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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Is there a connection between 5G and Coronavirus?

Is there a Hidden Agenda?

I was recently in contact with a colleague who was made aware of my investigative research and the Apathy Kills blog. A couple of years ago he alerted me to 5g technology. At the time I didn't show much interest because I was already trying to generate awareness that something major was going to happen on a global scale, which was the purpose of setting up this blog. In addition, I simply didn't know enough about 5G. He sent me the following information. 

Despite the efforts of YouTube to remove this video, it has been widely shared online. I will not commit myself to writing an article until further investigation and definitive evidence. 

In my efforts to find reliable expert information that challenges any connection between 5G and Coronavirus, I came across this Fact Check site, in the hope of finally putting an end to the 5G/Coronavirus relationship. However, as you can see from the comments on their page, I was to be disappointed. As the purpose of this blog is to gather balanced objective information, I came across another Fact Check site, entitled Lead Stories. This raised my hopes as their article was written by an award winning journalist. However, yet again I was to be disappointed and admittedly, it was only after my confrontation with them that I noticed their rather subjective, narrow-minded tagline, "Debunking fake news as it happens". Upon challenging them and their alleged `award winning journalist', Alexis Tereszcuk, they responded to my email, which I subsequently replied to. I have not heard anything more from them since. You can follow the thread on the Apathy Kills Facebook page , although it has to be said that due to YouTube and Facebook censorship, any content relating to this issue may be removed.

and here:
You will already find previous articles throughout this blog relating to the issue of controlled frequencies on the mind and climate change. 

Dr. Thomas Cowan

While the information presented in these videos may be compelling, I would be grateful for any further substantial evidence that either proves or disproves any connection between 5G and Coronavirus. However, if you are already familiar with this blog, any information from the Tavistock Institute controlled mainstream media will be immediately dismissed. Please refer to all articles on 1917.

As a result of the Coronavirus, the world will undoubtedly change as soon as we emerge from the crisis. One main concern that `all' of us MUST beware of is a "cashless society". This has profound, potentially disturbing consequences which have been written about throughout this blog. Those familiar with the articles herein will be already be aware of what this refers to.