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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Just Another Patsey - Connecticut, Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

 If We Don't Wake Up To The Madness, We Become The Madness 


Yet another mass shooting in the US. Another False Flag to Disarm Resistence to the NWO. Now, the Globalists are getting so desperate, it is too damn obvious. When someone gets so desperate, they become careless and obliviously reveal their hand. Any good poker player, chess player or military strategist will tell you that. Yet, over the next few days the media will be churning out the same recycled script we've all heard before. Unfortunately, most mainstream media journalists don't have a conscience.

Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged


The Sandy Hook `Actors' playlist

Banking Elite "New World Order"

"How many Manchurian candidates does the Rockefeller's have on the assassin assembly line?" What people observing from outside the US have got to ask themselves is, "Why does the US seem to be the only country that seems to have an almost `cultural tradition' of lunatics arming themselves, with the specific purpose of going out to anywhere there is a public gathering and massacring as many innocent people as possible?" Let's just pause for thought on that, and take stock of the record in just 3 years. We need not speculate on why this happens, when it is so overtly obvious. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, adopted on December 15, 1791. It's purpose was a provision for the citizens to protect themselves and their property against enemies, "Foreign and Domestic". Since the greatest threat to the every US citizen today is tyrannical Government, which serves only the interests of the Banking Elites, since they own the Government, the people MUST, as a matter of duty and responsibility defend themselves against a domestic threat. Therefore, to disarm the people from protecting their God given rights, the private foreign bankers must create multiple situations to justify disarming the people. Are we to seriously believe that seemingly ordinary American's can flip at any moment and decide on impulse to go out and murder en-mass as many people as possible over a grudge or disagreement? If so, then potentially every American is a lunatic. They ought to be, considering countless efforts to subdue them with Fluoride, Big Pharma, Chem-trails and Mass Media. However, with the overnight deployment of drones, as a social, incremental conditioning strategy, implementing or activating remote controlled humans on the ground ought to be easy, especially since the cash card or cell phone is only a step away from becoming the embedded chip. I had already predicted some years ago that the Embedded chip will be marketed as a trendy fashion accessory. In the meantime, the CIA programmers make do with hypnotic trigger words, such as that which activated Mark Chapman to murder John Lennon. The most dangerous weapon Chapman was armed with that day wasn't a gun. It was a paperback copy of Catcher In The Rye. Sirhan Sirhan was activated in a similar way to shoot Bobby Kennedy. However, the CIA obviously didn't do their research very well, since not only did Sirhan respect the Kennedy's, his manufactured motive for killing RFK was the Palestinian cause and how his Muslim brothers were being oppressed. The only problem with that is Sirhan Sirhan was NOT a Muslim. He was a Christian and swore on the Holy Bible during his police interrogation.

No tears for drone victims. But then again, we don't often hear about them. Drones coming to a home near you. When I first heard about `drones' being used in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, the first thing I found myself asking was, "How did this happen?" Apart from my initial disbelief, I thought that the script for "Terminator" had somehow found its way into the newsroom. Not surprisingly, those who denounce `Conspiracy theories' are the same folks who defiantly protest that they cannot be controlled, yet they are the most malleable. How many will swallow Obama's fake tears? 

The James Holmes Conspiracy

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