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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 27 December 2014


In the usual Christmas tradition, David Cameron and his ever sadistic Tory Party announce misery for others. Last year, David Cameron announced at a New Year banquet that he wants "Austerity to be Permanent". In 2012 he announced cuts to Solar Energy because it provided a cheaper alternative for everybody and presented a threat to the profits of greedy energy companies. Cameron had appointed his friend, `Sir' Roger Carr, as boss of British Gas and rewarded him with a New Year Knighthood for hiking up energy prices. Cameron demanded that Solar Spirit sack its new employees 2 weeks before Christmas. As a result the proprietor of Solar Spirit, Erica Robb angrily confronted him at a business conference. In 2011, a week before Christmas he announced in the House of Commons that he planned to cut the salaries of serving military in Afghanistan. You, the public won't get to hear any of this, since he has imposed a law, called "The Gagging Law", which prevents charities from campaigning to save his victims. That includes coverage by the media. The charities include the 50 Cancer charities, including McMillan whom he and his chancellor, George Osborne cruelly mocked and laughed at during an impassioned plea on their behalf by opposition leader Ed Milliband in Parliament. 
Will this vile specimen now be rewarded by appearing on Cameron's New Year's Honours list?
If you care, make 2015 your promise to do what the mainstream media fails and is prevented from doing. Defy Cameron's vicious Gagging Law and spread the word beyond social media to remove this vile, depraved arms dealing, corrupt, paedophile protecting excuse for a human. It is NOT a matter of politics. It is entirely a humanitarian issue and if we fail to expose Cameron's crimes against humanity and a repeat of his intention to rig the 2015 general election, we will be complicit in the humanitarian crisis that will follow.


It is only since David Cameron came to power that we first heard nasty personal insults coming from one politician to another in the House of Commons. It is irrelevant what our opinions might be of Milliband, Clegg or any of them. The renowned anti-moralist, David Cameron has set a benchmark on how low he is prepared to go in defiance of ethics.

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