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Apathy Kills Film - 11 May 2010: The assault on our very souls begins, our ability for compassion gradually eroded through an epitome of malevolence

In the UK on 11 May 2010, a diabolic precedent was set in motion, oblivious to the masses who were to become so incrementally docile and critically infected by a most malleable, malevolent and esoteric virus, "Apathy". It was delivered from a manifesto and agenda of absolute compassion fatigue, upon which a rationale and justification of mass extermination could be reached. And yet still, many remain unconvinced or are in systemic denial, while their measure of pain is negotiated within the covens of global cabals, as these sociopaths distribute and devour every earthly resource at the UN dining table. Only our recognition and recall of our natural capacity for overwhelming selfless love and compassion can save us, since this was our natural state from where we came. Such unfathomable love cannot be contemplated in a corrupted state. - Glenn Gordon

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"Silence Is Consent!"

"How many more atrocities are you prepared to permit in your name? The more you allow by saying nothing, the closer to home they will come to you. By then you will have already sacrificed your right to protest. By then, your human rights have incrementally become a privilege granted by Government, self ordained as God. Now, take a good look around you in 2013. Reminiscence and reflection of yesterday may be a luxury today. Reflect on that thought in 30 years. Damning and Throwing stones at the Truth today only bruises it. It does not make it go away. Denial is the first stage of submission, written on the slow motion epitaph of human carnage". - G. Gordon

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Sunday, 6 April 2014


My good friend, Kevin Galalae has just sent me this video. Kevin has already made a brave sacrifice and is willing to make another for us all and our children's futures. We owe it to Kevin to show him our support for his courage and strength of spirit. What he has already been through and is doing is not just a matter of principle, but much more. It is an incredible sacrifice for the freedom and will of the human spirit....

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

David Cameron's Corrupt & Pedophile Friends in High Places

David Cameron's record of Coverups, Falsified Figures, Threats, Deceit & Lies

Paedophiles in high placesDavid Cameron's paedophilesDavid Cameron `claimed' he was "Profoundly shocked" over the revelation that one of his top aides faces paedophile charges, implying that he was, yet again `unaware'. This is from a man who has spent the past five years demonstrating a savage lust for destroying the moral fabric of society and eradicating compassion from it. As well as Mr Cameron having secured a place in history for sadistic cruelty, he has also secured a nasty reputation for avoiding trouble, mostly through bullying and acting on the advice of his closest aides, henchmen Craig Oliver and Lynton Crosby, whom he relies upon to cover-up for him, no matter what the cost, including betraying and sacrificing others. This is recognizable by Cameron's familiar consistency of always "Blaming someone else", "Pretending he didn't know" while "Fabricating, manipulating, exploitating, and cold-heartedly denying and dismissing facts and figures that provide irrefutable evidence". Those who speak out are silenced or their reputations destroyed, preventing them from telling their story. Even the mainstream media is forced to quote falsified unemployment figures and other false statistics to create an artificial illusion that the British economy is growing again. It is the editors job to ensure their journalists do not challenge the lie being sold to the public. Has anyone been recording what happens to those who cross the notoriously vindictive David Cameron or must we wait for history to disclose some shocking revelations in declassified documents, by which time we will all be complicit due to our indifference and judged accordingly by future generations? With all the resources at his disposal, does Mr Cameron really have so much contempt for the people that he believes they are so dumb to believe that his vetting procedures failed him. He also claimed that he was unaware of the activities of his former Director of Communications, Andy Coulson in the phone hacking scandal, yet not long after Coulson's departure and relative `convenient' media obscurity, Cameron himself began implementing radical procedures for GCHQ and the intelligence services to spy on every UK citizen in his beloved Snooping Charter, committing a huge amount of funding from money we allegedly do not have to this aim. In addition, the enormously hypocritical and radically immoral Cameron sold your private email and social media details to the U.S. NSA (National Security Agency) for a staggering substantial profit of $150,0000. As previously mentioned, Andy Coulson's replacement, Craig Oliver habitually bullies and threatens the press and media into NOT publicizing unfavourable news about David Cameron and his Nasty Party. This has recently expanded to `yet again' targeting charities in what has become known as the Gagging Law, which prevents charities from appealing for the aid that Cameron has cruelly revoked. At this point it is worth remembering the shocking display of Cameron and George Osborn mocking impassioned pleas for clemency on Cancer sufferers in the House of Commons, followed up by a ruthless vilification of Cancer charity The McMillan Trust. David Cameron refuses to discuss the activities of his strategist, Lynton Crosby, most notably demonstrated during his TV interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr, when he told Mr Marr that "he refuses to discuss the subject of Mr Crosby". He attempts to control every TV interview.  

