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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 23 December 2013

David Cameron's Christmas Victims List

Making incremental genocide socially acceptable. When it reaches you, who will hear your screams?
"Let the record speak for itself. Don't leave it to history, otherwise your complicity becomes part of that history by your own apathy and indifference!".

In 2010 David Cameron commissioned a £2,0000pa survey to monitor the national happiness levels. It was his long-stated ambition to measure our general health and wellbeing to steer government policy. Up until then, we had already witnessed him demonstrate the characteristics of Sociopathic Personality Disorder, such as plans to end lifetime council tenancies, the reintroduction of slavery, a return to Victorian food banks and soup kitchens, `pathways to death' for burdensome sick hospital patients, a ban on feeding the homeless, a ban on charitable fundraising, plans to tax charitable donations, forcing the sick, disabled and terminally ill not only to work, but for very little salary. The list is endless as well as frightening. A staggering 296 MP's shamefully refused to vote against an investigation into the increasing use of Food Banks and hunger in the UK. See if your local representative is among them. Since then, a mass demographic displacement program has been implemented, forcing thousands of vulnerable people and families out of their homes, causing a national crisis, with homeless charities such as Shelter being overwhelmed and struggling to cope, as 85,000 children spend Christmas without a home. Imagine that today, this number is more than the attendance at the finale of a major sporting event. Now, due to new laws on free speech, Charities are prevented from making appeals due to its impact on Mr Cameron. A recent campaign has been launched to make the public aware of the Gagging Law, which is a Government Bill to silence appeals for compassion. In his relentless campaign to fiddle the figures, Cameron also redefined "Fuel Poverty" in another blatantly overt attempt to fool the public. As predictable, this new definition for human suffering and misery was timed to coincide with Christmas. 
However, sadly we live in a society where we actually believe that the powerful and elite among us are respectable and pure human beings, immune from diabolic depravity. Such belief is a typically British cultural attribute, exported throughout the British Empire as a Utopian social order. Back in 1888, they were convinced that Jack the Ripper could not be an Englishman, a view still dominant today.

Middle East: If you are among those who believe that this article does not affect you, due to being non-British, then you are gravely mistaken. As soon as David Cameron was imposed as British Prime Minister by the arms industry, he set about implementing the media dubbed "Arab Spring" to raid all the major oil producing regions of their natural resources. Until then, Gold rich, Libya provided a life line to continental Africa at little cost, since "usury" (interest) is a fundamental sin in Islamic Law. With their currency devalued due to imposed sanctions, the people of the region, including Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and now spreading throughout Africa are starved, due to their leaders being forced to sell off their natural resources at low cost to global bankers, such as Goldman Sachs. We already know what happens to those leaders who do not comply. These natural resources are then traded at competitive prices on the stock market for Mr Cameron's friends to gamble with. Meanwhile, as the people become increasingly more desperate, demanding food, water and energy, the civil instability inevitably leads to civil war. Both sides in the ensuing conflict need arms. David Cameron openly embarked on arms sales tours of the region, flaunting the delegation of arms industry representatives who accompanied him. During the joint UK/France bombing of Sirte in Cameron's determination to kill Gaddafi, Cameron rebuked his Generals for expressing their concerns over bombing civilians, telling them, "You do the killing and leave the talking to me". French President, Nicholas Sarkozy had just received over £60,0000 from Gaddafi to finance his election campaign. So, he had everything to gain from his silence, while Cameron being an opportunist saw it as a chance to plunder the Gaddafi national wealth.

Pakistan: Again, conveniently timed upon him becoming leader, David Cameron sought an opportunity to inflict suffering on the despairing people of Pakistan during devastating floods that displaced 20,0000 people. He flew to India and went on a tour, blasting neighboring Pakistan as a "Terrorist nation". Being from a background in Public Relations as a former Spin Doctor, the media gave the event full coverage. The result was that very little international charitable aid was donated to Pakistan as the cataclysmic floods increasingly claimed  more victims. Their despair received another cruel blow back in the UK, as the mainstream media chose to focus on the high spirited wellbeing of a group of trapped Chilean miners. To add insult to injury, the only reference to Pakistan was alleged corruption among their cricket team.

