Tuesday, 21 February 2012

ITV News prejudice, actively promoting modern right wing extremism

Since when was ITN's Lucy Manning allowed to voice her right wing opinion as a so-called reporter. After watching her biased report on ITV's early evening lies, where she deliberately emphasized her support for a blatant Tory fabrication about protestors at Tesco's falsely accusing them of bad behavior, I was stunned at how she ever got to be a journalist. However, it got worse, Miss Manning then declared herself an authority on what tax payers think, supporting the Government "Slave Trade" program. Since when did we give her permission to mouth off on our behalf?

Just who the hell does this incompetent brat think she is? She obviously suffers from serious delusions of grandeur. As an independent writer and researcher who exposes downright arrogant so-called journalists like her, she has absolutely no journalistic integrity whatsoever. She is exactly what John Pilger was talking about, who disgraced his profession. Having spoken to some of her own colleagues, Lucy Manning is well known for her arrogance and looking down her nose on others.

I shall be petitioning ITN to fire Lucy Manning and at least hire competent journalists who respect a certain code of conduct and who know how to keep their gob shut and keep their views to themselves, instead of forcing their unwanted opinions down the throats of viewers, claiming that she represents them. She is what prominent Trends forecaster, Gerald Celente calls, a "Media Whore for the Presstitute Media". If ITV has any credibility at all left, they should sack her and give Miss high and mighty a taste of what unemployment is like under a Tory Government, and no self respecting news network will ever even consider hiring her. With this in mind, I ask all concerned about this matter to petition ITV to do the decent thing. ITV News are by no means the only channel pushing a right wing agenda, as Channel 4, BBC and Channel 5 are equally as guilty.

It has also recently been exposed that all are guilty of fabricating and manipulating news stories, Syria and the so-called Arab spring being the perfect examples. According to one source, David Cameron has them over a barrel.