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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 30 March 2015

One day we may all be held accountable for the abandonment of children

How often have we told children that monsters don't exist? My worst fears have always been that one day we would accept the abuse of children as an unfortunate but tolerant symptom of modern society. I made this comment in 1992. Today, those worst fears have been confirmed. Now, the public will often say, "Well, we hear so much of it on the news these days". Horrifyingly, this is an indication of how desensitized we have become, and if that isn't proof enough, in recent years the term, "Compassion Fatigue" entered our vocabulary to the point that we didn't even notice it. That homeless street beggar that we ignore or look down on was once the toddler we all adored.

If we abandon the children of today, then at some point in the future someone will ask, "Why didn't you say anything or do something?" We may well be held accountable for our indifference, since silence is complicity.

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