Tory Nazi's
David Cameron also claimed that he was unaware of his Party's affiliation with Nazi's and other right wing extremist groups, including the activities of Aidan Burley who was recorded at a party, dressed in a Nazi SS uniform, chanting Nazi and racist slogans and performing the Hitler salute along with his cheering fellow Bullingdon Club friends and Conservative Party members.

Victims of Nazi Britain
Then, in yet another outrageous and blatantly overt demonstrations of downright hypocrisy and contradiction, Cameron put vans onto UK streets displaying posters telling immigrants to go home or face jail, something last seen in Nazi Germany during the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Known for his ruthless exploitation, Cameron famously exploited the illness and subsequent death of his own child for his 2010 election campaign. David Cameron's own father and deceased child were disabled, yet he has taken every opportunity to viciously persecute, vilify and scapegoat the sick, disabled and terminally ill, and as demonstrated, cruelly attacking charities while they appeal for mercy. And, as if that weren't enough, his sidekick, George Osborn decided to wade in by attempting to introduce a Tax on charitable donations.  

David Cameron's children
Cameron's sadistic child abuse went national by implementing a mass child poverty crisis throughout the UK, where sympathetic teachers resorted to bringing an extra lunchpack to schools to feed hungry children. However, in their familiar customary fashion, the Tories (a.k.a. Conservatives) sickeningly blame the parents. Parents who were put out of work by Cameron and dubbed scroungers by Evil George for seeking Government aid. David Cameron is the man who took the `Care' out of Healthcare and replaced it with `Profit'. As a result and integral to "Cameron's Blame strategy", the NHS is now commonly being referred to as cruel and uncaring, while those entering the `care' profession are so dispirited and disillusioned that they can no longer be motivation by a strong sense of compassion. The overall aim is to make the NHS so utterly nonfunctional and reviled that its sale to Banking Terrorists, Goldman Sachs can be rationalized and justified in the eyes of the public. Today, doctors and consultants are forced to tell patients that they cost the NHS too much money and are being sent away. A scheme diabolically named, Pathways to Death was implemented by `eugenicist', David Cameron, so that patients considered not worth treating or who could not afford to pay for treatment were sent home to die. Hospital death rates alarmingly increased as revealed in the Mid Staffordshire Hospital scandal and the Morecambe Bay Hospital scandal, while many more are going unreported due to Cameron's policy of silencing whistle-blowers and his thug, Craig Oliver threatening the media or anyone else who dares to investigate further. In addition, let us not forget that the terminally ill who do not die quick enough are being subjected to cruel interrogations and tests for their entitlement to Government welfare benefits for being unable, or as more recently termed `unfit' to work. 
David Cameron's hate propagandaAt the time, this ought to have sent out shock-waves of the barbaric unethical immorality to come, but even that memory has disappeared from public attention.

In addition to exploiting the illness and death of his own child, how can we forget how Mr Cameron casually left behind another one of his children in a pub?

Ask yourself this question without the influence of any conditioned or socially engineered rational response, "Does this sound like a man who has any morals at all and who gives a damn about having Child Abusers, Paedophiles and Satanists in his own party or as friends?" Now, watch the mainstream media for distractions and deviations from this particular story and how any incriminating revelations against David Cameron quickly gets buried without ever being mentioned again.

