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The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
Ignorance & Stupidity

Monday, 24 February 2020

In Memory of Caroline Flack and All victims of Depression

The last photo of Caroline Flack on 14 February 2020. R.I.P.

#BeKind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Love is an energy, so every kind and selfless thought for someone in despair who you don't even know makes you unique.


Any deviation from the human capacity for forgiveness and overwhelming love and compassion is a corruption of the soul. Love is not subject to interpretation, since by its very nature it is selfless and does not discriminate. Our greater understanding of all things was based upon this while we slept in our mother’s womb. To adapt to the world of the corrupted seed that we were to be brought into, we had to change. As a result, sanctuary was provided for an `acceptable' level of malevolence for human endorsement. Politics fulfilled this purpose, thus corrupting what is humanly natural. Once we allow our humanity to be defined by politics we sacrifice our very souls. One day we will return to our natural status of being with an unfathomably traumatic remorse when we reconnect with its source, the source of love from which a vast ripple effect expands across the universe reaching the earth, touching only a few who remember where they came from.


To truly understand what is written here, you must be prepared to stand outside the world among the stars and observe all that is truly before you. You must return to that place where you once resided. That place of regress you only remember when it reconnects in the subliminal flashbacks of the forgotten esoteric dreams of infancy. It is the memory cabbaged and retained from you when you took form and breathed upon the earth, that which was innocent, now distracted and corrupted, suffered entrapment and imprisoned. You do not know who you really are. You have forgotten from where you came.  You are subdued and bound by the chains of apathy while anesthetised by popular culture. You are confined among the minions who disavow themselves of you, should you deny conformity and embrace individualism. You are great and celestial. You are not a grain of sand among all the dust of the universe. Abandon all that you hold, for all that you take with you is your soul, less it be corrupted and confined. For it is here where all knowledge is held, beyond the contemplation and comprehension of the vase in which you took refuge. Amid all the knowledge that is natural, resides that which is infinite, and that is the unfathomable glory of love. It is the place of infinite love and peace where you belong. It is the place of your true birth, which was forever. It is to there you must return, through the snared forests of disapproval, rejection, deception, resentment, contempt, betrayal, suspicion, mistrust and humiliation.  When I return to the ether, my sword and armour shall be waiting for me, contaminated with wrath; I am restrained by my brothers. I must wait for the right time to come.  For you, this may be a day. For me, time does not exist, but while you struggle through the labyrinth of torment, look to me and reach out for my hand. You cannot look upon me here, else the sting of joyous tears shall burn your skin. I shall wrap my wings around you, deflecting all projectiles from you. Soon, you will take flight from your vessel, as I lift you from the overflowing cup.

- Glenn Gordon

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Azazel: The Angel Who Corrupted Man [Book of Enoch]

We would be fools to try to interpret the word of God, whom you vitriolically condemn. Where is your faith in all this? Azazel, the devil you speak of is a superior and highly intelligent being whose domain is the earth. He is described as the god of the air. He corrupts `everything' upon the earth, including the truth and all that is good, including love, and the holy word of God, therefore since we are blessed with free will, we choose to either believe in the corrupt interpretations of men or the word of God. The latter means being blessed with such gifts as faith, selfless love and compassion, forgiveness..... for these are of the spirit which is our natural realm. Hate, vengeance, envy, bitterness, anger...... are easily accessible and of the flesh and the human mind, which none can imagine beyond. It means, not having all the answers given to us, thus causing us to challenge God, which is exactly what you have done. By giving us knowledge, we each attempt to overthrow the holy word of God by raising ourselves above God as gods.

Friday, 24 May 2019

False Flags and the Weapons of Mass Deception

The first film by Richard D. Hall was originally available on YouTube. However, shortly after its release YouTube had removed it, citing dubious reasons. It was in effect "Censorship" by YouTube, denying the public the right to make their own determinations. It is likely that these videos too will be removed in the ongoing information war for the Truth. The tiptoe totalitarianism of increasingly taking away our civil liberties by censorship must no longer be treated by us with indifference.

Subscribers will already be aware that I have written extensively on historical False Flag events and the Hegelian Dialectic throughout this blog, so please watch all videos before reaching your own conclusions.