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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Greece to leave Euro zone on 18 June

What does it mean for Greece?

This means that Greece will no longer be able to trade with other European nations or sanctions will be applied and the Drachma will have little or no value outside Greece. However, they will have to survive on their own resources, since it is unlikely that the EU Central Bank will hand back its devalued assets. Somehow, Greece will have to find its own energy supply, since the greedy thieving banksters have stolen and continue to steal and monopolize all the worlds oil to hold other nations to ransom with. However, if other nations, such as Spain and Ireland follow suit, they can trade with each other. The only problem is that their currency cannot be redeemable against gold or silver nor any other precious metals, since the globalist banksters have stolen each nations reserves. This is the entire reason for what became known as the “Arab Spring” and why each resource rich region is falling like dominoes, as the globalist media lie about tyrannical regimes, with Bahrain and Yemen to be next, after Syria and possibly Iran.

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