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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Killing Me Softly: Debasing The Currency Through Poisoning The Food chain

Tescos incrementally paving the way for the embedded chip (a.k.a. Mark of the Beast)

The next time you are doing your daily shopping, you may notice how the quantity of each product that you usually purchase has shrunk, while its price has increased. It is a worthy thought to have while we look around at others at the self-service pay-point only to see other shoppers obliviously submitting their most intimate details via their retail loyalty card scans, detached from the world around them by the earpiece connected to their ipod or mp3 player. It is unlikely that they will be `remotely' bothered by the further debasement of our currency through the poisoning of the food chain. Hardly surprisingly, these remote controlled humanoids will be satisfied that the Government has the horsemeat scandal under control, just as they had the previous Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) fears under control. Back then, I found myself getting perplexed over how corporate giants, McDonald's were getting away with poisoning its customers and nobody was holding them to account. Why wasn't anyone asking that question? To reassure its customers, McDonald's had announced that it was withdrawing all its imported European meat and that its customers had nothing to fear from its famous `beef ' burgers. Nobody had spotted that the traditional American Burger giant had just confessed that all along its customers were consuming potentially CJD contaminated French and other European meat, masquerading as American Beef, so they failed to raise that question. Since McDonald's had killed off the traditional UK chippy by setting up shop, marketing itself as the "Traditional `American' Burger", then why were they selling its customers `European' meat? In addition to this, not only was it not "American", it may not even be "Beef" either.

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