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The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Scientists prove God's existence through Science

The existence of God is so beyond human comprehension that we adopt and adapt to the more simple concept of Darwinism and an illogical notion that Man Created God. Such a notion fits perfectly within a more acceptable pattern for our imagination. Yet, those who refute the existence of God are much more readily prepared to accept that mankind is arrogant if we believe that we are the only life form in the universe. Surely, the one thing we can all agree on is that there are things far beyond human imagination and human contemplation. Perhaps when we are dead such things are perfectly natural to us and not so difficult to perceive, since we return to our natural home and far from what has corrupted our system of beliefs upon the earth. Only then will we understand why our deceased loved ones do not wish to visit us upon the earth, since we have forgotten who we were before we were born, hence our adoration and love for the newborn child. How easily we abandon such adoration when the baby becomes an adult. What has changed it to cause such abandonment and neglect? When we see a dead soldier or freedom fighter laying on the battlefield, we forget that what we see is the beautiful infant we once adored. It is the corrupted imperfect earth that has stolen its natural existence and subdued it, buried within our sub- conscience. Our thoughts are only a small vibration measured in cycles. The frequency of a thought is formed through our relationship with time. Time is formed by our relationship with the Sun. Yet, few of us can even imagine an existence without time. Our dreams may last only a few seconds, yet seem to last all night long. Can we imagine if such a pattern were reversed? Our brains only adapt and reconfigure once we open our eyes. It is our relationship with the Sun that governs this, since it oversees our time on earth, which is only for one second in relation to what is beyond it. We cannot perceive the journey of the soul, since what may take millions of light years in travel from one star to another may take only a few seconds for the human soul. Yet, I find myself using terminology to define `time' while its concept is only in relation to our Sun. The life of an 90 year old man/woman is less than a milifraction.

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