to the manufacture of AIDS by the Rockefeller Foundation, distributed by the UN, using the Smallpox vaccinations as a Trojan horse throughout Africa in 1977, under the Carter administration. The evidence is made available on my website, which I hope to have up and running again, after repairing my blog, since posts are starting to disappear. (If anyone knows a better method of restoring deleted blogger posts, I'd be immensely grateful for any help).

Frighteningly, more of us today are proposing arguments for population control. This is due to the Globalist media churning out propaganda on climate change, thereby accusing mankind of its own fate, thus justifying the necessity for our incremental eradication. This debate leads us into the realms of science and religion, both of which are volatile subjects. So, I will try to find common ground. Let us refer to Jesus Christ as a scientist, and actually give thoughtful consideration to the things he said. For example, the Parable of the Birds of Heaven and the Lilies of the Field. He's talking about how nature provides balance. He's talking about how an animal dies and its corpse provides nutrients for other creatures or fertilizes the ground. He's talking about how nature provides natural remedies for our ailments. In many ways he's also endorsing Paganism, which only the controlled religious institutes sought to make a divisive issue of.

(I will elborate further on this topic in an extended article and films currently being prepared. More to come...)