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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Tale of Global Economic Crisis Explained

The European Union and the Global Hostage Crisis in a Nutshell:

Remember all those Euro Treaties? How many of us actually know what they were about and what was negotiated? Not very many. If we did, then there wouldn't be so much ignorance over the global economic crisis. And, if we did, the masses would most likely arm themselves and take to the streets.

So, without going into too much detail, I hope this explanation simplifies a better understanding. Having established Central Banks (modeled on the Bank of England) in almost every corner of the globe, the Rothschild and Rockefeller families dispatched their agents to persuade each sovereign nation that if they each toss all their chips into one huge kitty, then all could be converted to cash and distributed equally, making each nation economically better off. Once each nation had surrendered all its assets, the city bankers in London and Wall Street began taking bets on their value, each competing for the lowest possible price, devaluing every asset. These assets include gas, electricity, healthcare, pensions etc, which explains why in recent years, the UK and others began charging a fee for water, with the very air we breathe to follow, in the form of carbon tax. This is why David Cameron paid an impromptu visit to Goldman Sachs on 15 March 2012 and was barely covered by the mainstream daily lies. Cameron had returned to the UK a couple of days later, gloating over the sale of public healthcare to the devil. When every resource is sold, the only one remaining is Human Resources, forcing wages to plummet and inflation to rise, until the value for our labour is a bowl of soup, and even that is only to provide us with the energy to keep us working. Eventually, when every single asset is sold, all that remains is our very souls.

And, in case you're thinking that the vast savings in your bank account will provide you with security, perhaps you ought to ask yourself what they are worth, since all the gold, silver and precious metals that your bank note was redeemable against now resides in the house of Rothschild, (a.k.a. the Bank of England) and in the Bank of the Knights Templar (a.k.a. Switzerland). If you have any old banknotes, dating back a few years, you may notice that the inscription that they once bared to the effect of, "This currency is redeemable against gold..." is no longer present.

The Queen surveys plundered Gold

So, while reading, watching or listening to the daily distraction about the events in Syria, you ought to consider the Truth on what is really going on, since Syria, like Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and all Africa had no Central Banks until recently. This is why unrest and civil instability in regions such as Egypt has re-emerged again, since the people are starving and have nothing to trade for food imports. This is why David Cameron is always busy scuttling around these regions. His mission is to sell arms, since war makes money.

However, this tale may demonstrate my point more clearly:
When Satan tried to tempt Christ during his fast in the wilderness, Jesus rejected his temptations. As the devil revealed all the kingdoms of earth to him, he offered them to Jesus should he worship him. Knowing that he could not tempt or deceive the Son of God, it is not difficult to imagine that Satan's response was, "Since you won't accept my offer, I can easily find others who will". And, indeed he did. Satan made the exact same offer to everyone in return for their eternal souls. Throughout time when each came to collect all their promised wealth and earthly treasures, they complained that others tried to steal it from them. Individually, they each reaffirmed their claim and asked Satan to make good on his promise and hand over the goods. Satan responded, saying, "Of course I'll honour our agreement, but you'll have to join the queue". When the curtain was drawn back and the claimant saw the endless queue before him, he was shocked, not only by the eternal length of the queue, but he could also see that they were the same people who tried to rob and kill him for his bounty. Outraged, the claimant complained, "You offered all earthly treasures and wealth to me. You made no mention that you also made the same offer to all mankind. You deceived me. I demand that you return my soul to me!"  Satan laughed and said, "Of course I deceived you. It is my nature". "As for your soul. You have already corrupted it by your greed and selfishness. Your soul belongs to me now and I have better use for such virtues".