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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Shameful and Ruthless Hypocrisy and Exploitation by a Paedophile Protector to Enforce Snoopers Charter

How ironic is it that the anti-moralist and renowned Paedophile Protector, David Cameron announces new laws to track down paedophiles over the internet? Of course, the real motivation for this move is to further justify the enforcement of the hated "#snooperscharter" to infringe further on our civil liberties and to impose further Censorship to prevent negative publicity against him and his demonic party. Since the former Spin Doctor, Cameron and master of deception and manipulation has exhaustively used every depraved excuse to abolish the Human Rights Act, all but his corrupt elite friends will be targeted. The outrageously hypocritical soundbites from the #cruel #sadist are already gathering pace as the UK general election approaches in May 2015. We MUST fully expose this cruel b*****ds record on human rights and crimes against humanity and the deplorably unethical and sickening strategies of #lyntoncrosby alongside the relentless vindictive bullying tactics by #craigoliver.

David Cameron, consistent in breaking the record of new lows in iniquitous immorality

#davidcameron has a consistent record for going beyond the level of stooping to new lows to the point of diabolically immoral. However, you won't hear about it since he has suppressed it through the mainstream media, which included sending his bully boys to raid the offices of The Guardian newspaper. This abomination has even sought to redefine and corrupt the very use of humanitarian terms such as, "Morality" and further soiled the definition of "Ethics" to reinvent them for his depraved sadistic pleasure by gloating over its endorsement from a malleable British public who buy into his incremental alienation of every section of British society. For example, who can forget how the master of deception exploited the Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow tax avoidance scandal, calling tax avoidance "Morally" wrong. This from a man that has cruelly and viciously ripped out the hearts of the most vulnerable victims of a global recession brought about by his greedy "Banker" friends, whom he protects from being exposed and jailed. Given the evidence to date, no matter what your political or religious allegiances are, who could humanly deny that it is akin to a jackboot on the throat of a dying toddler, demanding that it dies slowly and painfully. It was David Cameron who adopted the "Let Them Drown Policy" for desperate refugees fleeing from his imposed wars and instability in oil and natural resource rich regions. Channel 4 News recently quoted the term in one of its Unreported World reports on the plight of refugees, but was undoubtedly ordered to omit the source of the term. It was almost as if they expected us to be familiar with the term, yet it was one of Lynton Crosby and Craig Oliver's PR tactics to make us unwittingly accept it as an endorsement, thereby making us complicit. The British public MUST be made fully aware that David Cameron is a former PR man.

Since "Evil" is defined as something that turns all that is good in the world into something so vile and rancid, then David Cameron is the perfect epitome of Evil and the closest thing we have to (dare I say it) an AntiChrist. In the short period of four years, he has brought about the worst divisions our society has ever seen. He has relentlessly destroyed "Compassion" in society, convincing a vast part of the population to believe that we are better off without compassion; that "profit is a good thing" (2013 Conference speech); that "privilege should be for the few" (2012 Conference speech); that "he wants austerity to be Permanent" (2014 New Years banquet speech). The list is endless. However, you won't remember them since his Director of Communications, #CraigOliver has bullied and threatened the media. Cameron has even introduced the "Gagging Law" to prevent charities from campaigning on behalf of his victims.

The masterful art of deception

It is up to the UK public to make themselves untouchable by David Cameron's suppression of information and to utilize what little freedoms we have left, despite Cameron's vindictive attempts to impose censorship on social media sites, sickeningly exploiting child sex abuse as an excuse to do so. David Cameron sold your private details to the NSA for $150,0000. Now, he wants to sell taxpayers' financial data. In 2013 he gave an additional £210m investment to GCHQ, making £860m of sustained government funding. However, since this obviously proves that austerity imposed upon the public is nothing more than Cameron's demented and perverse contempt for the people, nobody will even be aware of it, since it will be prevented from reaching the airwaves. We owe it to ourselves to turn off the TV news and to educate others and share this warning, especially since #DavidCameron intends to rig the 2015 general election, just as it has already been established in previous articles that his 2010 was rigged. This is our only and final opportunity to alert as many people as possible. A terrible chastisement is coming soon to those oblivious to the `Apathy Virus', which this blog was set up to warn of. There are those yet untouched by David Cameron's human carnage, so they remain ignorant and indifferent. However, their indifference has made them blind that he is running short on victims and by their apathy they are complicit in the suffering of many and thus have unwittingly condemned themselves. The urgency for the people to wake up cannot be stressed enough.

Austerity, socio-economic entropy and being conservative with the truth

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