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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 4 August 2013 & Amazon Exposed & The Dangerous Consequences Of Neglecting The "Lobbying Scandal"

Alternative media broadcaster, Press TV banned from the UK was set up by Venture Capitalist, and Conservative Party doner, Adrian Beecroft through middle man Errol Damelin. This is common practice in order to avoid unwelcome attention, such is the nature of political corruption. Like former British Gas boss,`Sir' Roger Carr, Beecroft is a major Tory lobbyist, who influences and steers Government policy through donations, such as the abolition of employee rights, legal aid and other violations of civil liberties and freedoms that provide a method for the public to defend themselves from the corporate mafia and associated powerful entities. It was Beecroft who urged David Cameron to implement policy to make it easier for companies to sack their employees without fear of recourse, effectively eliminating the Equal Opportunities Act.  At this point it is important to remember that the UK Government have made clear their determination to "abolish the Human Rights Act", which they make no secret of expressing their contempt for. It should be of no surprise if Adrian Beecroft receives a Knighthood or OBE in the near future, just as many of David Cameron's wealthy friends have previously done, such as Roger Carr for the implementation of major hikes on energy charges to domestic customers in recent years. Carr was boss of Centrica, who operate under the `trading name' as "British Gas" who have hit the headlines for gaining huge profits at customers expense while contemptuously gloating at the same time in the typical manner that has come to `characterize the Cameron era'. Carr was previously in charge of Cadbury, where he sacked its workers and sold it, again for profit. For his services, David Cameron placed him on the honours list for a Knighthood and as a reward for sharing his profits with the Conservative Party.


Shocking return to Victorian era: David Cameron's Soup Kitchen Britain as dictated by Adrian Beecroft
As the Liam Fox scandal revealed, David Cameron got into Government through lobbying by the arms industry and subsequently the instability that became known as the Arab Spring soon followed, with news reports of UK intelligence operatives being in the Mideast at the time. Cameron brazenly visited each region with an arms team in tow after the dust had settled, hence the recurrence of events in Egypt today. The Western media neglects to relay the truth as to why each of the regional leaders are deposed by their people. If trade sanctions are imposed, the people starve. If the national resources, such as gold and oil etc are raided, the people starve. Like Mubarak and others, President Mohamed Mursi could not provide for the people while all gold and oil reserves reside in the vaults of the Bank of England and offshore accounts for wealthy bankers to bid on and auction.

The manufactured banker recession provided a lucrative market for Cameron and Beecroft. David Cameron actively campaigned for each EU and NATO state to rigorously enforce austerity. Having forced increasing numbers into poverty and with his friends in key positions, the cost of living in the UK were to rise substantially while wages are being driven down, forcing us all into "debt slavery". As a consequence of the crippling austerity measures, many people were driven to the edge of despair and suicides rapidly increased throughout the most vulnerable regions such as Greece, whom Cameron and his colleagues cruelly mocked during the 2012 London Olympics. At the same time, Cameron utilized his PR background to exploit the event to ruthlessly target and victimize the sick and disabled in the following Paralympics. Through the implementation of austerity in the UK, more jobs were lost while the banking scandal became more exposed and those responsible for the crisis received huge bonuses from the public purse as a reward. By creating division to divert the population away from such crimes, the most vulnerable and ethnic minorities were set up as scapegoats, deflecting attention from Cameron and his friends while a heavily subdued British public fell for the deception. Blissfully unaware, this created 3 kinds of victims for whom David Cameron has unobservedly expressed his contempt for, `the most defenseless and vulnerable', `the foolish and indifferent' and `the next generation'. With his friends placed in senior positions throughout the corporate mainstream media, (see 1917) convincing the subdued public would be a much more elementary process. It also meant that a malleable and divided public could be held accountable for the oncoming human carnage for choosing to have their consciences alleviated by the Government. Among those placed upon the sacrificial alter were charities, with an attempt by George Osborne to put a tax on donations, education, where poor children are starved of free school meals and treated as experimental Guinea Pigs by Michael Gove, police, who are incrementally being disbanded to make way for profitable and unaccountable `private' security firms, and the NHS, being sacrificed to banking terrorists, Goldman Sachs on Wall Street in 15 March 2012. Through identified sinister organizations within the Government, every major public dependency has been infiltrated and Cameron's own people were placed to run them into the ground in order to justify their sale in the eyes of a docile public, hence the `care' and `compassion' aspects being driven out of healthcare amid radically increasingly high mortality rates, such as the Staffordshire hospital and Morcambe Bay hospital baby death scandals to mention just a few. This is in addition to the Pathways to Death eugenics scheme for those whom Mr Cameron deems a waste on resources.

