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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bono’s Secret: Monsanto frontman for Genocide & Globalist takeover of Africa

This self deluded guy, Bono really doesn't have a clue about Africa. If he did, then he would know know that in 1972, Henry Kissinger offered incentives to certain regions to reduce their population. If Bono did have a clue, he would have read the Iron Mountain Report. If he had a clue, he would know that in 1977, under the US Carter Administration applied mass vaccinations in Africa for Smallpox. That Smallpox vaccination was a Trojan horse which carried the AIDS virus, that wiped out millions across Third World Africa. Soon after we saw TV ads warning us about AIDS. AIDS has been proven to have been manufactured in a US military lab, just as the Ebola virus was also man made. At the time, the world was told that AIDS originated in Green monkeys. However, this is genetically impossible. Look at the pattern yourself today and the focus on "Africa". Prior to the Media dubbed "Arab Spring", Gadaffi was supplying much of Africa with resources, including oil and Gold. So too, was Egypt. Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria were among the most affluent regions in the world. People in Libya never wanted for anything and were well looked after, although Gadaffi did have his flaws, but only because he wouldn't sell oil at a cut price to the west and was considered by the west as wasting it on those who didn't deserve it, e.g. those who were too poor and starving to contribute anything financially for profit. Pretty much the epitome of David Cameron today. Now, that much of Africa will be abandon and left to starve, the west will manufacture one tyrant after another, as False Flag excuse to invade, such as Joseph Kony, who has actually been dead for the past 6 years. Celebrities with huge egos, such as Bono, George Clooney and UN War Criminal, Angelina Jolie are wheeled out to dumb down the malleable, gullible sheep who aspire to be them.

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