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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 28 July 2011



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 WARNING: This film is very disturbing and heartbreaking, but we should watch it, as it demonstrates the unfolding New World Order we are set to live in unless we do something today. I must admit, that I personally find it hard to watch and have wept watching it.

However, the main point is that I strongly feel that Kelly Thomas should always be remembered and never forgotten. Kelly was a harmless and innocent homeless man with a mental illness. He was savagely set upon by a group of LA police officers and viciously beaten and tasered in July 2011. He died shortly afterwards from horrific injuries and from choking on his own blood. During the beating, Kelly can be heard pleading with his attackers, begging them to stop and crying, "I'm Sorry". With a mental age of a child, he called out for his dad. The two main attackers are set to get away with his murder, with the charge reduced to 2nd degree manslaughter.

It has been almost a year since the attack and it has shocked many. Most people won't even be aware of it, since the corporate mainstream media don't consider it news worthy, demeaning Kelly to something less than human. However, because of this, we are in danger of allowing it to become just another statistic, which is the reason why I set up my "Apathy Kills" project. Kelly should never be forgotten and he truly deserves a special place in all our hearts. These videos are extremely harrowing and heart wrenching, but I passionately feel that Kelly deserves to be remembered and if you are religious, please pray for him. Kelly Thomas deserves much more than this. Kelly Thomas April 5, 1974 -- July 10, 2011 R.I.P.

We each possess a very special gift, the capacity of selfless love and compassion beyond our comprehension. Don't let them eradicate it or distract us from our potential any further. We owe it to our children and the human spirit and in remembrance of Kelly Thomas and other such victims. While we possess the strength and courage, our lives are purposeless unless we help others, and I speak as a hypocrite.

Pray. If you're not religious, just `Love' selflessly and unconditionally, otherwise it is just this worlds interpretation of Love, which is corruptible, like all things upon the earth. A great man of flesh once said, "What good is Love if you only Love those who Love you?" For this, they tortured, savaged, betrayed, humiliated and killed him for his teaching. If I told you his name, you might dismiss the whole sentiment, and the fact that we allow ourselves to do so is a frightening revelation of what we have become. The only thing they cannot tax or make a profit from is Love, and they're working on that too.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tory right wing Nazi media gets even more cruel and vicious

For the older generations or right wing extremist groups, these front page headlines of the nasty Tory press are familiar. However, today they are increasingly becoming more extreme. This is exactly the types of headlines that the Nazis were putting out as propaganda during WW2, (copies of which are available on request). As kids, we would make cruel jokes about people in wheelchairs or people with mental health issues as faking it just to get attention. But, kids can sometimes be cruel anyway. 

Admittedly, there are some claiming they cannot work for ridiculous reasons, such as piles or sore toes, but in a recession, everyone suffers, most of all the poorest  and most vulnerable, yet these cruel bastards immediately initiate the Nero Doctrine, and scapegoat them. Cameron's evil knows no boundary, as he immediately withdrew all support from Cancer sufferers; tried to convince us that he cares about the NHS, so that he can set up the conditions to gradually destroy it so that he can sell it off to his rich buddies; withdraws legal rights from those who can't afford them, leaving them vulnerable to Cameron's crooks and vultures; throws thousands  of people out of work, then penalizes them for it by denying them any support; he rewards his thieving rich buddies for stealing from you, such as Centrica (British Gas) chairman Roger Carr, who received a Knighthood. His honour for services to business was to axe the jobs of hundreds of Cadbury staff and to hike up fuel prices by 7% just in time for the Arctic winter to hit hard-up families struggling to pay heating bills. Evil right wing Norwegian killer, Anders Behring Breivik would have felt right at home in Britain today

And, now we have the likes of this trashy nasty newspaper, worth only 10p trying to distract our attention away from what Cameron was really up to in the phone hacking scandal, by attacking the weakest victims of the recession. Even worse than that, some people will actually allow themselves to be deceived by such cruel, remorseless rhetoric, and end up scapegoating those worst effected by the gangster banking recession.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Andy Coulson to be released to save Cameron's neck? David Cameron MUST resign!

This is a predicted scenario most likely to arise out of the current Cameron hacking scandal. The only question is, "Are we going to let it?"

Following the highly suspicious death of News of The World whistle blower, Sean Hoare, it will hardly be surprising that the police will release Andy Coulson on the orders of British Intelligence, since Coulson may indeed have been working for MI5/MI6. This is most certainly nothing new, as it is more common that we think. The CIA have been using covers for years and placing their operatives in highly influential positions. Let us not forget, the global intelligence services are the links between Governments and their owners, the Rothschild's and Rockefellers. Gone are the days when JP Morgan was just one of many individual agents for the Rothschild family. After 1913, they were consolidated into individual organizations and became publicly official in 1947, with the signing of the US National Security Act, renamed the CIA. they are issued with blank cheques, unaccountable to nobody.

