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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Update: Yahoo quickly removes HAARP evidence of Japan quake headline

After they realized they'd published a Jane Standley, Yahoo! quickly removes video from their homepage. The classic HAARP signature was filmed over the latest earthquake to hit Japan. Once Yahoo! had realised they had let the cat out of the bag, they quickly removed it. Moments later, they replaced it with an earlier news story, omitting the incriminating "Mystery light over earthquake" story completely. When HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) is active, it emits an aurora borealis effect over the skyline. The reason I call this a "Jane Standley" is because while the BBC journalist was reporting the ongoing events of 9/11, she was telling the world that the Salomon building (Building 7) had collapsed, it was still standing in the background. It didn't fall for almost half an hour afterwards, indicating obvious fore knowledge.  When the BBC realised the gaff, they quickly pulled the feed to Jane Standley in New York midway through the interview. They later tried to blame it on a technical problem. Channel 4 News (UK) made the same gaff recently, when they announced that instability would ensue in the Arab region after the Tunisia uprising. Soon afterwards, each region began falling like dominoes, the same effect as the designed global economic recession. Of course, the Arab revolutions could easily be dismissed as journalistic forecasting of trends, but that's highly unlikely and unrealistic. All of these regions refused to allow the takeover of the Rothschild Central Bank, (including Libya) the motive behind the Russian Revolution and other global conflicts in the last century.
UPDATE: After removing the headline, Yahoo! moves quickly to replace the story with an earlier one of the Japan earthquake

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