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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

UPDATE: JFK and the 5 Presidents

JFKThis is one of my old articles connecting 5 subsequent presidents to the JFK assassination. However. I should add, and I will elaborate on this in my book, that the Kennedy's are attached to the Illuminati bloodline. I know this may be difficult for some to swallow, but I should explain that it is for this reason that Joe Kennedy Sr was so ambitious for his children, as he had a duty. This may explain why the forgotten Kennedy sister has been written out of history. Rosemary was diagnosed as mentally retarded and, at the age of 23, underwent a lobotomy and spent the rest of her life in an institution. Rose Kennedy never forgave her husband for this. Such imperfections had sealed the fate of the Kennedy family, which the Illuminati could not tolerate. Joe himself had previously attempted to run for senior office and failed, succeeding only to be ambassador to Britain. It was a chalice he had passed onto his eldest son, Joseph Jr, who went missing in action during WWII. Joseph's next in line, JFK took up the role reluctantly. None of the Kennedy siblings were aware of the family bloodline, except perhaps Joseph, so were equally unaware of their expectations. When the son of the slain JFK became aware of it in later life, he suffered the same fate as his uncle Joe. George W. Bush went missing on the day Johns plane had plunged into the sea, and could not account for his whereabouts. While it may be only speculation, members of Skull and Bones do have tasks to perform to protect their brothers and renew their loyalty. Heads of the CIA, Banking, Media, Supreme Court Judges, Police, Military, Intelligence Community, Senior Public Officials and Politicians are all drawn from Skull and Bones and include such people as David Rockefeller and author Dan Brown. Almost all CIA directors have come from Wall Street. There are no divisions within the secret fraternity, despite opposing political ideologies. Members have a specific duty to obtain high positions in society and to elevate and promote their fellow bones men. This is the typical pattern throughout the Illuminati network.


  1. Never new Dan Brown was a Bones-man,explains his blatant disinformation disguised as fiction,the Illuminati were benevolent scientists battling the Church,who could even believe such garbage.Great post Glenn.

    1. Thank you Richard. However, if I may just correct you on the Illuminati. They were never benevolent scientists, since `malevolence' is their doctrine.