However, I digress. Andy Coulson was on an intelligence operation, as a liaison to David Cameron on behalf of the Rothschild's. Coulson was the link man between the two. Being in such a position, Coulson could easily bring the media along with him to support Cameron's manufactured coalition. We've all seen Cameron's obvious hammy acting and staged managed stunts, i.e. the black guy routine at Oxford University, the spin and countless times he mentioned the word "slaughter" in one interview when referring to Gadaffi as he tried to justify a war in Libya, the gaff of sending the SAS and MI5 into Libya during the initial stages and getting caught, the gimmicks of traveling around the country to lecture to those he ruthlessly intends to hit the hardest, while the media edited out the responses of his distraught victims. C'mon. Wake up!

Notice how extremely quick the police were to declare that the death of Sean Hoare was not suspicious, in a bid to immediately discredit any conspiracy theories. Hmm! Sounds familiar. Does Dr David Kelly ring any bells? Considering that, to date, Scotland Yard aint exactly honest, it seems fair comment to say that their record in recent times indicates that they are knee deep in s**t, as a legacy of corruption increases. So far, the evidence shows that Sean Hoare was under orders by Andy Coulson to hack into people personal records, and that he was under pressure to do so. From what we now know, Sean Hoare was frightened of Coulson, and, as his friends and neighbours have already stated, Hoare had become a recluse, living in fear for his life ever since he left the News of The World. Why was he so afraid of Coulson? What power did this guy wield? Once he'd blown the whistle on Coulson, surely he only did so for security, in a bid to protect himself, yet he was still afraid. What could Andy Coulson possibly threaten Sean Hoare with? It must have been more than just having the ear of the Prime Minister.
Before Sean Hoare ever got a chance to tell us more, he conveniently dies. Even in the unlikely scenario that it was suicide, with two gun shots, and a hanging, the man was still living in fear. And, before Andy Coulson ever gets the chance to tell us more, he'll be released, and with the aid of the controlled mainstream media, we'll soon forget his name, as he fades into obscurity. And, in the meantime, David Cameron's neck is saved, as he continues his ruthless campaign.

Critical questions that David Cameron MUST answer?

  1. Since he became Prime Minister, two people connected to David Cameron have died under suspicious circumstances, which the mainstream media refuses to cover. First, an aide to Cameron was found dead at Glastonbury. The media only briefly covered this. Secondly, whistle blower Sean Hoare blew the whistle on Andy Coulson, while he was David Cameron's closest aide. Why was Sean Hoare so frightened of Andy Coulson?
  2. Considering that all major media sources suddenly switched to supporting Cameron around the time of last years General Election, why is Cameron so unwilling to deny discussing a BSkyB bid with News International? Vince Cable indicated himself that he had good reason to voice his concerns over Murdoch. Why was he silenced?
  3. Why was Chancellor, George Osborne illegally attending a secret Bilderberg meeting on 13 June 2011 in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and what did he discuss?? (Photographic evidence and video footage from alternative media sources shows Osborne at the meeting.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Evil In Your Name: David Cameron

Just because we don't see it, doesn't exonerate us from complicity

This is just a small sample of what Channel 4 News, the BBC and the corporate owned media don't want you to see. Yet, most of us already know this is happening, but we choose not to be informed. That well known phrase, "Ignorance is Bliss" springs to mind.

Today we apply deniable plausibility because Bush and Blair are no longer in `power'. Not that they ever really were. Therefore we attribute blame to the previous generation to justify our own ignorance, despite the fact that such abominable evil is ongoing. David Cameron could barely contain his enthusiasm and wasted no time in getting his war in Libya. The only difference this time is that Cameron uses more deceptive methods to lull us into our stagnant state of apathy, and like it or not, subconsciously we'll be grateful for it. His over exuberant, carefully scripted soundbites and spin to justify what he carefully avoids to call a `war' is deliberately designed to ensure and reinforce our unaccountability. In other words, if he's going to hell, then he's gonna make damn sure he's taking us with him.

Cameron had already been known for his extreme lack of morals, ethics and compassion. Yet, he had to demonstrate this almost ritualistic mantra to prove himself to his powerful paymasters, by his immediate timely visit to India soon after the general election of 2010. India's neighbour and enemy, Pakistan had just suffered devastating and catastrophic floods that took thousands of lives and displaced many more. Cameron immediately seized on this as an opportunity to blast Pakistan as a "Terrorist state", thus inducing a media blackout and lack of sympathy for the suffering people of Pakistan. Instead, the media chose to focus on the already established healthy well-being and high spirits of a bunch of trapped Chilean miners. Then afterwards, in what can only be interpreted as a final insult to injury, the media chose to cover a Pakistani cricketing scandal, while thousands were dying and in utter despair.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Diana: a Link to Iran Contra and 9/11?

Diana: a Link to Iran Contra and 9/11?

Also. The role of James Andernson as the mysterious white Fiat Uno driver and his links to MI6. He was found dead three years later, possibly murdered.

Princess Diana: A Motive for Murder

If Henri Paul had been known to drink, it is inconceivable that either Diana's or Dodi's bodyguards would have allowed him to drive.