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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

David Cameron's Nazi Britain police state just around the corner

The sadistic Face of Evil
Is there no depths of utter evil that David Cameron will stoop to? The cruelest evil is when we try to justify it. How much are we going to allow Cameron to get away with his depravity, as he is given a platform to convince us all that evil is good and that good is evil. If he were to bring in a policy of butchering children, the likes of Channel 4 News would give him the platform to promote and justify it.

Today, this sickening, heartless piece of scum delighted in sending children to jail for stealing something as little as a bottle of water during the recent riots. While the riots should be condemned, Cameron saw it as another sickening opportunity to target the most vulnerable. He isn't happy enough with pouring misery upon the seriously ill and dying, persecuting the disabled, throwing old aged pensioners out of care homes so that he can sell them to his greedy wealthy buddies. He now wants to target single mothers and their children. What is even worse is, that Cameron will seize on any opportunity to inflict Nazi Britain onto a sleeping British public. Now, he is setting his sights on censoring FREE SPEECH. Some of these rioters were sent to jail for expressing their frustrations on Facebook.

Let us not forget why the riots started, which the overtly Nazi Coalition supported media, Channel 4 News and the BBC, take pains to divert our attention from. The police, yet again murdered an innocent man in London. Today, again they murdered another young man in Cumbria with a taser. Of course, Channel 4 News, with The Fool, aka Jon (Goebals) Snow, as their anchorman will as usual deceive you into thinking that there will be an Independent investigation into the increasing deaths at the hands of the police. When was the last time you heard of any heavy convictions for killer cops?

I urge you to keep an close eye on Channel 4 News, just to see for yourselves how obviously bias and extremely right wing they truly are. I have been keeping a record over recent years which demonstrates of how outrageously in favour this so-called News channel are of right wing politics.

And, in case anyone tries to accuse the author of this article as, in any way representing Labour Party views, Blair should never be forgotten or forgiven for the slaughter of children in Iraq and his betrayal of students among other things. Neither should Brown, nor Clegg for his cowardly treason. However, Cameron takes evil to a more sadistically overt and extreme level.