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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Yarl’s Wood. Yet another Tory Scandal and Cover Up

How many more Tory scandals, cover-ups, lies, falsified statistics and figures are the British public prepared to tolerate? How much more bullying are the newspapers and mainstream media prepared to tolerate from David Cameron's thugs, Craig Oliver and Lynton Crosby?

Sexual abuse at Yarl's Wood began in 2013 and while David Cameron was busy protecting his paedophile and thieving, corrupt friends, he was using the Jimmy Savile paedophile inquiry to blackmail the BBC to be more politically bias in favour of his party.

Are we really prepared to confronted at some stage in the future, the horror of what was going on while David Cameron was in office? Jimmy Savile was a close friend of Margret Thatcher. David Cameron axed the investigative Cook Report while he was at Carlton TV because it began investigating sexual abuse cases and paedophiles in the Conservative Party. If we don't learn from our previous gullibility today and allow these clearly sadistic bastards back into power in May 2015, then we are complicit by our apathy for the frightening horror stories that may be exposed in the future. If we are to be held accountable for our ignorance and indifference, then we cannot expect someone to rush to our aid when we suffer the consequences and nobody listens to our screams.

Since the Yarl's Wood scandal broke this week and with every single sex scandal involving this Government, Channel 4 News has consistently asked for a Government minister to appear on their program. On every single occasion, the response Channel 4 News has received has consistently been the same, "No Government spoke person is available for comment". 

This is NOT a political issue. It is a humanitarian crisis and "Compassion" has been the victim since 2010.