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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Abandoned


How can a victim of abuse ever have any hope when all the hope they have left is beaten out of them? Hope that someone will intervene and rescue them from their abusers and tormentors. How much more are they abused and betrayed when those who they rely on for help abandon them in the hands of their tormentors? Anticipating that the response to such questions is to condemn the police and local authorities, haven't we forgotten ourselves? In an increasingly `apathetic' modern society it would seem we are more likely to rationalize our pathetic indifference's to make it more palatable in our own minds, and the media aids us in this. The police are not alone in their reluctance to involve themselves in "domestic disputes", a term that has itself become associated with some form of acceptance and dismissal to grant it some justification. It has become a sickening social default response to categorize the victims in order to attach blame, again only to alleviate our own selfish guilt. With all the victim support groups available, little wonder the victims of any form of abuse are afraid to reach out for help, further tormented by the fear of being judged. These are not only victims of rape, sexual, violent and psychological/emotional abuse. They are the victims of despair. Despair because they are afraid of being abandoned and forgotten. Despair because their plight will attract negative attention. Despair because they have lost all hope of having anyone they can trust. What can be more horrifying than when you finally do run into the arms of someone who has come to rescue you, only to realise that they too are complicit in the abuse?

However. Many of us feel such a terrible sense of helplessness when we hear such stories of abuse. We feel so utterly powerless, desperate to be able to do something. So often, it seems beyond our means to intervene to comfort those in despair. But, we can all do something. We can abandon our prejudices and judgement of others and realize that we are each individuals, controlled only by our human spirit, born of natural selfless compassion. We are each more special than perhaps we realize. The victims of abuse so often don't have a voice and nobody can hear their cries. We can do something. If you are religious, you can pray, and mean it. If not, you can spare more than a moment to imagine yourself in their shoes. We can reach out to them and free them from their entrapment. Remember that homeless person or street beggar you passed by and ignored on the street, only because everyone else did? That was your missed opportunity to be unique. That pause for thought is worth more than you may realize. It is a moment in your life that may be taken into account one day. Even if you're late for work or an appointment, go back to them and remember that a few coins are worthless if they don't come with a comforting word.

A moments thought for the suffering of another costs nothing.

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