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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

UPDATE: World Revolution Now - 4 May Global Protest?

This is an update from an earlier article, as the anniversary of anti-Capitalism is marked on 1 May. However, unbeknown to many is that this date is no coincidence, since it is the birthday of the Illuminati, 1 May 1776. After the creation of the first Illuminati nation, the U.S., the first Atheistic nation was established later in what became known as the Soviet Union. 

Demonstrations in London are planned for 4 May, an opportunity for all to express solidarity in their resistance to the elites. It also gives me the opportunity to express my mantra, "Divide & Conquer Prevents Revolution" in the hope that it will make us more aware of what we are submitting ourselves to by our indifference and malleability to political deception. We MUST unite.


What happens when the ruling classes are overthrown and the dictators flee, looting and taking all the nations treasures with them? Of course, they hand it in at the CIA checkpoint, as they are granted safe passage to settle in any country of their choosing, where they are never heard of again, and the corporate run media distracts us from asking forbidding questions, such as the whereabouts of the so-called dictators of Tunisia and Egypt.

Is the revolution in Egypt a good thing? Yes, of course, as it is so heartening to hear the people of Egypt calling on Christians, Muslims and others to rise up. This is as it should be all around the world, to overthrow the elites and destroy them. However, what if the Rothschilds and Rockefellers steel and take the wealth of the nations with them? Remember, it is this wealth that finances the military. Troops will want food in their bellies. 

Remember, these dictators were placed in positions of power by corporate Economic Hitmen, pliable to the World Bank.

Why is Mubarak stalling? What does he hope to gain? The answer to that is, that he's on the phone to Hilary Clinton, who's telling him, "We won't let you leave until we're certain you have absolutely everything, Gold, Oil and Silver. We need to secure our investments!"

Let us have a closer look at what has happened to the world since 9/11: Natural disasters have escalated globally (HAARP induced), while nobody seems to have noticed that they have struck at the most impoverished regions, forcing them to beg for aid. The aid comes in the form of eternal debt to the World Bank and if you cannot afford to repay just the `interest' on such a huge loan, they take all your natural resources instead, including "Human Resources", thus enslaving the masses to work for less. (see: The Tale of Global Economic Crisis Explained article). The less impoverished regions, such as Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Poland (senior Government figures murdered in a plane crash. Foreign leaders refuse to attend funerals) and soon Spain, all fall like dominoes, as the World Bank calls in its debts and steals the sovereignty of nations. This means that, a centralized EU Government can impose its will upon any indebted nation in Europe. The Asian Union, African Union, and soon to be American Union will do exactly the same. The people will cry out for a `solution', as the Illuminati Hegelian Dialectic is fully implemented. It is then that the trump card will be laid on the table - the commonwealth of each continent will be consolidated into "One World Government", with a "One World Religion" currently underway as people abandon all the infiltrated and corrupted religions, the latest being the normally peace dominated Buddhism, currently engaged in ethnic cleansing in Burma. The idea here is, "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here". With no religion to take refuge in, leaving many exposed, all hell will literally break loose to devour those remaining who abandoned God.

A Warning To Poland 

The people of the world must rise up, setting aside all differences and realise that we all have a common enemy, remembering that our only divisions were created in order to control and manage the masses. Divide and Conquer, being the motto of the elites, who tread on the human spirit. It is that spirit that MUST unite us. Once we are free, the only thing that will unite us all is the realisation of human compassion and love for one another, looking at the world with fresh eyes, a new awakening. The likes of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds must be prevented from holding the world to ransom ever again. No more Manufactured Wars, World Bank or Debt. If a nation suffers a genuine catastrophe, aid must be given freely, without the fear of debt. There's plenty to go around to serve us all.

I realise this may be expecting a lot, and perhaps a foolish pipe dream. If it is, then it also applies to the man in the streets of Cairo, appealing for Muslims, Christians, Atheists and others to unite. Of one thing I am certain, "When we are dead, we can't take our earthly riches with us, so we may as well give what we can of our true selves to those who need us most and to future generations. In doing this, each of us can truly and proudly say that we have left a worthy legacy for all our children!"

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