David Cameron, The Convenient Hypocrite
The Convenient HypocriteThis cold, calculating abomination has demonstrated a determination to break the will of the human spirit. He is at this very moment planning to rig the 2015 General Election, and he is relying on your apathy to do it, due to having already broken the will of a fatigued public. To say that Britain has suffered a moral decline since 2010 would be an gross understatement. Cameron, in his familiar gloating smugness and arrogance even mocks us by having the audacity to talk about `morals'. He openly admits his disdain and determination to abolish the "Human Rights Act" under the pretense of terrorism. Things once considered grossly unethical and morally reprehensible yesterday, resulting in social outrage, have become accepted as an unfortunate symptom of modern society today. For years we have accepted a myth that public figures and the elite are fine, upstanding, respectable and moralistic icons, who are too infallible to even consider compromising ethics. However, we have been oblivious to the fact that the boundaries of our moral acceptance has been incrementally expanding to the obscene. The sexual abuse of children by another human being would have caused a national outcry and verged on civil instability.  Frighteningly, today it is viewed as an unfortunate but acceptable sign of the times. How did we get to this?  Indifference is how.  The silent Apathy Virus has been socially programmed into us, making us all complicit in the barbaric atrocities of the elite. Very little was mentioned throughout the mainstream media about David Cameron ordering the bombardment of Sirte, Libya, butchering and slaughtering children and civilians in his depraved determination to capture Gaddafi and blame him for the atrocities. Blame is what the former Spin Doctor does best. Very little is mentioned throughout the mainstream media about the rapid increase in child poverty (a.k.a. Child abuse) throughout the UK since 2010. Very little is mentioned throughout the mainstream media about the rapid increase in suicides in the UK since 2010. As already mentioned, if anyone dares raise such subjects, they are immediately set upon by Cameron's thugs, Craig Oliver and Lynton Crosby, who either threaten them or invent and circulate some defamatory story to discredit them. Press passes are withdrawn from dissenting journalists preventing them from access to cover news stories, while their editors are forced to replace them with someone who will tow the line. Facts and Figures, statistics and analysis are fabricated and tampered with, or the Government routinely just deny the evidence that does manage to slip through before being swept under the carpet. There are people who are no longer around today due to having got on the wrong side of David Cameron.

David Cameron, child abuserPlease do not think for one moment that just because you are not a UK citizen that you may be immune to the Barbaric Sadism of David Cameron. As explained in a previous article, just as Cameron toured the middle east to exploit the suffering of the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria to sell weapons, he also toured the international stage to promote enforcing global austerity. At a luxury 2013 Christmas banquet David Cameron announced that he wants austerity to be permanent. It was Cameron who pushed for sanctions on Greece and Cyprus and orchestrated the rise of right wing extremism in Greece to scapegoat foreigners to cover his tracks. This was to be his dummy run experiment to ferment right wing extremism and further division in the UK later.

Something can be done to stop this diabolic monster. Please beware of `Apathy' and compassion fatigue. Apathy is a virus that is unseen or unnoticed and is incrementally induced through conditioning and social engineering. Make everyone aware that David Cameron is planning to rig the 2015 UK General Election, with the aid of his wealthy and elite friends, just as he did with the 2010 election as exposed by the Liam Fox scandal, now conveniently blacked out by the mainstream media. Spread the word throughout all forms of social media. Don't just share with like-minded people or on one social network, as that just limits and contains the information. Print flyers or post notices as widely as possible. 

Please Do Not Submit to `Apathy'
Spread the word and Don't let it stop. Together, we can bring these bastards down.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

DMT, The Spirit Molecule

Dimethyltryptamine was adapted by the CIA for human mind control experiments during the their LSD phase, which led the MK Ultra project. I believe that the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment (a.k.a. Project Rainbow) on the USS Eldridge led to further developments in paranormal research by the U.S. Government. This was further developed by Operation Paperclip, a top secret project which involved relocating Nazi Scientists to the U.S. after WWII to work for them before the Soviets could reach them first. Although, there is evidence that the Philadelphia Experiment was a hoax perpetrated by Carlos Allende, who allegedly served on The Eldridge, U.S. Naval Intelligence also embarked on strenuous efforts to spread disinformation, especially since some of the scientists who worked on Project Rainbow were later reassigned to work on The Rosewell Incident in 1947. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is not a drug, as such, but a molecule extracted from the pineal gland, located in the centre of brain of a human cadaver. It has been linked to Near Death Experiences and other related subconscious brain activity and mystical experiences, earning it the nickname, "The Spirit Molecule". However, CIA experiments had disturbing consequences that went beyond their control, as injecting subjects with DMT resulted in profound psychological effects, which can only be described as acting as a spiritual antenna, attracting inter-dimensional activity, including either alien or demonic/angelic interaction which provided awareness and access to our plane of existence. In other words Dimethyltryptamine acts as a receiver in the brain, sending out messages. Most subjects were left severely traumatized. We are already immersed in extremely low frequencies (ELF) and our brains emit electrical pulses. Every thought we have is an energy measured in cycles, approximately 14 cycles per second. We take such signals for granted everyday, without realizing it, as we were born with a natural sixth sense that goes beyond our conventional understanding of communication and interaction, which is manipulated into a human assembly line from the moment we are born.
MK Ultra

