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The Will of the Human Spirit

The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Syria, The Bigger Picture, and The Planned Dictatorship of David Cameron (Rigging elections)

Conditioning us for an acceptable level of Evil incrementally raises the bar until we eventually become suicidal. - Glenn Gordon

If this article is to be perceived as having any particular political, religious or national motive or affiliated with any particular ideology other than humanitarian, then the point being made will have failed and been completely overlooked. It is intended to focus on a humanitarian crisis and assault on the human spirit and an agenda to break the human will. The human will MUST remain increasingly strong. Our awareness of the malevolent apathy virus must be a significant priority. 

David Cameron, the AntiChrist

The films I made hopefully go some way to explaining the wider story behind what is really going on in Syria. The recent interview of Syrian President, Bashar Hafez al-Assad by Charlie Rose hardly enlightened us any further, since undoubtedly Assad would have preferred to take the opportunity provide us with an informed insight and awareness about the real interests of the west throughout the whole region, especially since the sole instigator of all global humanitarian crisis' is the UN.  This is particularly difficult to tolerate when we see them masquerading as benevolent arbitrators behind such masks as UNICEF etc. The UN has the Rockefeller signature inscribed in every detail. However, we cannot hope to form an objective opinion about the Assad interview without being aware that the final release of the video was not subject to scrutiny and editing for our intake, thus conditioning us to willingly concede to a particular agenda. The choice of Charlie Rose as the interviewer was most likely strategically predetermined to dismiss any anticipated suspicion and add more credibility to the ongoing propaganda. Evidence shows that Assad "Did not" become unpopular among his own people and the contrary remains to be true, hence the so-called rebels being `foreign mercenaries' relocated from Egypt and Libya by the CIA, hence the name Al-Qaeda, meaning `database'.  However, it would be a mistake to interpret this as particularly favouring the Syrian President, since he is not infallible. The CIA and their allies have been deploying the same strategy since Iran in1951 over BP oil, when the Iranian Government wanted to lower the cost of domestic fuel to its people, which would have impacted heavily on the revenue and profit for the corporate bankers in the U.S. and the UK.  It should be noted at this stage that CIA directors are appointed from Wall Street, such as Allen Dulles, who oversaw CIA operations throughout the 1950's, alongside his brother, John Foster Dulles. After being fired as CIA Director by President John F. Kennedy, Allen Dulles served on the Warren Commission and steered it towards its final conclusions on the assassination of JFK. This was another typical demonstration of the fox guarding the chicken coup. The nephew of former U.S. President Roosevelt was involved in the ensuing coup d'état of 1951 which overthrew the Iranian Government. Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA controller, David Atlee Philips boasted later that Iran was his proudest moment for the CIA, hence his contempt for the Kennedy's later, when the same template was deployed throughout South America and Cuba, without the approval of JFK. The strategy is this: They corrupt and poison the targeted regions main export, such as its crop and the main natural resource that the people most depend and rely upon for survival.  The result is that it is no longer safe enough for human consumption. This has a major impact on the national infrastructure and economy, forcing the Government to import in return for its most valuable commodity and assets, eg. Gold, Oil, Harvest, Minerals, Energy etc. This also includes human labour at little or no cost. These are then traded on the stock market for higher prices, where bankers hoard them to hold the global economy to ransom, hence power being the ultimate aphrodisiac. The result: The people of the targeted region suffer without food, water or energy. Today, this has been slightly modified, which explains why the European Union was established, with the remaining continental Unions to follow, hence the removal of obstacles such as Mubarak and Gaddafi, who provided an affordable vital lifeline to continental Africa. At this point it is important to understand that `usury' is a fundamental principle of Islamic law and seen as an insult and disobedience to God. Once these Economic Unions have been achieved by removing all other obstacles, they are to be consolidated into a single Global Government and Banking system.  In other words, if a sovereign Government wishes to utilize all its natural resources and genuinely attend to the welfare of its own people at little or no cost, this is not to be tolerated, since profit cannot be generated for Goldman Sachsand the world bank. Therefore, they impose hidden trade sanctions on their target region (eg. Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen etc.), blocking all imports and exports. As a consequence, everything that the people rely on for survival is heavily rationed until it runs dry. Nothing can be sold or traded with other nations, since their value has been degraded and the regional currency devalued and unaccepted globally since it cannot be redeemed against valuable resources, such as Gold. A typical example is Egypt.  As former President, Mubarak fled with the national Gold reserves, he was blocked at various UK/French imposed checkpoints, where the Gold was confiscated and later put on display in the vaults of the Bank of England in an exhibition for the British media covered visit by Queen Elizabeth II to survey and approve.

