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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 7 March 2013

UPDATE: 2010 - 2013: Satan's PR Man * Selling Evil * Killing Compassion


If there is one thing that can be said for Evil, it is that it can always be rationalized to convince the people to justify it, almost to the point that it doesn't exist, thereby relieving us of the burden of guilt. The relief from complicity is so intoxicating that we aggressively dismiss any notion of deception. A good PR man can sell an abundance of malevolence and eradicate the competition, such as compassion and conscience.

 2010 - 2013: How have we and the World changed in such a short period?

If you are one of those people who does not live in the UK and think that British politics does not affect you, one thing that you should be made aware of is that this is NOT a political issue. Politics is just an excuse to justify matters done in your name. It is the mask to give you the false impression that you choose your own destiny. This is very much a "Human" crisis.

FACT: The creature above was the one who embarked on a global tour in 2010 to demand that all nations implement ruthless austerity measures. He pressured EU leaders to strangle Greece to the point where Greek citizens in despair were committing suicide in record numbers. Afterwards, he and his colleagues mocked this suffering of the Greek people, just as they previously mocked Cancer sufferers back home. During his tour, he actively promoted and encouraged the rise of Nazi right wing extremism. He makes a point of antagonizing other European partners. He insulted the French, not once but three times and famously fell out with former French leader, Nicolas Sarkozy, the first occasion being in 2009, when Cameron directed a "cruel personal" insult that he and George Osborne are well known for. When Francois Hollande became Frances new leader, Cameron insulted France upon their first meeting. On his recent trade visit to India, it was made clear by the Indian people that he was unwelcome. It was also obvious that India's leader was uncomfortable by David Cameron's presence, perplexed by Cameron's hypocrisy in enticing Indian students to Britain, while demonstrating blatant racism. Cameron later went on to make a speech, but stopped short of apologizing to the people of India for a massacre by British troops during their imperialist occupation of India. In a previous visit, he insulted the people of Pakistan, during devastating floods, which claimed huge casualties and suffering and displaced 20,0000 Pakistani people. His remarks had a huge impact on the lack of charitable aid going to Pakistan.

The list is endless. David Cameron has mocked and criticized other nations for not being tougher on their citizens, even to the point that he addressed the UN, with the aim of killing as many birds with one stone as possible. He and George Osborne have been quietly referred to by other world leaders, as "thoroughly nasty".





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