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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Libya: Expect Allied Terror False Flag incident by Globalists

As soon as the Cold War ended, did anyone really believe that the CIA and MI5 would become redundant? The mainstream media prevents us from asking the obvious questions, such as, "What are the intelligence services gonna do without an enemy?" Well, they invent one. The arms industry need someone to sell their arms to, so "War" is always big business, as we saw the slimy, David Cameron sneaking off to Egypt to secure arms sales during their revolt. Nobody has bothered to ask what were MI5 doing there? The obvious answer is, to secure instability in the region, although don't expect your news correspondents to reveal that to you either. Nobody has bothered to ask about what an overwhelming coincidence it was that every Arab region should become destabilized at the same time overnight and how?? The reason why nobody has asked is because if enough distractions are thrown in front of you, you won't care, such as the designed Global recession, and the surrender of each nations sovereignty to the World Bank, as they topple one after the other. "Keep avoiding the pattern, and you'll go blind!" The Rothschild and Rockefeller CIA and others specialise in regime change. Starve a nations people of its natural resources and impose hidden sanctions, and you'll have a revolution. When the Rothschild/Rockefeller installed leader flees the country with all the gold, he's stopped at the CIA/MI5/Mossad checkpoint en route, and relieved of it, to be deposited in the World Bank for the Globalist elite.

So, while we sit down each evening for our daily intake of lies and deception, we are so force fed and conditioned that nobody remembers the initial basic questions. We have yet to hear the mainstream media inform us of what happened to Mubarak. After both he and the toppled Tunisian leader fled, both had strokes, according to our daily news "one off report". Again, we are diverted and distracted from asking such probing questions. Of course, there's no doubt that Gadaffi is a tyrant. However, why aren't we being kept informed of the other ruthless tyrants in the around the world, who are "slaughtering" their own people. Again, it's because, these tyrants are UN allies, so they can butcher as many civilians as they want.

While we eventually became aware of the fact that the staged Iraqi war was over oil, many of us took to the streets of London in protest. However, on this particular occasion, the cries of descent can barely be heard, because our apathy has been conditioned to a shrugging of the shoulders, with the quiet mumbling of, "Here we go again, yawn, yawn!"

How it works: 

The Rothschild/Rockefeller funded CIA would destroy the infrastructure of a particular region or target its natural resources. The Economic Hitman would then be despatched to meet the regions leader to negotiate a restoration of the country's resources, thus inviting in US and UK corporate investment. Arms and military support would also be on offer to keep the restless and suffering population at bay. If the price for this restoration package is too high, then civil unrest and instability would naturally occur. If the country's leader resisted, the western intelligence agencies would generate negative propaganda against the leader, while the seeds of revolution are firmly planted, thus feeding the military industrial complex. A rogue dictator would then be installed, who would seize control of all the country's natural resources and hand it over to huge corporations who would then sell it back to the people at a higher price for a profit. Eventually, when oil, gold and cocaine are no longer profitable, people become the next resource. So, if you want to know the "truth" about what is really going on in Iraq, Afghanistan and more recently in the Arabic regions.

So, what can we expect next?

If the globalists don't get what they want, they orchestrate a "False Flag". For example, while we lose count of how many times Cameron uses the soundbite of, Gadaffi "slaughtering/targeting innocent civilians", it may become apparent that this is NOT true. Therefore, a major event may be staged to justify the invasion of Libya or other Arab nation. So, expect a major staged terrorist incident soon. In the meantime, keep your ears peeled for the media rhetoric and jargon, as that ought to be a clue.

So, when you see David Cameron and Nick Clegg mourn the death of another soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq, remember that it was these bastards who murdered that kid, by denying him a decent job, dole money and now an education, when he left school, forcing him into the military for a miserable £15k. Remember, when you see Cameron sneaking off to places like Egypt, he's selling British made arms to kill your children. But, then again, you can always just tell yourself, "Hey. That's just business!"

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." - Globalist, Henry Kissinger

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Libya: "Another War and more blood in your name: Hands up all who didn't see this coming!"

While I was busy researching and finishing off my website this past month or so, I've been neglecting my blog postings, waiting for the predictable to happen, and now it finally has, and like it or not, each one of us has blood on our hands, albeit by association.

Was anyone really fooled by the fake stalling over the middle east by the Americans, while the sadistic, unconscionable and immoral, David Cameron was in Egypt to secure arms sales?

The long awaited UN resolution for intervention in the middle east has finally arrived, while the corporate, mainstream media prepared the way. They just had to spin that usual engaging rhetoric long enough to dupe and hypnotize the robotic masses, and as always, we fall for it again. This time, it was Libyan tyrant, "Gadaffi bombing his own people!" Remember the one about Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army dragging babies out of hospital incubators and butchering them? How many times did Channel 4 News hand over to the power of suggestion to William Hague, only to be reinforced again by Cameron delivering the familiar sound bites? I lost count of how many times Cameron used the word "slaughter" when referring to Gadaffi attacking civilians, stating that there would be no military intervention, unless the slaughter of civilians continued. However, surprisingly few people will have even noticed this deliberately cold, calculating linguistic manipulation, and when confronted with it, most will be in denial, rather than admit they were fooled. Again, this strategy also sounds familiar. It is the traditional, historical false flag routine, whereby the allied forces attack the civilians, disguised as the enemy forces in order to justify war, hence the term "False Flag".

Of course, Ch4 aren't alone. However, they are unbelievably transparent, and with the "fool" (Jon Snow) at the helm, they make it all much too obvious to the point that it has become almost characteristic of Channel 4 News. Of course there will be war, despite Cameron's lies and deceit, but he and the media relies on our stupidity and dumbing down distractions to know any different.

You might remember in a previous post how I'd expressed my frustration over Ch4 News for suggesting that following the initial "CIA" induced instability in Tunisia, that the surrounding regions would follow. This had nothing to do with journalistic statistics or forecasting trends. They were reading from a pre-prepared script, as Jon Snow always so clearly gives away.  It is the same script from the CIA 1953 Iran template. This was their pride and joy, as JFK assassination plotter, David Atlee Philips (aka, Maurice Bishop) couldn't help himself proudly expressing. How many times have you heard the controlled mainstream media mention the term, "False Flag?" You won't either, since they are heavily relied upon to endorse it, while journalistic ethics have become extinct.

If you are a frequent visitor to my website and (hoped for)  soon to be radio show, then you will already be familiar with the NWO and its globalist agenda, since the motto of the Illuminati is, "The Illuminati Must Rule The World!". (p45) The evidence is clear for all to see. What more do we need? George Washington's letters revealed how the Illuminati had infiltrated and taken control of the Freemasons, once the first Masonic nation had been established. Over 200 years later, the Neo-Cons implemented the Project For a New American Century, (PNAC), initiated by 9/11.

It's difficult to see how much more in our faces this can be. Does it really have to take much more than this? Must we wait until we see every Church, every Mosque, every Synagogue and every Holy temple crammed full of suddenly converted atheists, agnostic, layman and religious zealot? How much more suffering and cataclysmic disaster will it take before we finally f**king realise that mankind is responsible for its own destiny?