Friday, 23 October 2015

Apathy Kills Film - 11 May 2010: The assault on our very souls begins, our ability for compassion gradually eroded through an epitome of malevolence

In the UK on 11 May 2010, a diabolic precedent was set in motion, oblivious to the masses who were to become so incrementally docile and critically infected by a most malleable, malevolent and esoteric virus, "Apathy". It was delivered from a manifesto and agenda of absolute compassion fatigue, upon which a rationale and justification of mass extermination could be reached. And yet still, many remain unconvinced or are in systemic denial, while their measure of pain is negotiated within the covens of global cabals, as these sociopaths distribute and devour every earthly resource at the UN dining table. Only our recognition and recall of our natural capacity for overwhelming selfless love and compassion can save us, since this was our natural state from where we came. Such unfathomable love cannot be contemplated in a corrupted state. - Glenn Gordon

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"Silence Is Consent!"

"How many more atrocities are you prepared to permit in your name? The more you allow by saying nothing, the closer to home they will come to you. By then you will have already sacrificed your right to protest. By then, your human rights have incrementally become a privilege granted by Government, self ordained as God. Now, take a good look around you in 2013. Reminiscence and reflection of yesterday may be a luxury today. Reflect on that thought in 30 years. Damning and Throwing stones at the Truth today only bruises it. It does not make it go away. Denial is the first stage of submission, written on the slow motion epitaph of human carnage". - G. Gordon

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The consequences of generational abandonment

When we allow children to suffer, we are prepared to sacrifice anything in order to protect everything we take for granted and we allow the government controlled media to justify it in our name. In 2015 we call this collective decision `politics', therefore it is acceptable. When we reach the age of enlightenment, then the only sacrifice should be ourselves. Let them make vagrants of us all, but do not let them divide us, for even now we debate among the dead and it is a spiritual war that we must embrace for that which is human may be lost.

Those in denial who fail to understand and who rely on the technology of the human assembly line, will eventually be forced to see their own hideous reflection and suffer for what they see by their own false prophecy.


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Alternative Being (short film)

This is a poem generated from a story I am writing about a fallen angel, condemned to a human existence, unable to receive human love because his love is heavenly, despite being forever trapped in human form sine the war in heaven. He was trapped on earth after pursuing those who rebelled against God. He slayed and beheaded those that had become malformed, laying waste to many demons. However, in his vengeful pursuit, he allowed himself to become angry, which was a corrupted human virtue, therefore he could not return to heaven unclean. Throughout the generations of human existence, he inhabited the human body. Nobody knew of him. In human form throughout history, he searched for something, but never knowing what it was. However, the clue was in his earthly pain. It was unbearable for him to feel helpless to comfort the inconsolable. He was overwhelmed and traumatized by his yearning to give compassion, but restricted and weak in human form. Even he did not know his true identity. He did not understand why no human could love him and that it was because he was of heavenly love. Unknown to his corrupted human mind, his spirit had traveled throughout the earth, finding those distressed, in despair, frightened and traumatized. He heard the cries and their prayers and went to them, embracing them with the loving comfort only he knew. Saturated pillows of tears, with reddened eyes and stinging cheeks from tormented pain and suffering were turned to tears of peace, joy and happiness. He took the souls of those lives ended in despair and comforted them, guiding them to their next journey. When he woke from consciousness, he would never recall that his spirit had left him to pursue its natural instinct. Nor could any human look upon him for his beauty and radiant light of God.....   But, his journey of discovery continues today.........


Friday, 8 May 2015

As predicted, UK ELECTION RIGGED as antichrist takes power and mass human suffering is expected

If the UK public fail to march on parliament in protest of a rigged election, they abandon all hope and endorsed an antichrist.

Suicides among the vulnerable are to be expected to increase rapidly as the friend of war, pedophiles, the corrupt and greedy rich is placed in power again. Now, watch as the UK media stays silent on a rigged election.

Charlotte Church 'lost faith in humanity' following Conservative General Election win

ALERT: "Why did Kate Middleton look so fantastic after royal birth and `Why' did it so masterly coincide with the Master of Coincidence, DAVID CAMERON being placed on the throne....?

.....In defiance of nature, another royal parasite is born to a seemingly perfect species? By `coincidence', in view of a rigged general election. Most mothers are usually released from hospital long after giving birth and are exhausted. "Where are the `usually media publicized' royal photos of a "pregnant' royal mother?". Sorry if I appear to be a `conspiracy theorist', but this just aint f**king natural!!!!!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Council on Foreign Relations runs United States for Britain via Royal Institute of International Affairs

Council on Foreign Relations runs United States for Britain via Royal Institute of International Affairs

Draft: Social Engineering and Conditioning the Masses

All over the UK people are reading opinion polls about the outcome of the UK general election. Yet, there is absolutely no evidence of anyone ever being approached or consulted by any of the alleged pollsters. This is because all aspects of global media operate from a central command whose function is entirely to distract the public from the truth. This organisation is known as the Tavistock Institute, based in London. It provides spin doctors and advisers to politicians, bankers, media, educational establishments etc to control public perception. The British Royal family are little more than tools of this occult masonic organisation. David Cameron was groomed by the Tavistock Institute from an early age, which is why nobody knows anything about his personal life, otherwise they would be horrified. The Tavistock Institute is co-ordinated by The Royal Institute of International Affairs: The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is described by the media as a `think tank', a term which a subdued public attaches any significance or relevance to, just as they do to pedophilia, a term incrementally introduced so that the masses would eventually become accustomed to it.

(To be continued.....)