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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Did David Cameron order the murder of UK doctor Abbas Khan and should we be surprised?

Abbas Khan
We should not be surprised to learn later on that David Cameron had Dr Abbas Khan murdered by UK special forces known to have been operating in Syria and throughout the middle east region since 2010, when the so-called Arab Spring began. Their presence is among the accumulation of established coincidences when Mr Cameron's friends in the arms industry imposed him as UK Prime Minister and whom we witnessed accompanying him on arms sales tours throughout the region. It is important that we must not forget how the Liam Fox scandal exposed Cameron's `selection' for power. We already know how furious he was when he was opposed and defeated in the House of Commons for UK military intervention in Syria after the alleged chemical weapons atrocities, which incidentally Cameron has sold abroad. He has a renowned record in arms sales. It is already known that he ordered British forces to slaughter civilians including children in Sirte, Libya so that he could blame Gaddafi. He rebuked his generals for expressing their concern and reluctance, telling them, "You do your job. Leave the talking to me". The list of atrocities David Cameron has committed is endless. Unfortunately, the full extent may not be publicly revealed until long after he has gone and his record for suppressing the truth and fabricating deception is overtly known. The only reason we don't hear about it is due to bullying and threats to the media, The Guardian and Telegraph being just some examples of his ruthless witch-hunt. Therefore, given the depths of depravity that David Cameron is prepared to stoop to, it should come as no surprise that he will exploit the murder of Dr Khan to justify military intervention in Syria, since vindictiveness is among his characteristics. Again, we have previously witnessed that he has established a  record for sadistic exploitation. Remember, these people make no secret of their utter repulsion and disdain for Human Rights and their determination to create opportunities and secure the abolition Human Rights Act.

David Cameron, Dr Death
Killers in Government
However, any direct role of the British Government in the death the of Dr Khan should be treated as speculation, we also must not overlook their record of appalling abandonment of its own citizens abroad. There are too many coincidences that need to be addressed. What can be ascertained is that Dr Khan was a compassionate and committed humanitarian arrested and jailed by Syrian authorities over a year ago and apparently held under extreme conditions with thoughts of suicide, according to his letters to his family. However, he had every reason to more upbeat as plans for his release were underway until his unexpected and uncharacteristic suicide. Despite relentless efforts by the Khan family to get the Foreign Office to listen to it's desperate pleas, it is only now that they take an interest after his death. Why wasn't their campaign public knowledge throughout the past 13 months? We must also question why it has become such a high profile case, receiving full media attention, especially considering that previous cases of Britons in despair abroad received much less attention. Again, it demonstrates the power of former PR man/Spin Doctor, David Cameron and his henchmen, Director of Communications, Craig Oliver and strategist, Lynton Crosby.

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