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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 30 November 2012

Darwinism debunked and the `New World Order' religion

The New Age - (The Enemy Of Christ Exposed) - For Witnesses

No doubt some may bypass this film upon seeing its title. Unfortunately, the ignorant and indifferent cannot be educated.

The film describes how the evolution theory was propagated through hoaxes. The term, "Big Bang Theory" itself was originally attributed as a mockery of Darwinism. However, in spite of this exposure, academics and the scientific community have remained unrepentant and today children are still taught the fabrication in schools as truth, while religious studies are increasingly driven out. While at school, I would always look forward to rushing home to watch Carl Sagan's TV series, Cosmos each evening, and he soon became a hero of an adolescent schoolboy, whom I still admire today.

Charles Darwin reached the pinacle of his work toward the remaining years of the Victorian era. It was an era preparing for the new century and Darwin contributed much more than he perhaps anticipated, since it was due to his work that the Eugenics Movement arose, fueling systemic fanatical racism and giving rise to Adolf Hitler, almost sixty years since Darwin died in 1882. It was also an era in which Victorians were obsessed with the occult and supernatural, as a favourite pastime, the elite classes often entertaining themselves with seances.

In my previous blog and Facebook posts, I have discussed my belief at length that this is integral to an esoteric agenda, with New Ageism being prepared as the New World Order global religion, as developed through Alice Bailey's "Externalisation Of The Heirarchy", which includes the gradual omission of God from education. To this aim, all mainstream religions must be infiltrated and discredited, thus creating mass disillusionment. Islam is the only remaining stumbling block due to its devotion to God, and in more recent times, even the relatively peaceful doctrine normally associated with Buddhism has been ruthlessly infiltrated and corrupted, with Buddhist ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Burma, (which incidentally followed strategic visits from British Prime Minister, David Cameron, a conveniently unobserved  and unreported consistent pattern since 2010).

Academia was the first of the Illuminati infiltrations through Freemasonry. We can see this incrementally evolving today, as New Ageism grows and is perpetuated by the likes of David Icke. Icke's intentions may be well meaning. However, perhaps oblivious to himself, he is part of the Illuminati dichotomous strategy of manipulation and deceit. While Icke is to be praised for his work, his followers are exposing themselves to grave deceptions. Unfortunately, over the years, Icke has contradicted himself so often in his exploration. Although, this may be simply attributed to the development of his research, Icke does not attempt to address his own contradictions. However, what he has done is to reveal his own vulnerabilities and uncertainty, something his followers may wish to evaluate.  David Icke is a proponent of Zeitgeistism, which dismisses or challenges the origins of Christianity. In exposing himself to spiritual influences, he channels entities from which he claims to gain his knowledge, otherwise known as Spiritual Guides. He identifies some of these spirits, but admits that he does not know many of them. The New Age teaching to which he aspires originates from Helena Petrova Blavatsky, the occultist who founded "The Theosophic Society". Satanist, Aliester Crowley was influenced by her and loyal to her teachings, and her work was essential reading to Crowley's followers. Incidentally, David Icke has also followed in some of the same footsteps as Crowley did in his spiritual research. 

Among Crowley's disciples was Alice Bailey, also a devotee of Madame Blavatsky, as she respectfully became known as. Bailey was commissioned to develop the "Externalization of the Hierarchy" from 1913 - 1920 and was appointed in preparation for WWI, which were the first steps towards a Global Government with the formation of the League of Nations, which later became the United Nations.  Those who recruited Alice Bailey were the same people who set up the corrupt Federal Reserve and stole Free Renewable Energy from Hungarian scientist, Nikola Tesla to sell for profit. David Icke, an advocate of Bailey has claimed that he has channeled Alice Bailey as one of his spiritual guides. She went on to become the founder of the publishing company for the UN, the "Lucifer Trust" in 1920, renamed in 1922 to "Lucis Trust", to avoid unwanted attention. Other notable disciples of Crowley include, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.  The writings and work of Helena Petrova Blavatsky were certainly not new. She was greatly encouraged by high society figures to commit exhaustive research into the occult as the timing was right in historical terms, in relation to my previously mentioned patterns of developed thinking. Like most Illuminati scholars and philosophers she studied and developed the mystery arts and religions, otherwise known as the Kabbalah. I should point out at this stage that this is were Freemasons base their mythical origins from, or more precisely, around the legend of King Solomon. He had been bestowed with authority over both angels and demons, whom he summoned and extracted knowledge from and who granted him favours at his command, which enabled him to defeat his enemies. I have elaborated more on the connections between Freemasonry and Zionism in another article devoted to Freemasonry.

In conclusion, it is NOT my wish to discredit David Icke, since I support and greatly admire his work myself. However, in the past he has exposed himself to ridicule, which demeans our overriding objective to completely unveil and destroy the Illuminati and its diabolic intentions. While the merits of his popularising a reptilian agenda may hold ground, it also serves only to sabotage our battle against evil by making a mockery of our efforts. There are some things that people are just not ready for yet. At the very least, he should have avoided making the reptilian issue such a dominant feature of his work. It would seem that over the years, David Icke has been vulnerable to being manipulated and misguided. He has alluded to this himself. I am in no position to discourage anyone from following David Icke, and I certainly would not wish to. However, I would advise extreme caution, as none of us are immune to the deceptions of darkness. Nobody is infallible and the flesh is weak.  Lucifer is a master of deception. He is extremely good at it, since it is his nature. It is his art, and from the moment he was cast upon the earth, we became his canvas.

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