The Illuminati are known to enjoy flaunting their achievements through Hollywood in an effort to deflect attention by portraying their activities as too fantastic to be believed, thus reducing the audience perception by viewing them as nothing more than far fetched entertainment. Examples include those fictionalized movies such as `The Matrix', the `Aliens' franchise and `The Fourth Kind', the latter of which is a blatantly overt demonstration of DMT trauma. Although, FBI investigations into the real events of Nome, Alaska concluded that it was nothing more than several people disappearing due to high levels of alcohol intake due to the isolation of the area, which admittedly is not uncommon, although convenient. However, it is interesting that the subject of the film is real, characterizing the trauma of Dimethyltryptamine research victims. I also believe that the motivation behind Obama changing his mind over closing Guantanamo Bay is due to being persuaded that detainees provided a rich source for inhumane experiments.

In previous articles, I have presented the theory that ghosts, aliens, angels and demons reside, not in a world beyond the physical earth, but in a parallel dimension as inter-dimensional beings. It included the possibility of conflict within such a dimension, involving dark energy and that our troubles in the physical world are a result of the debri from such a spiritual war. It is a dimension that has no concept of time, since `time' is only relative to our existence, based on our relationship with the sun, which is trivial in an alternate dimension, since human existence to them may only represent a fraction in our perception of time. Perhaps they see us as of no consequence, since we remain primitive in the much larger scheme, immaturely and arrogantly pursuing `knowledge' which may be beyond our comprehension, which is irrelevant in another realm where it is taken for granted and its pursuit deemed illogical. Since we cannot even contemplate such things, it is a clear indication that limitations have been applied. This helps explain why children and animals are sensitive to tuning into energies around us, since their view of the world has not yet been fully corrupted. We ought to remember that our children only develop to adapt to `our world' and we condition them to survive in it in accordance to our material needs. Their natural instinct to develop a sixth sense and beyond has been severely restricted and domesticated to distract them from their true potential and capabilities, while every conditioned effort is made to prevent them from exploring their souls before corruption takes hold. The harvesting of human souls is much more effortless if we don't believe that the soul exists.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Weather Modification. The Evidence

In a socially engineered divided society, many people don't like to hear the term, "Sheeple" being applied to them. However, in our despair, we must escalate our efforts to make them listen for the sake of humanity. For instance, few are even aware of the global intensity of our climate in recent years, or to be precise, since 9/11. Many have been utterly oblivious to how our world has changed since then, relating it only to increased security, regional instability and alleged terrorist threats.

Mass mind control has been the aspiration of the global elite since the age of Darwinism, which gave birth to the Eugenics Movement. Those who are aware of my work will already know that I have followed the familiar patterns of what some refer to as the Illuminati throughout identifiable periods in our history. However, since they seized control of the media in 1917, it is difficult for many today to imagine the extent of our conditioned distractions.

The reason for focusing on our ignorance is integral to the "Apathy Kills" project. We have failed to notice the dramatic increase in environmental instability in recent years. To say that we just take the weather for granted is a testament to our own social conditioning and raises the frightening question on just how far are we prepared to let the bar be raised? When the extreme weather conditions reaches our own shores, it is only then that we selfishly take notice, and even then have a fleeting sympathy for those most affected. When it does reach us, do we really deserve any meaningful sympathy in return? This is not a reference to the abandonment of the people of Hiati, Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines and other regions devastated by extreme climatic conditions. It is a reference to the price we may well pay for our apathy, since by our indifference we endorse what is happening to humanity and our planet. Put simply, we can no longer afford to allow ourselves to accept the nonsense fed to us by the globally synchronized media. Global warming is a natural occurrence and is not of our doing. Just as we were deceived into paying illegal taxes, such as `income tax' in 1910, a levy on free sustainable renewable energy around the same period, and more recently, a levy on water, we are now being deceived into paying a tax on the very air we breath in the form of `carbon tax'. However, I digress. How many of us today can actually recall the moment our climate began to change? How many of us have noticed the economic contribution and rich natural resources of those regions hit by environmental catastrophe? We once referred to `Third World' regions as `Underdeveloped Countries', a term that has obliviously disappeared from our vocabulary. Such regions were once bribed by Henry Kissinger on behalf of the Rockefeller family to dramatically take steps to lower their populations. Those who failed to comply suffered the consequences. As mentioned in the labelled articles below, a treaty was signed in 1977 by the superpowers, agreeing not to use weather modification weapons. So, when the "Coincidence Theorists" dismiss the possibility of weather modification, remind them that Nikola Tesla discovered it as far back as 1910, a significant year for Rothschild banker, J.P. Morgan. It was Morgan who funded Tesla's work for $150,000, only to halt his funding once he learned that Tesla wished to supply energy for free. Tesla died a broken and bankrupt man in a seedy hotel room, where his scientific notes were stolen from by the FBI. However, in the usual manner of the Coincidence Theorist, they will refuse to even look at evidence.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

