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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Was HAARP Responsible for Fukushima and The Philippines?

There has been a dramatic increase in global climatic and environmental catastrophes over recent years there seems to be a significant pattern that nobody seems to have noticed. Conveniently, the political climate has also been changing in conjunction with these timely events. However, to get it all into context, it would mean explaining much more that dates back to the pre-Darwin era, which you can find in previous articles throughout this blog. It involves the development of HAARP and the recent devastation in the Philippines. Nobody has investigated either Japan or the Philippines economic positions prior to being struck and made any connections to the globalists accelerating their plundering of the earths natural resources, eg. the timely so-called Arab Spring in 2010 and the destabilization of the African continent and even an attempt at civil unrest in Russia to sever the Iran oil connection. Japan is now economically on its knees and in debt to Goldman Sachs, whereas before its earthquake, it was one of, if not the wealthiest regions in the world, as the main exporter of technology. After disaster struck Japan, shares in Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc soared.  If we look at the choreography of world events we can almost predict what is going to happen next and in the future.

After coming across this article by Brian Dunning, claiming to debunk HAARP, I was instantly intrigued and hoped it might provide some productive research. However, I was disappointed to find that it is very similar to the arguments put forward before by the likes of Popular Mechanics. All Brian Dunning offered was a variation of the same template. Therefore, I felt compelled to respond to Brian. Unfortunately, Brian offers very little if anything as evidence. His article is a self-deluded attempt to sound clever, and clearly shows a lack of research. During the Carter administration in 1977, the superpowers signed a UN agreement that they would not use weather modification technology as a weapon against one another. Such technology has in fact been worked on for some considerable time, since 1910. Brian avoids any mention of Tesla, but that is understandable when you know nothing of his work. If he did know, then he would also know that JP Morgan hired Pinkerton agents to steal Nikola Teslas papers and notes containing all his work while Morgan had cut off his funding, and abandoning him in a rundown New York hotel room, where he died. It was from here that his work was stolen and handed to Teslas envious and bitter rival, charlatan, Thomas Edison, who took the credit for much of Teslas work. This was to enable JP Morgan and his banking friends to put a halt to the prospect of Free, renewable energy so that they could profit from it by selling it to the people. Since the same banking elites also bought up all the most influential newspapers, including the Washington Post and appointing their own editors in 1917, the name of Nikola Tesla was was written out of the history books.

It's a shame that the likes of Brian Dunning didn't bother to do his research, since it is almost impossible to discuss HAARP without making reference to Nikola Tesla and if Brian was as clever as he obviously thinks he is, he would have taken note of that. He also would have been aware that it is increasingly common knowledge that ELF's can be applied to manipulate human thoughts and animal behavior, since every time we think, it emits an energy measured in cycles as discussed on my website.

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