Friday, 23 October 2015

Apathy Kills Film - 11 May 2010: The assault on our very souls begins, our ability for compassion gradually eroded through an epitome of malevolence

In the UK on 11 May 2010, a diabolic precedent was set in motion, oblivious to the masses who were to become so incrementally docile and critically infected by a most malleable, malevolent and esoteric virus, "Apathy". It was delivered from a manifesto and agenda of absolute compassion fatigue, upon which a rationale and justification of mass extermination could be reached. And yet still, many remain unconvinced or are in systemic denial, while their measure of pain is negotiated within the covens of global cabals, as these sociopaths distribute and devour every earthly resource at the UN dining table. Only our recognition and recall of our natural capacity for overwhelming selfless love and compassion can save us, since this was our natural state from where we came. Such unfathomable love cannot be contemplated in a corrupted state. - Glenn Gordon

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"Silence Is Consent!"

"How many more atrocities are you prepared to permit in your name? The more you allow by saying nothing, the closer to home they will come to you. By then you will have already sacrificed your right to protest. By then, your human rights have incrementally become a privilege granted by Government, self ordained as God. Now, take a good look around you in 2013. Reminiscence and reflection of yesterday may be a luxury today. Reflect on that thought in 30 years. Damning and Throwing stones at the Truth today only bruises it. It does not make it go away. Denial is the first stage of submission, written on the slow motion epitaph of human carnage". - G. Gordon

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

The only thing that costs nothing is Love

Such a beautiful moment. The curious were wondering what all the fuss was about when they saw the crowd gathered in the street. After the cameras had gone, some approached the man and gave him money too. Some who happened to be passing by may even have returned to him. Yet, it took a group of anonymous individuals to embrace their own humanity and inspire others. Why wait for inspiration when you can be the inspiration? What is it that prevents us from going up to that homeless person on the street and just giving them a moment of our time or even to sit down and listen to their story? Is it the fear and embarrassment of being seen wasting our precious time on such a low life? We are so quick to judge, yet we have just met the most important person of our entire lives and if we believe in God, it is the closest to him we have ever been. Even a momentary gentle smile to a stranger can brighten their day and turn their private tears of despair, trauma and fear into tears of peace, joy and hope. We are each more wealthy than we realise, since the gift of love is something we can take with us when we're dead and leave with someone forever, and all it takes is a second of our time. Afterwards, we can return to being the career `minded' professional in front of the early evening TV dinner and daily soap opera.

Friday, 10 July 2015

#Indifference II

If we do not stop our indifference towards Tory radical moral decline `today', child sex abuse will be perfectly legal by 2020. It is already viewed as an unfortunate but acceptable symptom of modern society in 2015 and the British public have already forgotten how they have changed in just five years. When we start debating it, all we are doing is looking for excuses to rationalise and incrementally justify the diabolical, and not once does anyone stop to ask, "If this is what they have turned us into in such a short period, what kind of an abomination have we made out the next generation?" However, when we are not prepared to envisage what our society will be like 50 years from now, why should we care, since we won't be around?"

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Money Changes People

Money doesn't change people. It unmasks them, and when it does, rather than admit to it, they'll defend it to the point where they'll abandon and even sacrifice their own friends and family. So, when they ask me if I would want to be a millionaire and I answer, `no', they say, "Don't be ridiculous. Everybody wants to be a millionaire". So, I say to them, "When I tell you that I don't want to be like everybody, you'll call me weird or a loner or every possible rebuke that isolates me, yet your blindness has caused your failure to notice that I am much wealthier than everybody".
- Glenn Gordon

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thoughts on Religious and Racial Freedom

Religious and racial freedom is not only a matter of accepting others. It is a matter of seizing the opportunity of exploring how others celebrate love and compassion, the only thing that defines us all as human. Today, we call this `life'. Don't wait until you are on your deathbed before you regret not exploring it, for there is a reason why someone once quoted that `Life is too short".
- GG

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Offer: 1776 - 2010

You cannot make a deal with the devil and expect him not to collect, because somewhere along the ancestral bloodline the debt remains unpaid. The most powerful people in the world today recognise that their ancestors made this pact. They also understand that the devil does not deal with flesh and bone, but the eternal soul, which travels through the generations. Anyone born into such a wealthy inheritance will not simply abandon it to save their soul, because temptation is insatiable to them. Once they realise that earthly material gain has its limits and that the body and mind can only last a life time, their only salvation is to pay their debt in human sacrifice. The modern version of this is not upon ceremonial alters, but in war, poverty and all manner of human suffering. However, being human has its weakness in not understanding eternity. As Satan himself said, "Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven", so shall the elite say, "Better to rule in hell than to serve on earth", therefore create hell on earth where they can rule. When Satan tempted Christ in the wilderness, Christ rejected him. However, he knew that the flesh was weak and presented the offer to other men, who were oblivious that it had been offered to their neighbour.

This is why we must recognise certain patterns in history and deal with the obstacles set against us. Messages are written for those who remember and forfeit all that life takes for granted. If a man is lonely, it is because he recognizes his time is short, even though he lives a thousand years in a world served only by the sun. His incompatibility with human love can only be truly understood when he is gone and returns to his natural place of infinite selfless love and compassion, but his spirit remains on earth to comfort the inconsolable.