The outcome of such tactics is that the people starve and become desperate and begin to protest,  demanding help and support from an impoverished and entrapped beleaguered Government. Through its publishing company, The Lucifer Trust (renamed, Lucis Trust in 1922 to avoid unwanted attention), the UN then circulates negative propaganda to accuse the Government of inflicting a humanitarian crisis on its own people. To add weight to the propaganda, the word `Government' is substituted for the more derogatory term, `Regime'. This is propagated through the Lucis Trusts vast global network, such as the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, Chatham House), The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, among others. Media Moguls, such as Rupert Murdoch, Barbara Walters, Charlie Rose, Dan Rather and Oprah Winfrey are members of the CFR along with their British counterparts who are members of the UK branch, RIIA. This network dictates the agenda to the mainstream media, whose editors have been appointed by them since 1917, and are frequent attendees to clandestine globalist meetings for progress reviews, such as the Bilderberg Group or the occult ritual at Bohemian Grove, where an effigy of a child, representing the Cremation Of Care is sacrificed before a statue of the Canaanite deity, Moloch. This has all been authenticated. Incidentally, British Prime Minister, David Cameron was/is a member of the Tavistock Institute and is currently employed by Rothschild subsidiary, Goldman Sachs.  Recently, former member of the occult, "Knights of Eulogia" (a.k.a., Order of Death, a.k.a. Skull & Bones), John Kerry only exposed his despair to frame the Syrian leader by frustratingly applying the `Hitler' word in his description of Assad. Not to be outdone, more disturbingly but hardly unpredictable, the barbarous arch nemesis and adversary of all altruism and compassion, David Cameron seized the opportunity to cruelly exploit the suffering of the Syrian people by quoting the `holocaust' word. This confirms Cameron's proud boast that he is a Zionist. Incidentally Adolf Hitler was also a member of the German branch of the Knights of Eulogia, hence the Skull & Bones badge on the Nazi cap. An example of the more recent activities of the Lucis Trust network are as follows, the British Governments interference in the Leveson Inquiry; the timely release of more falsified unemployment figures, claiming that unemployment had fallen, when the truth is that more people in despair in the UK have been ruthlessly deprived and prevented from claiming Government aid. In the three years that the UK Coalition government have been in power, it has proven to be the most corrupt, deceitful, exploitative and autocratic tyrannical Government that the UK has ever had, as falsified analysis, figures, subversion, infiltration, heartless cruelty, sadism and bullying are among its most dominant characteristics. How easily have we forgotten David Cameron's Arms Sales tours throughout the whole middle-east region? How easily have we forgotten that the whole media dubbed `Arab Spring' began immediately upon Cameron being installed in power by the arms industry, as the Liam Fox scandal revealed, now conveniently written out of all media references? How easily have we forgotten that among the weapons that Cameron sold were `chemical weapons'? How easily have we forgotten that Cameron considered using chemical weapons such as `nerve gas' on British citizens following the 2012 riots that the death of Mark Duggan has so conveniently been written out of as the provocation? Cameron did stockpile such weapons, following their successful use on protestors in Greece by the Greek Government, whom he had previously sold them to. The same desperate protestors whom he and his colleagues cruelly mocked. At this point, it should be stressed that we must not allow ourselves to forget the names of David Cameron's strategist, Lynton Crosby and Craig Oliver, his Communications Director and former BBC editor.

On each occasion that there have been reports of atrocities from any of the destabilized, conquered Arab regions, `Mr Coincidence' has been right on que, first in line, finger pointing, demanding that immediate military action be taken, outrageously and unashamedly feigning humanitarian concerns. It should be remembered that this is from someone with a sadistic track record of cruelty and who ordered his reluctant military chiefs to target civilians in Libya to frame Gaddafi. As my films show, this included the deliberate targeting of children in Sirte, Gaddafi's home town. Please remember that such atrocities are committed in your name by something that barely has any credentials to be considered human. To deny such barbarity is to admit fear of the truth and makes those who do so much more complicit than they realise. Mr Cameron subscribes to the motto, "We inherited the world. You must pay a price to live in it". If an `independent', `honest' analysis and investigation were to be conducted into the extent of the untold despair, suffering and deaths caused by David Cameron, the world would be horrified and shocked beyond belief and even the toughest would shed tears. But, with the kind of people he has around him, it is highly likely that we will be distracted from considering such issues, or at least rationalizing and justifying them for our own acceptance, such is the nature of good PR. Many are thankful to their dutiful Government for protecting them from such knowledge. However, while the world is so incrementally conditioned to adapt and accept such human carnage, the impact will not be so unbearable in the future, especially given the oblivious rapid pace of the apathy virus.

In our recent history, the very idea of politicians openly mocking and abusing the sick, disabled and terminally ill would have been considered inexcusable and morally unacceptable and undoubtedly greeted with national outrage. Indeed, such inhumane cruelty would have erupted in an international outcry. Yet, in just three years since 2010, not only did inflicting such barbaric human suffering on the weak and vulnerable clearly become a source of sadistic pleasure, it was packaged and promoted as socially acceptable to the renowned gullible British public. Note the emphasis on `independent', `honest'.  This is entirely due to the developing culture that such investigations, analysis and published figures are corrupted by Cameron on every single occasion. Victims and families of victims will never have any closure, as their prolonged suffering feeds a very real dark energy in the world we live in today, and it would be foolish to view it as confined to the UK, as Mr Cameron's frequent tours are not restricted to selling weapons.