UPDATE: David Cameron Exploits The Misery & Suffering of others, Again

sadistic personality disorder
Mr PR and former Spin Doctor, David Cameron is never one to miss an opportunity to exploit the misery and suffering of others for his own sick and sadistic advantage. No doubt, his strategist, Lynton Crosby jumped at the chance of another familiar publicity stunt for Mr Cameron. Didn't anyone take note of the suspicious soundbites planted throughout the mainstream media? An blatantly obvious example was aired on the BBC Evening News where an alleged victim of the floods, an upbeat young lady was asked, "Would the response to floods influenced in voting choice?" A scripted `Yes' was her reply. This young lady is an actress, hired by Mr Cameron's publicity team. She was member University of York  Conservatives and has previously popped up in one of Mr Cameron's media stage managed publicity stunts to discredit his enemies, one recent example being an interview to lambast the Archbishop of Canterbury's criticisms of Government Loan Sharks, such as His Communications Director and former BBC Editor, Craig Oliver is known for routinely bullying the media to do his bidding without question, issuing his familiar threats. 

sadistic personality disorder
David Cameron uses actors for publicity
Remember how Cameron exploited the illness and death of his own child during his election campaign? Remember how he exploited the 2012 London Olympics/Paralympics to ruthlessly vilify the disabled? Given his sadistic record to date, not to mention his familiar history of abandoning and betraying those he made false promises to, including his latest victims whom he has now set his sights on, `pensioners', can you honestly be so foolish enough to believe that this man gives a damn about Flood Victims?

If the media would only stand up to Crosby, they would publish a long list of those whom #DavidCameron has so ruthlessly abandoned and betrayed, including his own friends. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to speak out against the diabolic David Cameron, since he is gagging everyone in preparation to rig the General Election, most notably, The Guardian, and as a demonstration of his twisted vindictive sadism, he has introduced a bill to gag Charities. The pressure group, 38 Degrees has been actively and tirelessly campaigning to bring this ruthless attack on Free Speech known as The Gagging Law to public attention. It is hardly Cameron's first cruel attack on Charities. Remember how he and George Osborne cruelly mocked impassioned pleas from opposition leader, Ed Milliband for mercy on Cancer patients in the House of Commons, whom they deprived of welfare payments to force them to work? They followed this up with a vicious attack on Cancer Charities for coming to the aid of worried and frightened Cancer sufferers and their families. But, that is by no means all. They then attempted to introduce a Tax on Charitable donations and only withdrew due to reactions of utter disgust from the general public. However, now such national outrage is prevented from being publicized, due to the increasing intimidation and harassment on the mainstream media.

So, in conclusion invite everyone you know to ask themselves this question, "Do you really believe that a man who throws the most vulnerable and desperate out of their homes has any sympathy for flood victims?" One final irony I ought to leave you with that is repeated throughout this blog and in my films - remember David Cameron's first international trip abroad in 2010. Pakistan was in the grip of cataclysmic floods that devastated an entire region, displacing 20,0000 people, with the long term impact of diseases. Cameron chose this time to visit Pakistan's long time enemy, India, where he appeared on Indian national and international TV stations, blasting Pakistan as a "Terrorist Nation" in front of studio audience of young Indian voters. The immediate impact was a halt on international and foreign charitable aid to the suffering Pakistani people. However, Mr Cameron wasn't done yet. The British media suddenly stopped covering the crisis in Pakistan and chose instead to focus their attention on a bunch of trapped high spirited Chilean miners, relentlessly bombarding our TV screens with the latest developments of releasing the cheerful trapped miners. Then, in a savage cruel blow, while the world had been successfully distracted from the fate of Pakistan, the only mention of the region from our compassionate and sympathetic media was on the subject of a Pakistani cricketing scandal.

Ask everyone you know again, "Do they still actually believe that David Cameron gives a damn about UK flood victims?"

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