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The Human Assembly Line
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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 4 May 2015

Draft: Social Engineering and Conditioning the Masses

All over the UK people are reading opinion polls about the outcome of the UK general election. Yet, there is absolutely no evidence of anyone ever being approached or consulted by any of the alleged pollsters. This is because all aspects of global media operate from a central command whose function is entirely to distract the public from the truth. This organisation is known as the Tavistock Institute, based in London. It provides spin doctors and advisers to politicians, bankers, media, educational establishments etc to control public perception. The British Royal family are little more than tools of this occult masonic organisation. David Cameron was groomed by the Tavistock Institute from an early age, which is why nobody knows anything about his personal life, otherwise they would be horrified. The Tavistock Institute is co-ordinated by The Royal Institute of International Affairs: The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is described by the media as a `think tank', a term which a subdued public attaches any significance or relevance to, just as they do to pedophilia, a term incrementally introduced so that the masses would eventually become accustomed to it.

(To be continued.....)

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