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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Iran Civil Unrest Is The Old CIA Template & The Capture Of An Entire Generation And Culture

Iran pumps large Bassij militia forces into Tehran as riots flare

David Atlee Philips
Maurice Bishop a.k.a. David Atlee Philips, 
Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA controller
History is being repeated in Iran with renewed staged civil unrest, such as we have already witnessed in the globalist domino effect. As mentioned in my previous articles, I believe this is exactly the old CIA template from 1951, when Roosevelt's nephew and David Atlee Philips fermented civil unrest in Iran, even to the point of paying students to protest. The CIA wanted to overthrow the Iranian Government for distributing British BP oil at low cost to the Iranian people. David Atlee Philips is quoted as saying that it was the CIA's proudest moment. The same template had been applied to Ecuador and throughout Latin America until Fidal Castro returned from Honduras to rescue Cuba from falling into the hands of the US and various other regime changes by the CIA, including Egypt and Libya in the past as well as more recently, with the additions of Tunisia and now Syria, with Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia to follow and including the recent attempts in Russia to overthrow Putin, adding the Pussy Riot gimmick as an attempt to appeal to youth culture. 

Using the youth as vehicle for its objectives in society was part of a long term plan by the Illuminati enforcers, the CIA as far back as 1947. During the official declaration of the establishment of the "Shadow Government" within the first Masonic nation, under the pretence of the "National Security Act in 1947", it was part of the CIA remit in its formation, to gain control of a new generation, with the specific objective of targeting the young. This would prevent revolutions seen throughout history by controlling a specific demographic in society. To this end, the CIA established a "Youth Culture" due to the ease of manipulation to rebel against authority and to overthrow Governments who do not accept their secondary position or pose a threat to the new order. Such Governments were to be relegated to the position of being the public face of so-called democracy to keep the people distracted by social and domestic issues and the related general infrastructure of society. When US president Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act in 1947, he was really signing the transfer of power, following the first attempted US coup d'état in 1932 by Prescott Bush and his co-conspirators at Brown Brothers Harriman. However, the failed coup was by no means the end, since they went on to fund IG Farben in Germany, who built Hitler’s huge war machine. Since our view of history is controlled through the Illuminati dominated education system, few bother to ask how the Nazis came to power when Germany was economically on its knees throughout the 1930s. Once 33+ Freemason President Roosevelt had placed the Masonic seal on the US dollar bill, it was in recognition that the first Masonic nation had achieved a major objective, hence the inscription surrounding the pyramid, the latter part initially suggested by Charles Thompson in 1782, reading, “Annuit Coeptis. Novus Ordo Seclorum“. If my memory serves me correctly, the exact English translation is “Favours the things having been begun”, and “New Order of the ages”. However, it is perhaps easier understood as “Our Enterprise Is Complete. New World Order.” From that moment on the nationally accepted US Administration was in servitude to the Shadow Government, hence the term, “Administration” or to administer on the behalf of.  

Iran was to be a testing ground in 1951, and it was precisely this venture that David Atlee Philips and brother’s John Foster and Allan Dulles were most proud of. Allan Dulles went on to become CIA director until JFK fired him. He also served on the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of JFK afterwards. It was akin to asking the fox to guard the chicken house. I should point out at this stage that CIA Directors are appointed straight from Wall Street and all are former members of Yale's Skull and Bones or other related secret societies. In the case of Allan Dulles, he was a Bonesman, as were the Bushes. Once the youth uprising operation had succeeded in Iran, they applied it within established parameters in the US through its seizure of Hollywood, under the pretence of Communist influence, sparking the McCarthy Witch Hunts, which was just a CIA cover. The script for the movie, "Rebel Without A Cause" originated from the CIA, and with the onset of the 1960's, they introduced their mind control drug, LSD, into the domain of Youth Culture, since it had began to gather pace from the mid 1950's. They needed to tame the beast they had created. Young CIA recruits like Lee Harvey Oswald were sent onto university campuses to spy on student activities and gather information on the collective thought processes and fraternities. 

