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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Witch Hunt", David Cameron Vs Philip Schofield. Cameron Demonstrates His Trademark, Outrageous Hypocrisy


David Cameron Outrageously Spins his Pogroms on the Vulnerable to Philip Schofield

We have heard David Cameron use Orwellian doublespeak so many times now, that if anything, it is a testament to his overwhelming arrogance, since he obviously believes that due to his former profession as a PR man, he can fool the public, consistent in brazenly demonstrating how he thinks we are all too dumb to even notice his overt deceptions and flagrant sadistic callousness and disregard for human suffering. Previously, we heard the former "Spin Doctor" dare to utter the word, "Morals". And now, more recently he had people fall off their chairs in disbelief when he lectured Philip Schofield on "Witch Hunts". This coming from someone who has established a track record in flaunting Sadistic cruelty, Vicious Vindictiveness, Violations of Human Rights, and demonstrably No Morals or Ethics whatsoever. He has openly exploited and manipulated at every opportunity, and anyone who does not conform, ends up suffering the consequences, hence the BBC being firmly in his sights, another matter I shall elaborate on in a follow up post. It is important to stress the principles at stake here, as Philip Schofield's brave confrontation with the Prime Minister is not the issue. It is crucial to make that distinction.

From the very moment David Cameron was unelected, he immediately made his intentions clear and embarked on a ruthlessly sadistic Witch Hunt on those most vulnerable and desperate victims of his Bankster buddies, sick and disabled people, those who are terminally ill, the elderly and children and the increasingly unemployed, including the fiddled jobless figures. The figures quoted come with imposed restrictions from Downing Street to the media. He even cruelly exploited the London Paralympic Games to justify his vicious assault on the disabled. Of course, the corporate mainstream media cannot report the barbaric humanitarian crisis currently going on behind our backs here in the UK. We heard Cameron's colleague, London Mayor, Boris Johnson using the Olympics as an opportunity to mock the suffering of the Greek people, while many driven to despair opted for suicide. On a previous occasion, Cameron had cruelly demanded more imposed suffering on the Greek people, coldheartedly rebuking them. The huge increase in suicides among the sick and disabled throughout modern Britain will not be known until long after the event. This is due to Cameron coming down hard on restricting the media from reporting such human carnage. Lest we forget, David Cameron's first command to his cabinet was, "NOT to raise the subject of compassion, and to disregard it". This is on record.

To date, we have witnessed David Cameron's record for protecting his criminal friends, including his party colleagues attending Nazi events, and God help anyone who crosses him, as we have already seen the consequences of his vitriolic revenge. Philip Schofield had better watch his back. His career may be destined for a nose dive. So, in having the audacity to quote the term "Witch Hunt", David Cameron knows exactly what he is doing, as twists the knife further into his victims, including the terminally ill, actively being abandoned to die in NHS hospitals. His vindictive assault on the NHS is entirely due the protests against his hated NHS bill, following his clandestine sale of the NHS to Goldman Sachs on 15 March 2012.