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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Oklahoma Tornado and Weather Modification

Right now as we witness more evidence on the escalation in climate and environmental devastation as seen in Oklahoma, no doubt there will be speculation on the involvement of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), an ionospheric program. However, we ought to exercise caution in giving ammunition to the `Coincidence theorists', who will be on standby to savage any suggestion of a Conspiracy without any due consideration whatsoever. Of course, speculation is inevitable and we MUST be prepared to draw a line before pursuing the events in Oklahoma any further. I don't know enough about the frequency of Tornadoes in that particular region to make an informed judgement, although apparently it is Tornado season in the U.S. and given the particular geography of the area, they are quite common. Having said that, such a storm as Hurricane Sandy hitting New York in close succession and the escalation in False Flag attacks is another story though.

However, one thing we can rely on is the inevitable illogical character of the Coincidence theorist. Any suggestion of weather modification will undoubtedly be met with instant rebuke and mockery, without even considering or contemplating any remote presentation of evidence. This typical response is what I call, "Taking the batteries out". In other words, they just switch off and any hope of reason or rationale is lost in something that is already `dead'.

Fact: There has been a dramatic and substantial increase in erratic environmental and climatic global devastation in just 10 years alone.  

Fact: Weather modification technology is hardly new. So, if anyone challenges it, first point them to 1977, then surprise them further by directing them towards Hungarian Scientist, Nikola Tesla in 1910. 

Fact: As integral to the globalist agenda of population reduction, they must:
  • Justify a reason for introducing a `Tax on air', i.e. Carbon Tax. 
  • Convince us that we are to blame, so must be `culled' (a word incrementally socially engineered into our mindset so that we eventually find ourselves accepting it and quoting the word more frequently in terms of rationale)
Fact: Follow the pattern, as so often referred to throughout this blog. Since the global economic crisis (approximately 2008), a radical Eugenics program has been implemented by design. For example, a rise in `right wing extremism' throughout Europe to scapegoat ethnic minorities and the most vulnerable (a.k.a. imperfect or non-productive humans) in society, with the sole aim of creating a culture that views `people' as a waste on resources. This is already becoming socially acceptable in the UK, gradually developed since 2010. This is also to draw attention away from the Globalist "New World Order" agenda.