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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Media Conditioning: Bin Laden. How did it all come to this, while we were sleeping?

While We Were Sleeping

Pretext for a CIA/MI5 staged "False Flag" attack
This UK newspaper headline is a typical example of the media setting up the pretext for total control. Of course, many of us will have forgotten this later on. However, once the seed is planted, it suddenly justifies naked body scanning and fondling you and your children at airports, while you're helplessly forced to watch, and later having to explain to your child why strangers are touching her and groping her private parts. When that child grows up, who's gonna explain then that you are responsible for its first sexual encounter? Or, you could nullify any guilt by telling yourself that I'm blowing it all out of proportion and exaggerating. Or, you could think back to that headline and remember your dismissive ridicule at how on earth a group of rag tag Al-Qaeda terrorists, (aka CIA) could ever get hold of a nuclear bomb?? My first reflex reaction to this headline was to look around me, wondering how many people were actually going to buy into this. Almost simultaneously to this, the TV News announced that immediately after the Osama Bin Laden hoax, a group of men were arrested by police near a UK Nuclear power plant and later released. However, it doesn't need to dwell on this, since the seed has already been planted in the public mindset. Of course, as usual many in denial will forget that the the CIA, The Tavistock Institute, MI5 and other intelligence sources specialize in the systemic conditioning of the masses. that is their function. And, of course, they owe a lot to Sigmund Freud's nephew, Media Guru, Edward Bernays, the father of  Propaganda and PR.

While you are explaining all this to your child before it becomes a pre-programmed adult robot, perhaps you could reflect on how things used to be, since by the time your child has grown up, you won't be able to pinpoint how it all got to this and how it got this far. By that time, you'll have consigned 9/11 to history, while you've been systemically brainwashed and distracted over the years, unaware of the legacy you've left behind to a new generation, as you grow old and watch helplessly in perhaps 2040, as your grandchild walks around, controlled by an embedded chip in its head. Or, better still, perhaps you won't recall the day when people began walking passed you in the street, bumping into you in supermarkets while they were talking to voices in their heads. Perhaps you won't recall the day when they began taking and storing your newborn baby's DNA before it became standard practice to inject it with the chip.

Or, you could just tell yourself that I'm just some crackpot obsessively paranoid conspiracy theorist.