John Lennon

Meanwhile, with the Tavistock Institutes discovery of "The Beatles" in the UK, they were brought to the US to be introduced to LSD by Bob Dylan, which ultimately hooked a new generation on drugs, making them easier to control, hence the CIA/Illuminati control of the music industry today. It has been said that Brian Epstein took his own life due to his fear of losing control of The Beatles. He already had done, and he knew it long before then. John Lennon realised this later on and gave a radio interview, acknowledging a sinister force behind The Beatles. Just weeks after this interview, Lennon was murdered and the interview was never aired. Incidentally, David Atlee Philips, under the pseudonym of "Maurice Bishop" was Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA controller leading up to the JFK assassination.  
The Kennedys
JFK was not fully briefed that he had no real authority and that he was just a cover for the "Shadow Government". Since he became a liability, he had to be eliminated. Had his father, Joseph Kennedy informed his sons that the Kennedy name was part of the Illuminati bloodline and was obligated to carry out responsibilities, things may have turned out differently for the assassinated brothers. However, unfortunately, Joseph Kennedy had a stroke, just as his son, the President was under increasing pressure. Joseph Kennedy was always extremely ambitious due to the expectations of his family bloodline, and he had intended for his eldest son, Joe to run for President. However, Joe was killed in action, when his plane crashed during WWII. Next in line, John was reluctant and apparently had no real political ambitions. His father did not look favourably on JFK and thought he was incompetent, hence assigning younger brother, Robert to guide him. It could be reasonably argued that was for this reason why the Kennedy patriarch had their first daughter Rose Marie Kennedy labotomised in 1941, due to a mild mental condition. It certainly was in conformity with Illuminati eugenics policy of intolerance for imperfections, hence the Rockefeller funded Nazi experiments throughout WWII. Rose Marie was left to languish in mental institutions throughout her life and was rarely spoken of within the Kennedy family or raised as a topic by the mainstream media. She was obviously an embarrassment very powerful people.

However, I digress. I will be writing a further article on the Kennedy’s in the near future. The point of this article is to alert us to familiar patterns today.

Monday, 1 October 2012

9/11: The Day The Media Died

Apathy Kills 2 - 9/11: The Day The Media Died

9/11: The Day The Media Died.  If they could get away with it in 1963, how much more could they get away with today? Two lies that defy the laws of physics, 1963 and 2001, and yet, the most frightening aspect of all is not that an entire generation has still learned nothing, but that it remains steadfastly in denial and that it has relied entirely on every single political leader to guide them in accordance with that great lie since 1963. Anyone who has ever dared to deviate or distract from it has been pushed onto an unpleasant path. This is what was in the forefront of my mind which inspired me to make this short film, and each day, I feel increasingly frustrated when walking among dead people, wishing I could grab hold of their souls and lift them out of this cursed daydream. If they could get away with murdering 3000 people on 11 September 2001, they can get away with murdering 3,0000 tomorrow, including you. Pushing the boundaries to increase an acceptable level of Evil doesn't take years or a generation anymore. It only takes a frighteningly modern method of mass conditioning, `you'. And, you have obliviously been seduced by it. How much more are you going to take for granted tomorrow?


Richard Gage has actively led a group of over 1500 Architects and Engineers calling for a new independent investigation into the events of 9/11. He formed Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) to that end. Some of these experts made sacrifices, taking great risks. Some lost their jobs. However, any media attempt to vilify them would have been counter productive, given their wealth of expertise and knowledge. Having said that, one group emerged with the sole intention of debunking any 9/11 Conspiracy. Popular Mechanics have made strenuous efforts to discredit all the evidence proving that 9/11 was indeed an inside job.

Frank Di Martini was one of the designers of the World Trade Center. In an interview, which can be found on both my website and YouTube Channel, he stated that the WTC was specifically designed to withstand the impact of a fully loaded passenger plane, akin to "poking a mosquito netting with a pencil". The structure of the twin towers were designed in this particular way due to a previous accident following the end of WWII in which a returning airplane slammed into the Empire State Building. Even if this incident had not occurred in which lessons were learned, it is logical to assume the possibility of such an impact when constructing skyscrapers in any city. Otherwise, it would have raised doubts over insurance coverage, jeopardizing permission to build such structures at all, and yet it was the insurance cost that made many greedy rich people much more wealthier, due to cashing in on "put options" on the WTC following 9/11. This included the owner of the building, Larry Silverstein. It was originally the Rockefellers who had commissioned the building of the WTC. Coincidentally, Frank Di Martini died on 9/11. Marvin Bush, the Presidents brother owned the 2 year security contract on the building. That contract was due to expire on the morning of 9/11.

Debunking The Debunkers