Greece: From 2007, long before even being placed in power, David Cameron campaigned for the implementation of austerity upon all nations. During international summit meetings, David Cameron persistently insisted that the U.S. and Europe enforce radical austerity measures upon their own people. Those who appeared reluctant were mocked and threatened by Cameron. Greece was one of his victims, as he demanded that either they enforce harsh austerity measures or leave the EU and face abandonment and ostracization. He lobbied for the same measures to be enforced on Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. He famously antagonised former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, then went on to taunt François Hollande over taxes. He has repeatedly threatened to veto a seven-year deal unless Brussels agrees on strict spending cuts.

If you live in a country with cruel and heartless austerity enforcement, remember who first proposed it, lobbying and campaigning rigorously for its deployment. Despite allegations that Gaddafi may have committed some terrible crimes, he was really despised because he supplied oil to Africa at low cost, as this was considered a waste on a people who contributed very little to the global economy due to extreme poverty. As a committed eugenicist, such philosophy epitomizes David Cameron, a belief he recently confirmed during a Conservative Party Conference, when he announced his commitment to the privileged class.

David Cameron has consistently shown an overt and distinct pattern of convenient timing for his sadistic pleasures that make him predictable. Included among his previous Christmas whims were:
  • Visiting troops in Afghanistan only to return home for Christmas to announce in Parliament that he wanted to cut the salaries of serving soldiers.
  • To thwart competition against his wealthy friends in the Energy sector, who shared the profits of fuel hikes with him, David Cameron implemented procedures to prevent Solar Spirit and other cheap energy providers from supplying low cost energy. He demanded that new employees of Solar Spirit be sacked 2 weeks prior to Christmas 2011.
  • In the following 2012 New Years Honours list, he rewarded Sir Roger Carr, Chairman of Centrica (British Gas) for first introducing the spiraling fuel price hikes throughout the energy sector, from which Mr Cameron receives a share of the profits. At the same time, other honours went to his friends in the city.
  • In the 2014 New Years Honours list, I predict that Conservative Party doner and founder of loan sharks,, Adrian Beecroft will receive a knighthood for sharing the profits of misery with Mr Cameron. Gary Barlow is also likely to receive an honour for making Cameron appealing to the young, hence his timely exit from the X-Factor. Earlier, Barlow also received exemption from Tax Fraud due to their relationship.
  • As previously noted, this Christmas Mr Cameron has just announced at a luxury banquet dinner that he wanted austerity to be permanent.
Unfortunately, due to the onset of the Apathy Virus, many believe that they will be unaffected if they have enough savings to safeguard their future. However, please heed this warning: those savings will remain stagnant and will not rise with rapid inflation, since Mr Cameron's objective is to devalue British currency to a state that our life savings will be worth very little in the future. In other words, if you are looking forward to retiring on all your life investments and savings, their value will decrease significantly over the years, so imagine savings of £100,000 today being worth £5 tomorrow. In the past our paper currency was redeemable against our most valuable asset, Gold. This was once engraved onto our bank notes. The national gold reserves no longer belong to the people, despite it being plundered from any remaining regions who oppose World Government. Our paper currency is valued against our national assets, i.e. exports and national manufacturing industry. Those assets are valued against gold. Since we no longer have any assets, as they are being sold off to international bankers, the only remaining assets are `human resources', hence David Cameron's urgency to incrementally implement slavery to include all. The term `human resources',  is one that we barely pause to think about, since it has been applied incrementally so that we would be oblivious to it. Other terms include, "Career `Minded' Professional" appearing in job advertisements, to eliminate the "human" aspect of our existence. Few of us are aware that the reason why we are referred to as `resources' is because from the moment we are born, we are submitted to the stock market, via our Birth Certificates. The red number imprinted on the certificate indicates our value, which we can obtain if we present it to our local bank, who can inform us how much we are individually worth on the stock exchange.

Earlier, I mentioned venture capitalist, Adrian Beecroft, founder of As well as David Cameron's promises to the arms industry, he also assured Beecroft that he could guarantee more profits for him by getting as many people as possible into debt, forcing them to borrow from the pre-planned, hence the abolition of the welfare state and the NHS. The more people borrow, the more generated profits through interest.

Finally, it is worth noting that David Cameron was mentored during his time at Oxford by Nathan Rothschild. Both were members of the Bullingdon Club, the UK equivalent of the U.S. Yale University, occult Skull & Bones (a.k.a. The Order of Death, Knights of Eulogia).

For those of you who would dismiss this article due religious connotations or otherwise, you are among those who insist that they are not controlled, yet are oblivious to your contradictions. Dismissing the existence of Evil does not make it go away. Giving it another name or socially acceptable identifier only welcomes it. An acceptable level of malevolence grows incrementally.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Did David Cameron order the murder of UK doctor Abbas Khan and should we be surprised?