It cannot be stressed enough the absolute `malevolence' of David Cameron. This is `not' a political viewpoint and we must be prepared to step beyond the realm of politics for the sake of the will of the human spirit. Providing sanctuary to evil by rationale is to nurture it. It cannot be reasoned or negotiated with to appeal for at least the most miniscule sign of compassion, since by nature its determined objective is to eradicate compassion from society completely.  It's purpose is to corrupt and defame all that is good in the world. George Orwell emphasized this in his use of the term, `Doublespeak'. It's most effective methods today is in securing and utilizing every means of mass communication to indoctrinate and to torture. Most crucially, to this aim, UK political analysis and polls have already been falsified in preparation to give David Cameron a second term in office. This was in an advanced predetermined agenda. Evidence exists that a UK Coalition Government was already in planning by 2007. This future plan is also known and accepted among the illusion that we perceive as the opposition. Ed Milliband's selection as Labour leader was no mistake and clearly by design to stimulate public perceptions. It is overtly typical in any Public Relations strategy to present antonymous personalities. His much favoured brother, David was also aware in advance of what was transpiring, hence his departure from UK politics for a job offer in the U.S.  It would hardly be surprising to learn that this job offer came from the CFR. In another connection to John Kerry, David Cameron closely observed the controversial 2004 Bush-Kerry U.S. presidential election in which there was widespread criticism and outrage that Kerry deliberately threw the election in favour of his Bonesman brother, George W. Bush, who also happens to be a close friend of David Cameron. The 2004 incident has been dubbed by many as "The Mother of all Vote Frauds". IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT THE BRITISH PUBLIC ARE MADE AWARE THAT THE OUTCOME OF THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION HAS ALREADY BEEN DECIDED to give David Cameron more time to implement a predetermined agenda which includes submitting every UK citizen to eternal "debt slavery" and generating huge profits through interest. Tory doner, Adrian Beecroft's is only the tip of the iceberg. A possible staged False Flag incident has already been anticipated. In conjunction with increased government funding for GCHQ, a "Gagging Law" is also being silently pushed through parliament to prevent any negative influences against the Government in the run up to the next General election.

"I know that in Downing Street they are always wondering whether people have sufficient "guile" to be brought into a coalition the government is building".
- Julia Middleton 2007, Common Purpose
Whether religious or not, we must acknowledge that evil people do exist. How did we end up believing  that this did not apply to politics? Surely, it demonstrates how malleable we truly are. Politics is the most visible conduit of evil, as it takes control of how we define what is right and what is wrong, separating and detaching us from our own sense of humanity. The term, "Government", is derived from the Latin word, `Gubernatio' meaning `control, management, direction'.  Our most urgent danger is to wait for some shocking revelation to be released in the future, when it is too late. The incremental conditioning of the masses is the overall objective of the previously mentioned globalist network, and with a socially acceptable level of evil, the bar continues to be raised. How much more are we prepared to accept our perception of `normal' as being just an unfortunate but reasonable symptom of society? We MUST act decisively now. Ask yourself this crucial question, "What has become socially acceptable today that was once considered unthinkable and viewed as absurd yesterday?" Consider this, "Adult sex with children is to become fashionable", or "The embedded RFID chip to be marketed as a fashion accessory to appeal to young people".  Adapting is part of human evolution, but who are we prepared to endorse for controlling it?

In conclusion, it is pointless to only share this information with like-minded people, as it just restricts it and limits its scope. It must be made as widely accessible as possible. Again, the abominable malevolence of David Cameron MUST NOT be under estimated. His record is a statement that he is beyond just being sociopathic. It is his very nature and something so clearly without conscience cannot be appealed to. Finally, it is fundamentally important to emphasize an awareness of the most diabolical virus to befall humanity, "Apathy". Its only means of survival is its silence and obscurity, as it depends entirely on human lack of awareness, which is being incrementally eroded today. Breaking the human will is fundamental to ensuring that we do not wish to be made aware. Therefore, I implore to all who read this to view this as an appeal. Our capacity for selfless love and compassion for all is truly overwhelming.

"If you put Evil on the agenda, all that remains is to sell it for the endorsement of the public. Today, this is known as `politics'. Setting such a precedent is known as good PR."  - Glenn Gordon
“There are times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all, i.e. the voice of conscience, even though such obedience may cost many a bitter tear, and even more, separation from friends, from family, from the state to which you may belong, from all that you have held as dear as life itself. For this obedience is the law of our being.” - Gandhi

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