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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

David Cameron Gets his War in Egypt: The Death Dealers Weapons are Killing Egytians

Death Dealers
As previously anticipated throughout this blog, this diabolically profane excuse for a Human finally got his War in Egypt, now set to replicate Libya and Syria, following his arms sales tours of the region. #DavidCameron and a team of eight arms salesmen eagerly arrived in #Egypt immediately after plundering the country, thus starving the Egyptian people of their resources, hence this second wave of instability. Despite the promises made by the Egyptian military, they had nothing to feed their people with. Since ousting former President, Hosni Mubarak through trade sanctions, it caused the people to protest, demanding the simple things that we normally take for granted, such as food, water and energy. After less than just one year, the custodial Egyptian leader, Mohamed Morsi is ousted as planned, generating huge profits for David Cameron and his vampiric arms traders. Coincidentally, while we digest our daily intake of media deceit and distraction, very few of us even dwell on what became of former deposed Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak and Tunisian leader, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Or, as our trusting media brand them, `dictators'. If they could talk, what would they tell us?

The Butcher of Sirte strikes in Egypt

As news of events in Egypt emerged, in Downing Street, there can be little doubt that Cameron indulged in his familiar triumphant gloating routine, exuberantly drunk on the blood lust of Egyptian lives, with a promise of more bloodshed to come to satisfy his renowned insatiable sadistic appetite for human misery and suffering.

NATO child victims in Sirte, Libya
Child victim's lower mandible blown off by NATO in Sirte, Libya
Killing for profitDavid Cameron Killing for profit

Ever since he was placed in power by the arms industry on May 2010, David Cameron immediately embarked on orchestrating the conveniently timed Arab Spring. Since then, this abomination has overtly and consistently demonstrated his abhorrence for Human Compassion and the human spirit, engaging in his relentless efforts to break the human will as the Apathy virus obliviously takes a grip on society. 

Where are the 2,0000 people who stood with us in London in 2003 against Tony Blair's War in Iraq?  Ever since that period, Blair has become known a mass murdering War Criminal, who has since admitted that he has no shame whatsoever. We have temporarily acknowledged the atrocities he and George Bush have committed, only because the media was far less constrained at that particular time.

PLEASE NOTE: The following films contain harrowing scenes some may find disturbing

David Cameron arrives in Egypt to sell arms in preparation for the oncoming slaughter (see Part 2 here)

However, David Cameron has learned a lot from his bench warmer, and has quietly committed much worse, unrestrained atrocities. In years to come, our recorded history will reveal details that will shock a more heavily subdued generation who are living through what is unknown today. However, the impact of that shock and outrage will be all the more unbearable, not because we were oblivious to it, but because we chose to be. And for that, we may well be held accountable.

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