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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 4 March 2013

UPDATE: The Secret Hidden from Mankind: The Soul and Human Consciousness

Additional info from my website, which I hope to rejuvenate again soon: HAARP can also be used to profoundly affect the human mind and excert control over it. Our brains operate on very low frequencies. For example, when we are thinking, our brain generates approx. 14 cycles per second. HAARP is capable of generating all the frequencies of the brain. We are already immersed in extremely low frequencies (ELF) The effect of electromagnetic energies on the human mind is certainly nothing new. Those involved with HAARP should be aware that the energy fields of humans and the earth are very closely aligned, at approx. 6 - 8Hz.

All of us at some stage of our lives have been in touch with who we truly are. We just may not be aware of it. I don't mean what we see each time we look in the mirror. That is just a facade. Nor do I mean who we are when we socialize, since we are just adapting to compliment our surroundings. For example, if we encounter someone who has an extreme case of autism, what is our automatic perception of them? It may be something like, "What they don't know cannot hurt them", or "They are are not as intelligent...". Working with disabled and autistic kids recently, I expressed my concern that just because these children were handicapped, it did not mean they were stupid and that their perceptions or concept of the world were altered. I have always believed that whatever we lack in our `human' capabilities, nature always compensates in some way, creating a balance. For example, someone who is blind may have a much better and focused sense of hearing. This indicates an intelligent design, in other words, "God". Our perception of the world is so unbelievably limited that we tend to overlook our view of it, causing us to neglect that it is just a tiny blue dot within our own solar system and that our solar system is only a speck of dust in the hand of God. Few of us can stretch our imaginations beyond the scope of the illustration below, mostly because our imaginations are increasingly being confined, and as many of you reading this are increasingly aware, "imprisoned". As I like to phrase it, "The devil wants company" because he realises his distance from God is so vast.


Do we really need to gain access to Area 51 to discover what is gong on there? The Tower of Babel is still under construction, while the rest of us are being distracted into thinking that mankind is God. Science omits giving credit for the creation of the universe to God, based only on our varied corrupted, divisive claims to God, created by us. Ironically, therein lies the contradiction in science. How many of us judge one religion, based solely on the misdeeds and iniquity of its institution? Hatred, bitterness and anger are easily accessible. Love, forgiveness and compassion are much more difficult, and even "love" has been slightly corrupted by the omission of selflessness. Yet, "Love" is our natural state of being. It is only how we relate to our earthly confines that restrain us from seeing it. When we die, we cannot take our flags or wealth with us.

A mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam
That's us. A mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam
How many of us believe that if our deceased loved ones could, they would visit us in physical form as we remember them? Would they want to, since they can travel way beyond what we can even contemplate, knowing that on earth the day is short and that in the next fraction of a second, we will be joining them and understand?

Some of us may reflect on an incident in our childhood, but are uncertain whether or not it was a dream or actually happened. Most of us are unable to recall our dreams. We may encounter an experience that causes déjà vu that triggers a response in our subconscious memory where a lost dream is buried. Some dreams that we do remember are quite vivid and we wake up in the mornings with a feeling that they have lasted throughout the whole night, yet actually lasted for much less. Yet, what if it were reversed, and our lives lasted for only such a short period, since everything we relate to is governed by our perception of `time', only as it relates to life on earth. In 1990, Voyager took a photograph of earth from a distance of 4 billion miles. Indeed, it does seem a long distance, but only due to our concept of time in relation to earth. It would take the human consciousness or soul, only a matter of what we call, seconds to travel such a distance, yet we find that hard to imagine. Why? Again, this is only due to what we can relate to on earth. Most of us are intimidated or frightened to think beyond such questions, hence why most people are so quick to dismiss conspiracy theories, with the term "theory" only becoming deficient when attached to the word "conspiracy".

