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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 9 July 2016

What The Chilcot Inquiry did not tell us.... The Bigger Picture

Crimes Against Humanity
The Chilcot report

The general result of the Chilcot Inquiry was that Tony Blair made mistakes based on flawed intelligence. However, with the Tavistock Institute controlling the mindset of the masses through the mainstream media, people have forgotten the name, "Hans Blix". He was the Swedish diplomat sent into Iraq to look for Saddam's alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction. After an extensive and exhaustive investigation, Mr Blix and his team eventually emerged to announce that they could find no WMD's or evidence of any.
Tony Blair's New World Order dossier
Bush and Blair completely ignored these crucial findings and brushed it under the carpet. The media never mentioned the name of Hans Blix again. Since then, he has been written out of the record. 

It was the fact that Bush and Blair wanted blood so lustfully that they ignored the human will for peace which led me to participate in mobilizing people to take to the streets in London in mass protest. "Two million" of us marched that day, yet the media lied and downgraded this number. As elaborated upon later, thanks to David Cameron, such a demonstration of mass human compassion is no longer possible. When 9/11 provoked the writing of the Apathy Kills blog, it was in anticipation of the new age to come.

While the British media responds to the Chilcot Inquiry by focusing on families who lost their loved ones sent to their deaths in Iraq, they conveniently forgot to mention the generations of Iraqis suffering from the horrific effects of depleted uranium which I covered in one of my films. Ever since the war in Iraq, new born babies have been born with grotesque deformities. Depleted uranium does not dissipate. The Gulf war was much more than what the mainstream media portrays today. It was an experiment, and as revealed in Tony Blair’s letters to fellow Freemason, George W. Bush, it was a prelude to their vision of the diabolic New World Order, a concept that the sheeple ignorantly attach to conspiracy theorists. This will still remain the case despite Blair referring to the NWO several times in his letters. Tony Blair is a 33+ member of the 1591 Studholme Masonic Lodge and George W. Bush keeps to the family tradition of membership of the Knights of Eulogia. Blair was only lukewarm as the benchwarmer for the depraved David Cameron, whose atrocities will only come to light long after this generation has gone. Even now, citizens in the west have already forgotten or become completely desensitised to the barbaric plight of millions of refugees. Even now, after announcing his resignation as Prime Minister, the sociopathic behavior of David Cameron could not resist one parting shot as he casually announced this week that he was sending British armed forces to strategic positions to provoke Vladimir Putin and increase the likelihood of a nuclear war with Russia. However, few people will have heard this news as the mainstream media will have played it down and the population of the UK will be completely oblivious to its significance. Creating an age of “Apathy” towards the despair and suffering of others was David Cameron’s remit and by his redefining of morals and ethics we can exonerate ourselves of any guilt as a New World Oder society. In such a new age, “Freedom means protecting us from what is done in our name” by not having to be informed about it. Perhaps one day, we will be held to account for our complicity through indifference and for allowing the new age of immorality that David Cameron presided over to corrupt a `new generation of nobody cares'.

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