However, I digress. With an increasing number of British companies being forced into bankruptcy to eliminate any competition for Cameron's wealthy globalist friends, more people were losing their jobs, while unemployment figures are being ruthlessly manipulated to hide the truth. With the media under the control of the Government, the truth is a major casualty. The "Cash for Questions" scandal did not disappear. The media focus on it did, and as we witness the latest "Cash for Favours lobbying scandal" involving Lynton Crosby, we are allowing ourselves to be distracted away from it again by David Cameron's Communications Director, Craig Oliver, a former editor at the BBC. Crosby is also linked to Cameron's latest pogroms. Senior editors at all the major UK broadcasting networks have a direct hotline to Oliver, who's approval is sought prior to content being aired for public consumption, just as journalists questions must be submitted for approval prior to a press conference. Any journalist who strays and asks a forbidding question, risks losing their press pass and the newspaper or broadcaster is in danger of sanctions being imposed, preventing coverage of future Government stories. With the overwhelming conflicts of interest, David Cameron has a vested interest in protecting the source of his personal wealth and by now we should be accustomed to how the former Spin Doctor/PR man stage manages the media for his own sadistic advantage. Margaret Thatchers funeral should have been a typical demonstration of arrogance and contempt towards the general public, had it not been for the controlling media. 

 The Debt slavery agenda

From the moment the Archbishop of Canterbury posed a threat to Cameron's interests, he immediately ordered Craig Oliver into action. A reasonable mantra of the Public Relations profession is "If you can't find any dirt, invent it", since by nature its definition is to deceive the public into a particular manner of thinking, as expressed by the Father of PR, Edward Bernays in his book, `Propaganda' in 1928. For example, immediately after the Archbishop of Canterbury vowed to obliterate loan sharks,, a timely and convenient smear campaign against him suddenly emerged overnight. The two young people (actors) allegedly being interviewed in Bristol in the hit-piece below are members of the University of York Young Conservatives, hired by Craig Oliver. However, such was the urgency to slander the archbishop, the two young actors neglected to rehearse the West Country Bristol accent.

Almost immediately after David Cameron was placed in power, loan sharks such as suddenly appeared on cue. However, due to media distractions, the public has massively failed to observe the significantly overt pattern of events from May 2010, openly revealing a predetermined agenda. Rather than admit to being deceived, many choose the alternative option of denial. Amid such overwhelming ignorance and sedation, David Cameron can afford to gloat contemptuously, flaunting his intentions confidently, knowing that the British public are obliviously unaware. Such is the nature of good PR, undoubtedly aided by the collaboration of Craig Oliver and strategist Lynton Crosby. Three years on in 2013, people still fail to acknowledge that as a result of recession, employment becomes increasingly rare, as poverty takes hold. Like a virus, its first victims are the weakest and most vulnerable in society who cannot defend themselves. In order to profit from the misery, Cameron had to generate debt. With his acquaintances placed in high positions of power, they could increase the cost of living substantially. Those who lost their jobs as well as the most vulnerable were targeted and vilified and denied Government support, leaving them with no alternative but to approach loan sharks such as Wonga. With the welfare state being dismantled, people have no choice but to borrow and pay back their debts with extortionate interest charged. The more people in debt, the greater the profits for the likes of Adrian Beecroft, which he obviously shares with David Cameron through donations. The concerns that the archbishop has are purely from a `moral' standpoint, which have been systematically eroded over the past three years, as David Cameron has even sought to redefine its meaning. Whether religious or not, we should at least consider biblical warnings:  
David Cameron, the devil's PR man
"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter".  Isaiah 5:20

However, due to the actions of Craig Oliver, the archbishops motives has been largely overshadowed, and yet again the public remain oblivious to a dangerously critical situation. With David Cameron's role being to generate more debt, money lenders are set to cash in and make millions. However, as this greed becomes increasingly more insatiable, all competition has to be eliminated, allowing only those who contribute handsomely to Mr Cameron to survive.

A typical example of this ruthless sadism was on Christmas 2011. In order for the likes of Sir Roger Carr and British Gas to continue to profit from the misery of the public, with out of control charges for domestic energy, anyone offering a cheaper alternative had to be swiftly dealt with. Spirit Solar Energy boss Erica Robb provided such an alternative, but David Cameron prevented her from progressing any further. He is also on record as having demanded that employees at Spirit Solar be sacked just before Christmas. Also timed to coincide with such ruthless cruelty, Cameron had just returned from a Christmas visit to troops in Afghanistan to announce in Parliament that he wanted to cut the salaries of the soldiers he had just visited. However, much worse was yet to come in Cameron's heartless cruelty, as he even saw an opportunity to cash in and profit on injured and disabled troops, many of whom were amputees by denying them state benefits, adding more victims to the lucrative market for from which Mr Cameron gets his cut.  Had army vets been treated with such disregard and cruelty in recent years, there would have been national outrage and protest. However, a term in office is how long it takes to condition the people to accept the eradication of compassion from the social order. One of the first instructions from David Cameron to his newly formed cabinet in 2010 was to, "avoid any questions on compassion". This was a warning to his party colleagues to keep the subject out of political debate.

If you have any questions on any of the above information, please see the films on the truth about David Cameron here

Profiteers of misery

 Profiting from misery

 GlennG images

 David Cameron's `Debt Slavery' agenda

UPDATE: Today, we witness the rounding up of ethnic minorities in the UK to be deported back to their own countries, as they are blatantly told to "GO HOME" by the Government. Does this seem familiar? As Cameron's Cull expands its hate list, claiming victims among the recession hit unemployed, the sick and disabled and terminally ill, schoolchildren, the NHS and now `in-your-face' racism, who will be next, You??