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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


A Demonstration of the Outrageous Hypocrisy Of The UK Media in Abandoning its Citizens in Despair

 Channel 4 News anchorman, the immature and sycophantic Jon Snow is hard to stomach most of the time. But, this was a blatant insult to injury by the British Media. They turn their backs on and betray the despairing victims of Cameron's Cull. They protect David Cameron by their silence, not only on the fate of Hunger Striker, George Rolph, but by refusing to cover the shocking sex scandal within the Government that could bring down David Cameron. In addition, most disturbingly, they refuse to even acknowledge the disappearance of undercover journalist, Ben Fellows, who it seems exposed a prominent member of the cabinet involved in shocking sex claims.

Apparently, David Cameron called a crisis meeting of the cabinet this past week. All this, and not a word from the mainstream media?????

Courtesy of Planet Infowars

Ben Fellows reporter and former child actor goes missing after Paedophile Unit recording

Ben Fellows  reporter and former  child actor goes missing after
Recently posted Ben Fellows Police Statement Re Kenneth Clarke MP on the Internet

In an article of the 22nd of October, Ben alleges that he was touched inappropriately by none other than arch-Bilderberger and present “Minister Without Portfolio”, Kenneth Clarke. Ben alleges that this incident took place while he was working for the Cook Report, and that he was introduced to Clarke as a 15 year old. In fact he was 18 or so at the time. (Ben Fellows)
Following publication of Ben’s story it was picked up in part by the Daily Express.
What followed was a barrage of emails to the article publisher from Ken Clarke’s “special adviser” Kathryn Laing, who works in the Cabinet Office, vehemently denying that Ken Clarke ever met Ben Fellows, and requiring the removal of Ken Clarke’s name from the articles, and make other changes to the articles.

On Thursday 25th October, UK Column Live spoke with Ben Fellows about his allegations, the people he met and what he witnessed growing up as a child actor.

The shadow opposition party's only exist to give the false illusion that the people have a democracy and that they have a vote, eg. "Divide & Conquer" prevents revolution. I'm working on a lengthy article that will explain it more. Ed Milliband was under instruction to stay quiet in opposition. This is the `real' reason why his brother left UK politics, as he knows whats coming. David Milliband was offered a job in the U.S. I wouldn't be surprised if that came from the U.S. Illuminati branch, the CFR (Council Of Foreign Relations), and that Tony Blair was involved. Part of the Illuminati network, the ultra secret "Bilderberg Group" are at this very moment holding their annual summit in Watford at the Grove Hotel. The mainstream media never cover it, yet it is the "Bilderberg Group" that determines global events each year. Ed Balls has been an attendee. Peter Mandelson and George Osborne attended last year in Switzerland. Kenneth Clarke is a member and regular attendee of this illegal occult cabal. They are there until Friday. If you live nearby, please join the protestors and alternative media at the Grove Hotel.

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