When we look up at the sky at night, we tend to think no further beyond our moon and the physical form, rather than dimensions, perhaps without realizing that there is a raging war going on in another dimension adjacent to us and the events we are witnessing in the world today may only be the debri from that inter-dimensional battle. Again, it relates to our perception of `time', since it only exists in our proximity to the Sun and our moon. We often forget that the Sun is only one of billions of stars among what we see in the night sky. As a 12-year-old schoolboy, I remember our English teacher setting us an assignment to write an essay from a multiple choice of subjects listed on the blackboard. Most were domestic. However, I chose to write about "Space". While our teacher handed back our marked work, she was verbally critical of mine, scathing that it was typical of me to pick the odd-one-out from her list of subjects. My reply was, "That's because I'm not in that prison along with everyone else for you to compare me with...". I don't know whether the look of shock on her face was because I answered back or because it was a pretty profound remark from a 12-year-old kid.

We all inherit our characteristics from our parents, whether we like some of them or not. However, this does not identify who we truly are, since if one of our parents had chosen an alternative partner, we still would have been born. Either way, we still existed. Likewise, our parents inherited their genes from their parents, and so on. At some stage we must reach a point in time when we ought to ask, "Where did the original seed come from?" Perhaps we also should wonder, where did the unpleasant characteristics of our personality originate from, and what corrupted them?

It was also as 12-year-old, I came home one day and upon opening the rear door of our house, I was hit with the most instantly traumatic and overwhelming feeling that I didn't belong here, and that somehow this family were not mine. That feeling of detachment made me feel like I belonged somewhere else or that I was somehow on loan or mismatched. I remember seeing a painting once that I found myself relating to. It was an image of a man standing on a sphere/earth, looking at the world below him, as if observing it. We seem to relate our existence to the unit/community we were raised with. As mentioned, we already existed. Our consciousness may have been merely passing by and was attracted or drawn to inhabit a cell either on or in proximity to earth and when we die, we simply move on and continue our journey, viewing all that we learned or experienced in that brief existence as irrelevant.

One thing is certain. Our purpose in life is severely corrupted, polluted and poisoned, as is the divine word of God. While people are conditioned to aspire to become the "Career `Minded' Professional" and preoccupied with climbing the "career ladder", they are blind to their true ascension and foolishly believe that success in life is measured on the lilliputian career ladder, when it is truly measured by the love we harness and harvest for humanity. As a great `man' once said, "Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone". Imagine if each of us were selflessly filled with compassion for others. All those thoughts must go somewhere, as they are transmitted into an energy that would engulf the earth, perhaps attracting similar energies to us. Throughout human history, mankind has been searching for only one thing. However, since the world has become so tainted, we cannot see it through the corrupted forest. The one thing that we each aspire to is "Love". Sadly, we were misguided from our capacity for love along the way and it has been suppressed throughout our history, as we chose instead the path of knowledge so that we could build a tower to reach God, obliviously unaware that with Love, knowledge comes naturally. Almost all life on earth instinctively forms a natural bond with its mother upon birth. If no bond is present and the mother rejects its offspring, the sensitivity of the infant picks it up immediately. The absence of such a bond has a major impact on the child's development and their relationships, not only with others, but with the world around them, as they grow into adulthood. Just as children are sensitive to picking up emotions and energies, so too are animals. Yet, children seem to lose their sensitive abilities as they get older, mostly due to adapting to a corrupt existence. Animals respond differently to unnatural negative forces than they do to such forces in its own environment. They are able to distinguish the difference. This may be what HG Welles alluded to in War Of The Worlds. If there is harmony, then surely there has to be intelligent design. However, science in its arrogance would dispute this by omitting the one thing that binds these forces together, Love. Instead, throughout human history, we have reinterpreted, misinterpreted, redefined and reinvented the meaning of "Love", with each religion being infiltrated and so corrupted until there is no longer any refuge for our relationship with God, leaving us exposed and vulnerable, unaware that we have been deceived into blaming each other and bitterly vilifying each religion, with the objective of causing us to abandon our relationship with God and his unfathomable love for each and every single one of us.

"The Advent of Ahriman" By Robert Mason: An Essay on the Deep Forces behind the World Crisis