Abbas Khan
We should not be surprised to learn later on that David Cameron had Dr Abbas Khan murdered by UK special forces known to have been operating in Syria and throughout the middle east region since 2010, when the so-called Arab Spring began. Their presence is among the accumulation of established coincidences when Mr Cameron's friends in the arms industry imposed him as UK Prime Minister and whom we witnessed accompanying him on arms sales tours throughout the region. It is important that we must not forget how the Liam Fox scandal exposed Cameron's `selection' for power. We already know how furious he was when he was opposed and defeated in the House of Commons for UK military intervention in Syria after the alleged chemical weapons atrocities, which incidentally Cameron has sold abroad. He has a renowned record in arms sales. It is already known that he ordered British forces to slaughter civilians including children in Sirte, Libya so that he could blame Gaddafi. He rebuked his generals for expressing their concern and reluctance, telling them, "You do your job. Leave the talking to me". The list of atrocities David Cameron has committed is endless. Unfortunately, the full extent may not be publicly revealed until long after he has gone and his record for suppressing the truth and fabricating deception is overtly known. The only reason we don't hear about it is due to bullying and threats to the media, The Guardian and Telegraph being just some examples of his ruthless witch-hunt. Therefore, given the depths of depravity that David Cameron is prepared to stoop to, it should come as no surprise that he will exploit the murder of Dr Khan to justify military intervention in Syria, since vindictiveness is among his characteristics. Again, we have previously witnessed that he has established a  record for sadistic exploitation. Remember, these people make no secret of their utter repulsion and disdain for Human Rights and their determination to create opportunities and secure the abolition Human Rights Act.

David Cameron, Dr Death
Killers in Government
However, any direct role of the British Government in the death the of Dr Khan should be treated as speculation, we also must not overlook their record of appalling abandonment of its own citizens abroad. There are too many coincidences that need to be addressed. What can be ascertained is that Dr Khan was a compassionate and committed humanitarian arrested and jailed by Syrian authorities over a year ago and apparently held under extreme conditions with thoughts of suicide, according to his letters to his family. However, he had every reason to more upbeat as plans for his release were underway until his unexpected and uncharacteristic suicide. Despite relentless efforts by the Khan family to get the Foreign Office to listen to it's desperate pleas, it is only now that they take an interest after his death. Why wasn't their campaign public knowledge throughout the past 13 months? We must also question why it has become such a high profile case, receiving full media attention, especially considering that previous cases of Britons in despair abroad received much less attention. Again, it demonstrates the power of former PR man/Spin Doctor, David Cameron and his henchmen, Director of Communications, Craig Oliver and strategist, Lynton Crosby.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Scientists prove God's existence through Science

The existence of God is so beyond human comprehension that we adopt and adapt to the more simple concept of Darwinism and an illogical notion that Man Created God. Such a notion fits perfectly within a more acceptable pattern for our imagination. Yet, those who refute the existence of God are much more readily prepared to accept that mankind is arrogant if we believe that we are the only life form in the universe. Surely, the one thing we can all agree on is that there are things far beyond human imagination and human contemplation. Perhaps when we are dead such things are perfectly natural to us and not so difficult to perceive, since we return to our natural home and far from what has corrupted our system of beliefs upon the earth. Only then will we understand why our deceased loved ones do not wish to visit us upon the earth, since we have forgotten who we were before we were born, hence our adoration and love for the newborn child. How easily we abandon such adoration when the baby becomes an adult. What has changed it to cause such abandonment and neglect? When we see a dead soldier or freedom fighter laying on the battlefield, we forget that what we see is the beautiful infant we once adored. It is the corrupted imperfect earth that has stolen its natural existence and subdued it, buried within our sub- conscience. Our thoughts are only a small vibration measured in cycles. The frequency of a thought is formed through our relationship with time. Time is formed by our relationship with the Sun. Yet, few of us can even imagine an existence without time. Our dreams may last only a few seconds, yet seem to last all night long. Can we imagine if such a pattern were reversed? Our brains only adapt and reconfigure once we open our eyes. It is our relationship with the Sun that governs this, since it oversees our time on earth, which is only for one second in relation to what is beyond it. We cannot perceive the journey of the soul, since what may take millions of light years in travel from one star to another may take only a few seconds for the human soul. Yet, I find myself using terminology to define `time' while its concept is only in relation to our Sun. The life of an 90 year old man/woman is less than a milifraction.