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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Shame on UK Mainstream Media For Failing the Victims of Cameron's Cull

R.I.P. Stephanie Bottrill. Murdered By Government

Remember the name, Stephanie Bottrill.  If we were expecting to hear more on the despair of this poor woman and the rapidly increasing suicides caused by the man known as "The Minister For Manslaughter", Iain Duncan Smith, we were shamefully let down by the British mainstream media, with the occasional exception of Channel 4. Most of the main TV stations barely even mentioned the story during `peak' evening news time, avoiding drawing too much attention to the despair of the most vulnerable and defenseless people throughout the UK. Since May 2010, David Cameron (former PR man/Spin Doctor) has embarked on a vicious, sadistic campaign against the sick, disabled and terminally ill and the most vulnerable victims of the Bankster crisis. He has established a cruel record for ruthlessly "vilifying and mocking" the weak and defenseless, while rewarding his banker friends with huge bonuses, honours and tax avoidance and implementing a "Divide and Conquer" strategy to "scapegoat" the first victims of the recession virus.  Sadly, the subdued Brits have a reputation for being malleable and naive and are completely oblivious to the fact that they are being exploited and manipulated, unaware that they are endorsing their own fate when it reaches them.
Iain Duncan-Smith
The Minister For Manslaughter,
Iain Duncan Smith

The only place that the distressed could have hoped to hear their desperate cry for help was the mainstream media. They have bowed to substituting a British Humanitarian crisis for a political one, thus giving human suffering credibility. Frankly, the British media ought to be bloody ashamed of themselves for abandoning and betraying people crying out in despair. However, since David Cameron lost in his attempt to gain BSkyB for Rupert Murdoch, he has found other ways to control the media. He has exploited every opportunity to blackmail, bully and intimidate them to bend to his will, even to the point of `again' wasting more money spent on the Leveson Inquiry, so that he could arrogantly dismiss its recommendations.

Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls pathetically attempts to rationalize such barbaric cruelty, while his party turned its back on the most vulnerable by sacrificing them to become the target for political debate, resulting in giving evil an acceptable level. Bankers bonuses or the £10,0000 wasted on Margaret Thatchers funeral could have saved this poor woman and so many others. Baroness Thatcher's funeral was stage managed by David Cameron in another one of his familiar demonstrations of utter contempt and twisting the knife into victims to maximize the pain. We can reasonably assume that feigned tears of George Osborne focused on at the funeral, was on the public relations advice of David Cameron, especially when they are tears from someone who has openly expressed disdain for compassion.


What have they done in your name?
David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson and the rest of the Tory `Nasty' Party mocked the people of Greece after a wave of suicides. They mocked and abused Cancer sufferers and Charities in the UK, even to the extent where they attempted to block Charities from receiving charitable donations. They make no secret of their disdain for the Human Rights Act, which they want abolished. They abolished Legal Rights to the poor and most vulnerable to prevent them from defending themselves.  Now, unbeknown to an increasing number of gullible working Brits, they too are victims by their own choosing through endorsing division, which is traditionally designed to prevent revolution. Little do they realise, they are surrendering their own rights, as nobody will hear their cries when it comes to them.....

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  1. In my opinion since Leveson, the press is avoiding upsetting the government for fear of draconian restrictions being placed upon them. My opinion they're keeping their heads down and letting the government do what it likes

  2. So true. I strongly urge you to check out "Common Purpose", exposed by Brian Gerrish. It includes how CP control the media and interfered with the Leveson Inquiry.


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